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  1. Hey sdgolfer, I was in the same situation as you are in. This is what i did to fix the situation : 1.) Gary Players drill : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnQ6RHepJgk 2.) Address the ball. Now without changing your stance . Look at a spot 4 inches ahead of the ball on your target line and make this your "new" ball position. Do not even look at your real ball anymore....it will distract you. Your swing thought should be, i have to hit the ground at my "new" ball position. 3.) Feel : Don't just swing the club while doing 1.) or 2.). Feel what your body is doing. Here is a hint : It has to get on to the left side to do either 1.) or 2.) properly. Try these and let me know what happens.
  2. Great link Erik. I have a love hate relationship with video analysis. I love the part that it highlights my problems and helps me improve. But hate it when i see so many issues with my swing :( Last night, i felt i was swinging well but few videos showed some glaring mistakes. Its easy to get bogged down.
  3. I am working on slowing down my swing and being more consistent. And it seems to be paying off.
  4. To hit it straight, you must make dead solid contact. And the only way to do that is to have your divot start just after the ball. That goes against the common, and mistaken, perception that your divot should start before (or in back of) the ball. Complete article here : http://www.golf.com/golf/instruction...035221,00.html I have only been playing 1 year and i never assumed that the divot should start behind the ball. So am i missing something or the author correctly says its a "common" perception ? I personally feel that the author just wrote some BS to make his point stronger. Raulito
  5. Guys, I am planning a golf trip to Scottsdale,AZ in Dec. What courses you recommend i play or are must play. I will be there for 3 days. If you guys know the prices...that would help. Raulito
  6. Guys, Does anyone have any recommendations for Short Game lessons in NJ ? I would like to concentrate more on Putting...i am sick and tired of 3 putting. Infact, i dont even know what the hell i am doing when it comes to putting anymore :( I live in Bergen County and can only do weekends.
  7. "It's a great way to keep tension light by not having to pick up the club. " I really like what you just said.
  8. Is it just me or they hardly let the club touch the ground ?
  9. Forgot to add that the Nike SQ tour has tons of pockets. Its slightly "heavier" than some lite bags. But i didnt even notice it. So dont let that be a showstopper. I can post pics if needed...this bag is reall easy on the eyes.
  10. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/...500_AA300_.jpg
  11. Guys...thanx for all the suggestions. Fell in love and bought a : Nike Tour SQ. Stand bag. Its an amazing bag...
  12. Guys, Thanx for the responses. I did some research and i am leaning towards a stand bag with full length dividers. wrx_junki, Both Sun Mountain 3.5 and SLX look good...but i dont see if they have full length dividers. Guys is there are any stand bag with 14 way full length divider ? How many is enough ? I carry 14 clubs.
  13. Guys, My current golf is falling apart. Keeping it in my car trunk all the time is the main culprit. But there are some issues with it as well. Mainly, when i am playing its hard to pull out/put in clubs. Seems like at the bottom, the club grips cause a lot of friction since a lot of clubs are all together. It is also kinda heavy and i would prefer a lighter bag. Can you suggest a good golf bag that would address these issues ? Thanx in advance Raulito
  14. Thanx for the tip Sucka27. As i had mentioned, i picked a golf club in Oct 2009 for the first time. I shot 85 in my first season....i got here following what's being taught to me by my coach. I have no reason to change that. Therefore, i dont want to clutter my mind with many adivices. I definitely posted my swing for some advice....just not swing advice. And the censensus is that i am overeastimating my swing....i agree with it. One big thing i have realized is that golfers (mostly beginners like me) are obsessed with distances. I need to get out of that mentality.
  15. Not "any advice", just swing advice ;) Thats the conclusion i have reached.......that i am overestimating my swing.
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