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  1. It's unlucky to put new shoes on a table! Maybe that depends on where you are from, superstitions n all that..... Apart from that, the stuff looks great. New gear is exciting!
  2. Thanks for your opinion. So you dont feel there is a mis-match in your "wood swing" using different shaft materials?
  3. Buying fairway woods 2nd hand, I see there tend to be some older (4-6 years old) woods with graphite AND steel shafts. I am looking for a 3 and 5 wood pair. Question: What is the difference to having a 3 or 5 wood with steel shaft rather than graphite? eg. What if I had one with a graphite shaft and one with a steel shaft, am I going to have trouble maintaining a consistent strike between 3 and 5 woods. I am relativiely new to learning the game properly.
  4. Great, thanks for explaining where the FY fits in for you, sounds a useful club.
  5. Allin: I am also having trouble hitting 3 wood from the fairway and working to improve on it. I will try your tip. At the same time I am also thinking about what woods are useful to carry. I am not a long hitter, and have considered having 3 and 5 wood or 4 and 7 wood. Though I see in your signature you have the Wilson FY 19.5 wood, tell me how you find the FY compared to a 5 wood or 7 wood on the course? I have considerd the FY though dont have a chance to try the club. (sorry for slightly hijacking the thread here.)
  6. If it wasn't for the family, fair comment, but to my eyes and ears Tiger's statement didn't quite do Tiger justice. But maybe I dont go for such cool mild mannered statements and soundbites. I have my opinion, you have yours. I have high expectations for him, maybe too high , what can I say, because I've always reckoned him to be an admirable figure in the manner he has generally conducted himself during his professional career and I really hope he can live up to that for the public. As one of the worlds finest ever sportsmen, the public want him to be the finest example of a man in all r
  7. Fair play to him, thats the first step out the way. Sure he's been through all the s?*t by now, but since this was a public broadcast, he should have done a better job, because this will have little effect in silencing his critics. For example.... When mentioning the stuff about the press following his daughter to school, he followed up by saying "I brought this upon myself" ... it would have struck a far better note with public if he said "I brought this upon them"... I'm sorry but it just doesnt quite cut the mustard for me, too staged and not enough acknowledgment for how much the pub
  8. I meant it would be easier to sack the 3 wood altogether and just use a 5wood. Thanks for the encouragement Road Dog. I will just go for it. Though no doubt my puzzlement and need to ask questions will increase.
  9. Fair comment, Thanks. Even though my 3 wood of the turf is 50/50, that is definitely an improvement! I just dont see it becoming a useful shot on the course for a while yet until it becomes reliable which I feel will take A LONG TIME. Maybe I should keep working hard on it rather than disregard it.
  10. Been focussing on practising the 3 wood, fine off the tee, but its a 50/50 off the grass.... Practising the 3 wood was taking too much time which I feel would be better spent on swinging the irons well, then over time if my swing gets more reliable I can start worrying about using the likes of the 3 wood off the grass also. So, now my thoughts are to get a 5wood or a hybrid for off the grass and keep the 3 wood for the tee shots. Then gradually (hopefully) improve the 3 wood off the turf.... Then buy a driver after that when I'm happy using the two woods. Does that sound a reasonable
  11. I'm trying to get the hang of playing my 3 wood off the grass. I'm aware of lots of tips along the lines of "sweep" the ball from the ground with a fairway wood.... and also tips to aim to take a slight divot after the ball so that a slight downward strike gets the ball to grip the face and use the loft. But I'm just not quite getting it. Can you offer advice on this? I'm under the impression that I want to keep my swing essentially same as that used with my irons. (I hope this is the case). SO....what adjustments should I make with ball position, or the width of my stance to ge
  12. Thanks, it is indeed a comprehensive review. I'm always curious to get other views though, thats why I asked, but yes the review really does say it all. Appreciate you pointing that out.
  13. The 905R sounds like a great and well respected club, with long lasting appeal. How suitable is it for a relatively new golfer, though one who has a reasonably consistent strike, but not a long hitter? Like myself. I currently hit an old Dunlop metal driver, with small head, steel shaft, around 210yds. Would a 905R amplify minor faults and spoil my enjoyment of improving golf?
  14. Agree, it seems a bit weak. I know he advocates making the most of technology to play to the highest standard, but this doesnt add up. Has anyone measured the performance of these Ping wedges to see if they really are as good as something new? though I'm sure they do work well. Anyway, Padraig's approach to this, not being sure whether to use them or not, is surely setting oneself up for a fall!
  15. Thanks so much for the scientific explanation....... really hadn't figured that one out! (that's sarcastic too).... Seriously - Thanks for the real advice though, appreciate it.
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