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  1. Golf Balls and COR???

    that is only accruate to 0.1%.... I need to know if that is 0.1% of 1 or 0.1% of the total. Because, the balls are being compared at .001. I was told that .01 cor is equal to 4.5 yards at 100mph. So in theory a swing speed of 105-110 and ball speed of 165mph .01 cor is equal to about 8.5 yards. The difference in a One Platinum and a new TP ball is .014 and 13 yards.
  2. This is for people who know. what does the cor amount to in MPH? Meaning the difference in .001=X mph. I got some information stating that the Pro V1x has a .808 cor and the nike platinum has .801 and the Taylor Made balls are at .815. What does this really mean in actual distance?
  3. breaking 80?

    keep track of your game and shots. I bet you lose a lot in the short game area. I would start from there back. I am a 2 HC and I dont break 70, actually I didnt at all ever! But I shoot in the mid 70s and play on a hard corse (member at Stonewater, where the nationwide plays and the avg is +2) so it is all in perspective. I would play a harder corse from the tees one behind and see what you do. Also, if you get in trouble with the driver, use a 3 wood. See what you can do. And miss on the side that gives you the best chance to get up and down,.
  4. I have the SQ Tour 9.5 with the real Diamana 83G Stiff and I have lost distance with this club... I did gain accruacy but lost 10-20 yards... I am now looking for a new driver because of this. I am looking at the FT 3 tour, Cobra XX, and the G5. The Cobra XX seems to fit the best though for me, but it is SOOOOOOOOOO ugly!
  5. Callaway FT-i

    I hit the new Nike clubs yesterday. I tried the square driver and the tour model and I was not impressed. The PGA pro was though as he hit the ball straight and far. I did hit it straight but no added distance. But the best clubs that Nike has coming are their irons! The new blade style irons are AMAZING! They are also revising the one blacks.... I cant wait for those!