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  1. Man, these are beautiful. I've been planning on going to AP2's this spring but I'm going to have to test these as well.
  2. 40-40 = 80. Missed a downhill 3 1/2 footer for 79. Had 3 bad shots that kept me from going low. Third 80 in my last 6 rounds.
  3. 125 mph club head speed and 25 hcp. I would suggest backing of quite a bit. To be hitting that far and scoring that badly I would assume you aren't hitting very many fairways. I used to have a problem with this. Bombing the ball three miles but out of play isn't worth the few times you actually hit the fairway.
  4. My main issue is with anchoring, but I think the shortest club rule would be a great way to do it.
  5. Personally, I hope they ban them. I just think anchored putters go against the spirit of a golf stroke.
  6. Only had one NXT Tours S left in the bag when I got to the course today. I picked up a sleeve of PRO v1x's at the shop. Lost the NXT on the 7th hole and finished up with a PRO V1x. Honestly, I didn't see a glaring difference. It's going to take more than 12 holes to get me to switch..
  7. Comes in 10.5 for you. Is currently $199 at PGA superstore. I've been drooling over this driver for a long time. In my opinion this is the sexiest driver on the market by a long shot.
  8. I never post in this thread, but I shot my lifetime low round! Double bogeyed 18 for 78! The course was Prairie Lakes.
  9. This part of the charm of JD. He can dazzle you with his talents and make you feel better about your game all in the same weekend.
  10. You have an alarming amount of hostility for no apparent reason. Care to post a video of your new super amazing revolutionary golf swing that's going to change golf forever?
  11. 1 handicap, I don't think so. Not with that swing... Even if by some miracle you carry a 1 HCP with that swing, what's the point of being a jerk to others who aren't?
  12. Will he make the 125? Not sure, but I really hope so. Go JD!
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