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  1. Played Oyster Bay and Barefoot Love last Wednesday and Thursday. Loved the Love course and enjoyed OB. Both places had fantastic greens, but love was in better shape overall. I would recommend both to anyone headed down. Customer service was top notch at both courses- I know they do it for everyone, but oyster bay even gave me $20 off plus breakfast, lunch, and two beers included in the price. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  2. Awesome pics. I will spend too much time checking through those...
  3. Headed down next week with the wife and in laws and I'm bringing the clubs along with to try and sneak a round or two in. Going to have to play it by ear, but thanks for starting this thread and for all the info. Hopefully there will be an open tee time or two on late notice.
  4. I really enjoyed Russell on the play back challenge. Played great and was on the money with everything he said, especially to and/or about Justin. Petey has a great swing. Really like David's swing as well. For those bashing Robert, I get it, because he looked downright awful on the show, but... the dude can/could play. Even as others mentioned his tournament record, it's like some people missed it. The guy made the cut in a PGA Tour event. Of course part of the reason he's on the show is because of his name - but I'd guess it has just as much to do with the fact that he'd be a redemption story. http://cyberpix.pgatour.com/players/r/?/01/26/95/results
  5. http://www.bagboycompany.com/p-85-quad.aspx Anyone had the chance to get this out on the course yet? It just released April 1st. Feedback from the PGA show was supposed to be really good, but my worries are how it rolls through thicker rough/wetter rough - a critique of the SM Micro Cart - and I'm not too crazy about a majority of the storage being underneath the handle. It does address a lot of the criticisms of the MicroCart though - fully adjustable handle height & larger wheels to name two. I was about to buy a CG 3.0 before the pro started gushing about this one, but I haven't been able to find any on the course reviews, just positive feedback from some demo shows. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks guys. It really turned out 100 times better than I thought. Ha, all my buddies give me a ton of crap about that collection because putting is so obviously in my head. And in a way, that collection kinda helped push me to try and build this... I figured instead of spending money in the used putter section at Golf Galaxy every two months, I could put that money towards this instead and actually improve. Quote: Quote: Haven't broken out a level but by putting around (and putting on the wood while I was building it) I know what each putt will do.. some by design and some that just ended up that way. This is a real ugly depiction of what each putt does... and the red dots are where I put the two additional shims under the plywood for extra break, so the surface "crests" at those spots. Rule of thumb, even without the "artificial" breaks, is that from this perspective everything runs downhill and to the left (towards a drain). The biggest swingers are a fade putt towards that first hole on the left, and a draw putt to a hole in the bottom left corner that got cut off. Towards the far end of the green everything flattens out, especially in the long-ways direction. There's a little double breaker from the bottom left corner to the closest hole on the left which is nice too. With all of these, I'm able to get uphill and downhill left to right and right to lefts, which is really all I wanted. Any help I can give man, let me know! I never really drew up plans but I'd be glad to diagram what it ended up being. But Erik's thread gets all the basics and then some down too. Anytime! Just gotta get by the wife first.
  7. I remember reading that thread because the title sounded just like Bob Rotella, which I think a couple guys mentioned as well. But, looking back at it... I think I'll have to make that my new nighttime routine after the kid goes to bed, at least the 1'-3' and 4'-8' footers. It sounds like just what I need, especially to ingrain some stroke changes... thanks man!
  8. Thanks in (very) large part to this article by Erik - http://thesandtrap.com/b/training/build_your_own_8_x_8_indoor_putting_green_cheaply - I convinced my wife to let me build a green in one part of our unfinished basement, which had become a glorified storage unit. We had a little boy back in October and we were never out of the house, so I had this idea and started in early December. I'm not completely finished, but it's close. Everything else left to do is pretty cosmetic. Our basement is something close to 22x20 and due to some supports and an old frame for an unfinished room from the last owner, more or less split in three rooms. So I had about a 14x20 space I could use, and I although I wanted to go a little bigger than 8x8, I got carried away and ended up with an 11x18 green. The pictures are kinda blurry, but here goes: The main differences I made between Erik's design and what I ended up with, outside of the frame due to size of course, was that I used 2x4's instead of 2x8s - I won't be propping the green up from one corner with a brick, and since the 2x4s are resting directly on the floor I wasn't as worried about warping; and I used 19/32 plywood instead of particle board, mostly due to price. But, other than that, I used all his tips and tricks from that article. Definitely the way to go. I ended up building two frames, one 8x11 attached to one that was 10x11 (except for a "notch" where I had to build around a sump pump for access) to get to 11x18. Thanks to a comment from Ben in this thread http://thesandtrap.com/forum/thread/199/indoor-putting , I took a couple wood shims and nailed them to a stud before laying the plywood for a little break. Due to the lay of the concrete I may not have needed it, but either way I've ended up with nearly every break I would need to practice. I drilled four holes with Erik's method (4 1/8" hole saw sanded out), which worked perfect. Toughest part was working around the sump pump, so I kind of made a panel I could cut out if it breaks down - and then reuse as a hinged door. Anyways, the most expensive part ended up being the turf because I got most of the 2x4's off a buddy who had some 2x4x12s. I got some clearance turf off of syntheticturfstore.com that rolls on my homemade (and probably inaccurate) stimpmeter at about a 9 - 10 going "downhill" and 8 "uphill". Long story short, I wanted to post this to say thanks to Erik for his article (five years late) and let anyone know if you were thinking of doing something like this, do it. I'm not the handiest guy in the world and it turned out perfect - if not slow moving (at least to me). I'd be glad to answer any questions along the way as well. I'm a terrible putter - I averaged 2.55 putts per GIR last year - but I feel like I've really been able to make some strides down here by being able to actually work on some drills whenever I can. And yes... I have the best wife (and family) in the world.
  9. I've got a pair of new Adidas FitRX shoes, black with silver trim, size 12. They're new with tags, but the tag says size 13, which I ordered, but they're a size 12. Didn't return them in time, so someone can get a steal on these. I'm asking for $28 shipped, because I'm thinking shipping to the lower 28 will run in the 13-15 range. Any questions, let me know. Thanks!
  10. Cool game, nice idea... +1 Cypress Point - Overlooked and underrated layout -2 Whistling Straits Pine Valley- 9 Cypress Point-12 Augusta National-5 Shinnecock Hills-7 Pebble Beach-9 Oakmont-14 Merion (East)-9 Sand Hills-9 National Golf Links of America-12 Pacific Dunes-10 Pinehurst no. 2-9 Crystal Downs-10 Seminole-8 Winged Foot West-9 Chicago GC-5 Prairie Dunes-9 San Francisco GC-8 Oakland Hills South-9 Riviera-11 Fishers Island-8 Friar's Head-7 Bethpage Black-12 The Country Club (Clyde/Squirrel)-9 Whistling Straits (Straits)-3 Muirfield Village-8[/QUOTE]
  11. Add me to that group as well...
  12. I've been wanting a push cart for a few weeks but I'm trying to hold off until winter when I'm hoping some will go on clearance. But in the meantime, if you have the patience to wait a couple days for the right auction on ebay, I've seen new Sun Mountain Speed Carts (V1) go for 140-150+shipping on there, and used in real good condition for 120-130ish. I've also seen some clicgear 3.0's go in the low 160's. From everywhere I've looked, those are your best bets if you have 150 to spend. Also, rockbottomgolf.com has the clicgear 3.0's for 189, and I think they're doing free shipping this weekend. So while that's considerably more than 150, it's the cheapest you'd find it outside of ebay.
  13. My apologies if there's already a thread about this but I couldn't find one through a search. I'm wanting to get my dad a new iron set for his birthday, preferably used/outlet/etc, so I don't mind if a set is a few years old. He's 67 and not really proficient at the game, he just likes getting out on the course with me and a couple of my buddies. I'd say he hits his driver around 230ish when he catches it good and would probably shoot 110-120 if he truly kept score. He got a deal on a senior flex driver/wood/hybrid set at a local store but iron wise he's still using an old set of mine that's stiff flex with not a lot of offset. Anyways, I was looking at the Adams O3 OS irons at rockbottomgolf for 199, but I thought I'd check on here and see if anyone had any suggestions. It probably wouldn't hurt if a set had 4-5 or even 6 hybrids. Thanks in advance for any responses, I appreciate it!
  14. jwolf02

    Mini Tour Play

    Nice job Ben. Good luck at the Korean Q School.
  15. jwolf02

    2010 Ryder Cup

    Does anyone have a link to any of the press conferences? Normally they post them on PGA.com, but they're not there or rydercup.com. ESPN.com had some immediate reaction interviews, but I can't find any video or audio links to the post event press conferences. Thanks!
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