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  1. Agreed, but throwing clubs is a level far beyond simple venting. I vent on the course with a few choice expletives after a bad shot, but that's all. Who gives a crap about the club thrower, but it puts EVERYONE around him/her in danger, who knows how and which way a club will bounce off the ground when thrown........or whatever. To me that is unacceptable behavior on the course and if i was paired up with anyone who did that consistently, we would have words. And if it was a "friend" of mine, well we would just be friends off course, and on course, he would have to find a different playing
  2. What "teaching" are you referring to? For every "teacher" that says do something one way, i'm sure you can find another "teacher" that says do it the other way. I too use my lob wedge (60* vokey) for pretty much anything from 80 yards and in, with sand traps usually being the one big exception depending.............and yes in your example i would use my lob wedge off the fringe even to chip it across 50 ft of green. When i practice my greenside game, i pretty much only practice with my lob wedge, instead of "splitting" my time between lw, sw, pw, 9i, 8i, 7i. I honestly don't have enough tim
  3. Same brand wedges or did you switch brands when going from 60 to the 58? I ask because I was using cleveland cg-14 60* and had a really difficult time getting clean contact with them and switched to a vokey 60* and it was literally night and day. Perhaps it was a difference in bounce as well since the clevelands typically have a higher bounce for their "standard" vs other brands, but nevertheless, without making that change, i definitely wouldn't be using my 60* for most shots inside of 80 yards as i do now.
  4. Seriously, what is the point of hitting into a group in front of you just because they are moving slow? why risk hurting someone and/or getting sued?
  5. Agree with every point except #2 and maybe even #5. For #2, I believe that from a course management perspective, most amateurs pull out the driver way too much. I get paired up with a lot of strangers who blindly pull out their driver for any par 4/5 hole regardless of layout of fairway (tight fairways, dogleg, fairway hazards, etc.) and watch as they continuously get themselves in trouble. I would say i'm slightly more accurate with my 3w than my driver, but for those offline shots, my 3w will rarely get me in trouble, which I can't say is the case for my driver. Especially on a hole with
  6. I'm of the belief, that for the casual golfer, stick to one club around the greens and develop "feel" with the one club in terms of how much backswing to apply to the ball to go x distance. Just as you use one putter regardless of distance to the hole on the green, use one club (i.e. sw, lw, pw) around the greens when chipping. To try and use your whole bag and figure out how far a ball rolls per club, and translate that to real play, is simply too much, adds too much thought to the process in my opinion. Best to continue to practice with the one club/wedge around the greens, get a feel for
  7. Yeah, i was told to "prepare" myself for a slow round since that's what NYC muni courses have a reputation for, but having never played a NYC muni before, in my mind I was thinking "slow" as in 5 hour round. But 6.5 hours in 100 degree temps? I'm with you, I don't know why I didn't just walk off...................
  8. Played Van Cortlandt Park golf course in NYC for the first time only because it is "advertised" as the oldest public course in the US (felt I had to play it at least once). The round took an effing 6.5 hours!!! At hour 3, we were only on the 8th hole. It was beyond ridiculous. The foursome in front of us were drunk (cart girl said they bought 30 beers!!!), one guy couldn't even tee the ball, he was falling over. However, that's not why the round was slow, they had a group in front of them that was slow (had a walker with them), we would be 3 groups queued up at par 3's...........problem i
  9. That's hard for me to believe. I thought I've heard/read several times that the majority of amateur golfers don't even break a 100................so to believe that the average handicap is better than bogey golf. hard to believe.
  10. Couldn't disagree with you more. I use a 60* for most shots from 80 yards and in, unless a shot calls for my 56* that has more bounce (sand for example). I do agree with the notion that a 60* is a difficult club for some amateurs to hit, but I believe that's because they don't really put enough practice/play time in with it. Because of that, the 60* has gotten a bad rep because so close to the green, a bladed 60* shot can severely punish a player. Another problem i see on the course, and this is purely my opinion is that I see the "weekend" type players walking up to a ball inside of 50 yar
  11. This whole thread was a fascinating read on an otherwise boring friday afternoon at work. Brandon, question i've been asking myself based on your recent post is, how can the ebay seller hit the 7 iron one time and yet still have the set shipped directly from the mizuno factory? if coming directly from the mizuno plant.........he won't have access to a club in your order to hit with, and to then sell you as "used" to get around mizuno's internet selling policy. it just doesn't add up. unless it goes from the plant to him? then he hits a with a club, and resends to you? however, you state
  12. Yes, except he doesn't think it's a freak occurence, in fact he mentions that he does it, "quite often" under the right conditions........................and in general he says he hits it "straight" or with a slight draw, so i would imagine he has quite a high fairways hit %, much more than his handicap would suggest. Seriously, I would love to see how he does it on video, i mean his swing with a wood off the tee.
  13. Wow, impressive. I know there are numerous posts and counter posts regarding hitting the driver 300+ yards. I do believe you're the first i've read here to say you hit 300 yards with a 3 wood. Would love to see what kind of swing puts that kind of a beat down on a ball!!!
  14. Wow, i learn something new everyday. Didn't know that thing had a name, but yes, that's the part i'm referring to.
  15. One of my mizuno irons has a chip/crack in the black thing that is in between the shaft and the clubhead. Do i need to be worried? Can any golf retail shop such as golfsmith repair this if i need to be worried?
  16. Agreed. I own a garmin g5 and have about 40 rounds with it over 20+ different courses and I have learned to trust the garmin gps more than any yard markers on the fairway or tee boxes or sprinkler heads when there was a discrepancy in the distance between the marker vs my gps. Friends that I have played with have also learned the hard way when taking the yardage marker distance over my gps when there was a conflict. I've heard range finders are more accurate and I don't doubt it if you get a good view and lock on the pin, however the biggest benefit of my gps is in the course management aspe
  17. As a gym rat, I have the same problem as you...........i try to "kill" the ball, leading to well, you know the story....... What has helped me a lot is my backswing, by slowing down my backswing considerably, i felt more in control which in turn helped dictate the rest of the swing. Prior, I would just take the club back quickly, and bring it back down just as quick. The whole motion could be described as jerky. By initiating a slow, controlled backswing, I have much better sense of where i am at the top, i have a much better sense of where the club head is on the downswing, and it has le
  18. Dressed the part......like a tool. I'm all for individuality, but at the appropriate time/place. A photo op with past British Open champions, in my opinion is not the appropriate time/place to dress like that. Its kind of disrespectful to the others involved in the photo.
  19. I was told the same thing by a few instructors, that the end of a grip is a bit "thicker" and contoured such so that the end of it pokes out of the hand a little allowing the pads on the palm to rest up against the contour thick part, allowing for a better grip. Hope that makes sense. You are a single digit handicapper so I would like to believe that even if you had the top of the grip poking out a bit, you would still be able to strike the ball pretty well. That the fact that you hold it the way you do, shouldn't make/break your game.
  20. Wanted to resurrect this thread because my gf is looking to take up golf and will be taking lessons beginning this week. Assuming she decides to stick with it, any new recommendations on a beginner set of clubs for her (latest recommendations on this thread are over a year old and wanted to see if anything new/worthy has popped up since then). thanks in advance. Another question, I've looked at the women's adam's sets but it seems they are primarily hybrid irons. I know that hybrids will be easier to hit with for a beginner, causing less frustration, and increasing chances of enjoying gol
  21. Possibly fatigue or tension? Sometimes you may not necessarily feel physically fatigued but the golf swing i've come to notice begins to break down for me when i'm fatigued even if I don't feel it, but my swing does. Also, when i say tension, for me, when i'm adding up my score for the front 9 and i'm hitting well, i begin to put pressure on myself to do as well if not better on the back 9, and unconsciously or consciously begin tensing up as I begin to "try" to play better or repeat my front 9 performance. I've found in golf, when I "try" to do anything, I tense up, i grip harder, and my s
  22. Thanks, my shoulders do appear to be a bit open in the photo, however i'm not sure if the angle of the picture makes it seem that way (my friend wasn't standing directly in front but at an angle slightly to my right). However, it is a valid point and I will keep it in mind next time at the range or on the course and remember to keep my shoulders square. Thanks.
  23. Iacas, If you don't mind taking a look at this pic that i got off a video a buddy took of me out on the course. As mentioned, i've been tinkering with the forward lean the past few rounds and it seems to have helped my ball contact, but then again, I don't want to correct a flaw with another flaw. Based on your answer, it looks as if I might have been using WAY too much forward shaft lean at address? Thanks again.
  24. Iacas.........so should you be leaning the handle/shaft more towards the left hip (righty) then? Curious on this one since that's what i've been doing as of late, but don't want to be doing anything incorrectly, thanks.
  25. I see that you're in NJ, which driving range/course are you referring too? Sounds like a great deal!!!
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