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  1. I just love how this thread twists the nips of some people.
  2. mrt10x good point, Although I still feel a 9 handicap is good even if i do hit the ball 290+ yards on a drive. It has nothing to do with my short game nor where my ball lands. 290 yards in the wrong direction is not good. Ive always been told its not the club that makes the player, its the player that makes the club. That was before I went and hit into a computer that showed me at 115-120 club head speed on my driver that had a regular flex shaft on it. Switched to a stiff shaft and every shot has been perfectly straight. That is also the reason I am getting new irons. My current irons have graphite instead of steel so I had a tendancy to slice the ball left on long iron shots. I do want to point out that 290+ is hitting on the course not the computer. I was testing out a 6 iron 3 days ago on a computer and there is no way I was hitting the ball 210 yards, something has to be wrong on those things. Shanks a Million- Distances with any iron comes down to what your want to do with the ball. Sometimes your max distance with each club is the wrong shot, Sometimes it could be the right shot. The point I am trying to make is that it is hard to say "on average" I hit my 9i 155 yards, in a perfect world every pin shot would be 155 yards exactly and I use a full swing and have a 1 ft putt every time, but we all no that is not the case. Hints why I would use a range of distances that each club would be suitable, min-max.
  3. I know I have alot to change in my bag currently. To this day I have never used a any woods/hybrids. ( Been playing since my first set that my cousin gave me when i was 7 ) If I couldn't hit a shot in length I would just lay up. My dad always told me that the extra stroke would improve my short game. I am now 23 and I currenty hit ping g2's 3-PW, Yea I know old school. I am thinking about moving to mizuno mx200 4-PW and switching to a hybrid. Either way I have always had the ability to hit long shots. Driver: 290-300+ 3I:215-220+ 4I: 200-215 5I: 185-195 6I: 175-185 7I: 165-175 8I: 155-165 9I: 145-155 PW: 120- 145 I do want to mention that when I ordered these irons I got graphite shafts which may be why I achieve a longer range. 52: 110-130 ( Depending on the shot I prefer a less than full swing with this club so i will usually use my pw almost down to 120 and then switch.) 56: XX-110 (plus anything around the green, the angle is perfect for my swing) 60: up to 80- For me this is only a club I will use if I need more loft. Otherwise I feel my 56 gets more control for precise pin shots. If anyone has comments on the mx200's or any other forged Iron to consider I would really love some help. I have been testing so many clubs in the last week and so far those have felt the best. I am just a little upset no one has a lefty cobra s2 forged to try out.