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  1. Nearly new since I've used it only a couple times since I purchased it from Golfworks in 2005 for $90 . If you need a precision depth gauge for other than golf uses this is a good unit. $50 shipped CONUS
  2. each club's lie angle must be individually assessed and adjusted as there are inconsistencies in the bending of the shaft and the way you swing each club. your fitter should have you swing each club either on a lie board or whatever his/her method for testing is and then adjust each club accordingly. they'll also check the lofts at the same time. NEVER NEVER NEVER have them adjusted to some arbitrary "standard" or "spec" (did i mention NEVER?). congrats on at least this much of a fitting.
  3. ks- are you in the Monterey area? i notice your avatar is the 7th @ PB. if so would you go to Palo Alto (the Golf Lab) to get her fitted?
  4. Coss- yer a time bomb tickin'. i too am dealing with a bad back (two bad lower discs). your decision is which is more important- your golf or your back and shoulder. everybody will send you to various places trying to help (yeah, like i'm any different ). from the sound of it you shouldn't try for more distance but go for accuracy with what you have. if it hurts that much that you have to go thru that much aid after swinging then i can't imagine any type of swing that'll solve your speed problem without hurting as much if not more. is it just pain or is there an underlying iss
  5. what did you learn? you're going to buy another set off the rack or used from someone else? the only difference will be in the head design. the lengths will be the same (and may not be right for you), the lofts and lies may or may not be right for you (or within decent tolerences), and the grips may not fit you. but then i'm a prejudiced clubfitter... go with what feels good
  6. whatever you decide on your best bet is to find a clubfitter who can check and adjust them in loft and lie angles to be sure THAT part of them is correct for your swing. what you SHOULD do to be sure you get clubs that work for YOUR swing is to find a local clubfitter who can offer various designs that fit your budget AND your swing. once you get better and have more $$ then go back and have them fit you with another set. "off the rack" "sets" of clubs are a crapshoot when it comes to working for YOUR swing. i could go on but i've said enuf for now...
  7. all the parts were around $800, the rest is in the epoxy/ferrules/tools/my time. all totaled- pricele$$
  8. wtf is just a starting point, a guideline, and NOT intended to be THE perfect length. it could very well be that YOUR perfect length for each club is 1" over what the wtf calls for. it could very well be that YOUR perfect length for several clubs is the SAME length. try an experiment with one club. find out what works for you with the longest iron you can consistently hit well and go from there. golf club fitting is still in it's infancy and the more golfers who experiment in it the more we all will learn that there are no "standards" in golf and we'll all insist on being fitted for our c
  9. google Marius Filmalter before you decide, 50,000 putts analyzed says a lot.
  10. get used to referring to "L" shafts as "Light" flex rather than "Ladies" flex. Michelle Wie, Natalie Gulbis, et al are all ladies but i doubt they play with "Ladies" flex shafts. the shaft flex is based on swing speed not gender. the clubs you are considering may or may not be good for her. your best bet is to see a clubfitter who can work with her to adjust them to her liking. if not then she may struggle to adjust her swing to fit the clubs. good luck!
  11. measure to the end of the grip, not to any point just below it, but to the very end.
  12. one thing he didn't do was to measure the ACTUAL loft of the driver you were hitting. you can't rely on the number that is stamped on the bottom. also need to know WHERE on the face your CONSISTENT contacts were. good luck in your search for a good clubfitter. wouldn't you know that i keep finding guys like you everywhere but here in Nashville? cart to move? lot's of nice (and cheap) courses around here!!
  13. i hit my vintage 80's Orlimar laminated maple 305 yards this year and have a moderately large collection of persimmons that i take out every once in a while. nice to know they still work. btw- the Guinness world record long drive during a PGA sanctioned event still stands at 515 yards. 65 year old Mike Austin (RIP) with an 11*, 43.5", steel shafted persimmon driver.
  14. gotta include 110mph swingspeed in there. other things to consider are tempo, transition, wrist cock and release, and angle of attack. manufacturers take the easy route and use the KISS system. for them to cover ALL the proper fitting aspects for a shaft and head would require waaaayyy too much energy ($$) than they care to exert.
  15. if you think THAT made a difference wait until you've put something like a GS75 in them! sub 80 gram when trimmed and made 1" over length. i know because i did it for a friend/customer who absolutely LOVES them! forget "swingweight", trust your personal FEEL for them (MOI is a closer measurement IMHO) . he also suffers from a sore left wrist and this has made a great difference to his game.
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