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  1. 33degF outside, wind was light, not snowing, slush/snow/ice mostly clear from the roadway shoulders, so I got outside for a lunchtime walk.
  2. Friday was a nice day, Kettle Hills was a little soggy in places but still very playable, the weather was much better than my game but I still had a good time.
  3. Local range was closed today so I stopped at a vacant business and whacked a few found golfballs into the woods between the business park and the golf course. Arm/shoulder still hurts and I was hitting way fat on the ball, but I think I’ll manage so I heading to Kettle Hills on Friday. Should be interesting (and ugly) since I didn’t play at all last year apart from some range time, but it will still be good to get back onto a golf course.
  4. Still working with my left rotator cuff issues. Then to add insult to injury I got an email from Kettle Hills for a free round of golf on my birthday, argh. I just took the orange whip trainer out to the back yard and gave it two easy swings and there is no way that I could swing a club to hit a ball right now. I’m thinking I’ll bring the 5-iron and shag bag of balls to work next week and spend my lunchtime at Oakwood’s free range to see how the left shoulder does hitting balls. Then mid-week I’ll call the course and ask about single walk-on for my round of golf on a Friday. Might
  5. Back in the 80’s/90’s I worked with a guy who had a 1A and I really should have bought one back then. And about three years ago I was playing at a local course and a guy there was putting with a 1A, he said he had a second one at home but neither was for sale. Some day I will have a pinging Ping putter.
  6. Going to be awhile for me as well. I’m dealing with a sore left rotator cuff issue in my left shoulder area. Blame it on pull starting a snow blower that refused to start. I had my swing trainer whip ball device out in the back yard and I had to let go with my left hand just past the bottom of the swing. Probably going to scare some people on the driving range if I have to do this while hitting a ball.
  7. I read that Kettle Hills in Richfield is opening this weekend, I think it was the 9-hole and half of their valley course for the second nine.
  8. I usually go by the PGA Valueguide for current active market values, which is also what Golf Galaxy seems to use to value tradeins. I just sold an older Ping Answer along with an older Titleist driver for $25 locally, the driver was not showing a value but the Ping was. I’m always on the lookout for a pinging Ping 1A, but prices on those are nuts. Research - Home | PGA Value Guide Find golf club trade-in and re-sales values for over 4,000 models of used golf clubs at the PGA Value Guide...
  9. Check the used rack at Dicks/GolfGalaxy as well.
  10. I change my putter when I feel like a change. My putting accuracy usually has nothing to do with the change.
  11. I picked up a TM Hi-Toe 60degree wedge, pulled out the Vokeys and other alternates, and will go with this setup until I get my distances sorted out.
  12. I picked “other” because I couldn’t pick more than one option. There also isn’t a swing consistency option. I can do fine one hole, then totally blow up and start stubbing/flubbing shots on the next hole, sometimes my seing just falls apart. Might be swing thoughts or developing a good routine, anyway that will be my focus this year.
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