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  1. I usually go by the PGA Valueguide for current active market values, which is also what Golf Galaxy seems to use to value tradeins. I just sold an older Ping Answer along with an older Titleist driver for $25 locally, the driver was not showing a value but the Ping was. I’m always on the lookout for a pinging Ping 1A, but prices on those are nuts. Research - Home | PGA Value Guide Find golf club trade-in and re-sales values for over 4,000 models of used golf clubs at the PGA Value Guide...
  2. Check the used rack at Dicks/GolfGalaxy as well.
  3. I change my putter when I feel like a change. My putting accuracy usually has nothing to do with the change.
  4. I picked up a TM Hi-Toe 60degree wedge, pulled out the Vokeys and other alternates, and will go with this setup until I get my distances sorted out.
  5. I picked “other” because I couldn’t pick more than one option. There also isn’t a swing consistency option. I can do fine one hole, then totally blow up and start stubbing/flubbing shots on the next hole, sometimes my seing just falls apart. Might be swing thoughts or developing a good routine, anyway that will be my focus this year.
  6. Sometimes I’ll walk along the edge of a golf course near work and in the off season I can easily find 10-100 golf balls in the rough along just two or three fairways. Sometimes I wonder why the EPA (or in Wisconsin the Dept. of Natural Resources) hasn’t mandated penalties for lost golf balls. Then I just assume that a lot of them must play golf too.
  7. Someone flipped on the winter switch here in my part of Wisconsin and it is snowing outside. The good news is that I’ve been able to make some additions and adjustments to the clubs in my bag. Fun to play around with different options in the winter months, sort and swap out options, sell or trade off old or not needed clubs and replace them with something else. I’m looking forward to hitting the range again and figuring out my new distances with these clubs currently in the bag.
  8. Thank you. As a mobile phone user the two things I miss over the desktop version is seeing people’s location (when they have it) and seeing their WITB lines. Helps when looking in the for sale area “, and for when wanting to join an outing or get a round of golf going with one or more others.
  9. My local facebook marketplace has at least four Nike putters posted for sale between $30-$75. Model or price range that you’re hoping for would help.
  10. Elitism and snobbery are big symptoms of the image of golf to the non-golfing public. I've had people snub me because of the lower tier of the golf clubs I was using or the lower tier of golf ball that I was playing. A few years ago I even had a Callaway rep snub me for daring to demo a Callaway driver during a demo day because I obviously wasn't a scratch level golfer. As to etiquette and manners, I usually take my hat off indoors even when grocery shopping, and if someone wants or doesn't want to shake my hand at the end of a round of golf it doesn't really bother me either way. And I do own more blue jeans than slacks these days, I even own cargo shorts, suits my current lifestyle just fine. Besides, I can't usually afford to play at upper tier courses with functionally applied dress codes, but if I ever do get the chance then I'll probably wear a pair of Dockers. 🙂
  11. Southeast Wisconsin here (general Milwaukee region). One golf range not far from my work has radiant heaters on some of their outdoor bays. I’ve never gone to any of the golf domes in the area. A local relative spent last winter “playing” in an indoor league using simulators smashing balls into a screen.
  12. (Two WITB threads so I’d better post a pic in this one) Clubs in winter storage mode. Still sorting things out and deciding which wedges to use. The {#} brackets are just my mental note to decide and track what is in the bag and what is in reserve and what is on the way out. TM = Taylormade for when I didn’t spell it out. I’m sort of undecided on the Vokeys and I haven’t tried the ATV’s yet. And I also have no realistic idea how far I hit any of these clubs since they are all new to me for the most part over the last several years and due to many reasons I haven’t had the time to work with them yet. All part of my 2019 Goals posted in the goals thread. In The Bag + alternates {1} Taylormade R15 driver 12* S-flex, 460cc, 57*-61* lie, 45.5" long, D4 swing weight {2} TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Tour 3HL 16.5* {3} Taylormade M2 Rescue 3H 19* {4} Taylormade M2 Rescue 4H 22* {5b} TaylorMade Burner Rescue 5H 25* TaylorMade RocketBladz irons 5-9,PW,AW,SW, steel shafts {5a} 5-23* {6} 6-26.5* {7} 7-30.5* {8} 8-35* {9} 9-40* {10} PW-45* {11} AW-50* {12b} SW-55* {12a} Titleist Vokey SM4 54-11 54* {13a} Titleist Vokey SM4 60-07 60* {14} Ping Kirsten 1959 Craz-E putter 35" {12c} TM ATV 56* {13b} TM ATV 60* {3b} Cobra Baffler T-Rail 3H 19* {4b} Cobra Amp 4H 22*
  13. Yeah, I don’t even hit the x in the upper corner of those popups. If I can’t back out of it I open up the page history and kill the popped-page from there.
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