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  1. I have been fitted for irons and needed 2 degrees upright and 1 inch longer shafts. I have used extensions once on my 7 iron, but i wouldn't recommend it. Just like Island Duffer said, you just don't feel comfortable when knowing your shaft is in two pieces. I am ordering new Titleist Spin Milled Vokey wedges, but I am not sure if I want't two degrees upright and 1 inch longer on my wedges. I have heard that some players tend to have a bit flatter lie angel on their wedges.. What do you think? Either way I have to check the lie angel on my clubs when they arrive. I hope I don't have to bend them back again. I could offcourse buy custom fitted from my local pro, but that is very expensive where I am from(Norway). I would at least pay 750-800 US$ for three wedges.