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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I think I'll head down to a shop and take a few swings and see what happens. I'm still on the fence, but used purpose built wedges are a lot easier to find than used burner plus wedges so that might tip the balance.
  2. I just got into the game. I've played several rounds after picking up a used set of TM Burner Plus irons after much research and a couple of trips to the stores to take swings with different clubs. Of course the set only goes through a pitching wedge, aka 10 iron, so I'm on the hunt for some wedges. My question to you that know infinitely more than I...how come I read so much about "game improvement" vs "super game improvement" vs "tour" etc on the irons and even drivers, but nothing on the wedges? I understand fully that many shots with a wedge arent full swing, but isnt there still something to be said for a head designed for less accuracy on behalf of the golfer? What suggestions do you have for a guy just starting out? Thanks
  3. 117yd par3 off the tee with a PW, landed on the green about 20ft right of the pin...then three putted :(
  4. I shot a 110, being almost entirely honest :) Hey, second time on the course!