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  1. Been looking into these clubs for myself lately also seen a pro about a fitting but he did offer me other options still though I liked the feel of the AP1's. You have a great set, be sure to give us some feedback after a round or two on the course.
  2. Stricker's swing for me. AK has a nice swing too.
  3. Like others have said so many to think about and choose from.. For me though.. Dazed and Confused John Q Training Day Tin Cup 3:10 to Yuma Appaloosa I could go on and on but these I guess I have seen and enjoyed watching more than just a few times.
  4. So.. Let me get this straight.. Here I am having to worry about WTH I'm going to do if(when) this economy gets any worse, worrying about what the options are if the company I work for is going to be a affected anymore than myself along with millions of other people and maybe just maybe they'll decide to cut me out of a paycheck for myself and my family. I live in the US and have to pay $500 bucks at the hospital for them to give me a bandaid and a half-ass "get well soon" as I walk out the door and the shi**y part is my wife and I both have insurance, thanks to the wonderful executive admini
  5. Good info! Thanks guys, I'll definately put it to use
  6. Looking into getting some AP1's. Recently went on a little trip and stopped in a golf store and checked out many different clubs at different specs and the AP1's were the choice after careful deliberation. The guy could only give me the specs on the clubs, he didn't do the club modification hisself. I looked on www.tgw.com and put in my info. Just wondering how reliable that option is? I live in a pretty small town and to travel to get fit would be a "Plan B" if possible I'd like to do this over the net since I already have my specs. If anyone has any input on this, thanks in advance.. Oh
  7. After quite a long break from the game I picked up a set of CG golds with 3/4 hybrids and I love them. Kind of a bittersweet set for though, they were the perfect set to get my game back but now that I'm back to being a fairly decent player I'm getting fitted for a set of AP1's since these don't give me the type of game I'm looking for at this particular point in my improvement. Maybe it's because it's a shelf set and I'm 6'4 but anyways I would recommend cleveland to anyone.
  8. I usually keep 2 gloves in my bag but I'll use just one per round. I'll buy a new one at least once every 3 weeks or so..
  9. Thanks everybody! I believe I'll start my quest on becoming the proud new owner of these sweet ass sticks!
  10. Thinking about selling my CG's and getting fitted for my some AP1's. Went to a golf shop when I went on vacation in Myrtle Beach. I got my specs, the pro said I needed an extra inch and 3* upright. I hit several clubs. The Nike VR Cavity backs, TM Burners, AP1's, and the G15's. The AP1's most definately felt the best and were the most comfortable. Once the pro measured me and gave me my specs he got in the Ping locker and gave the G15 that matched my specs and it made a world of difference. The AP1's weren't fitted but as far as the comfortability the AP1's were my choice. So, I'm thinkin' I'm
  11. A dozen Nike PD long, A Vokey 52, Brush-T's, a new hat, a University of Kentucky divot tool, a Footjoy weatherSof glove
  12. I wipe mine with my bag towel after each hole, as, I'm sure everyone else does, but I ever I get home I actually use windex to thoroughly clean them. Never heard of anyone using it or had anyone tell me it was a bad idea. But it works and haven't seen any bad after effects.
  13. I'll see what I can do. If I can get a few here that I already know and then if the guys or gals on here would send me a PM letting me for certain that they can or, at least, are pretty sure they could attend, just to get some ballpark figures I can start making some calls. So, everyone who is interested in this and can make the drive or is willing to attend shoot me a PM! If we can get this to happen it would be great!
  14. 2008 GMC Yukon Denali. 2005 Chevrolet Silverade stepside. A few others but those are driven the most.
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