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  1. 2005 Jetta GLI 1.8T I like the turbo (it's great to hear the sound of a turbo winding up), but I'd love to go back to a 6-cyl. The wife has a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  2. conceptDawg

    Formula 1?

    I'm a huge F1 fan. I've been watching for years. I started when I was still in high school in the late 80s (man that was hard to keep track of F1 in the US back then). I was (and still am) a McClaren fan. Back then it was McHonda with Senna and Prost. Now I'm a big Ferrari fan too so this season is a lot of fun for me.
  3. Oh...my bad. Didn't read correctly. Then that changes the logic a bit and puts more pressure on your approach game to get better (your GIR is lower than fairways hit by almost half). But, the tee/penalty logic still stands. Sorry about the mis-read....hey, it's much like my putting.
  4. Oh...and you are not a short hitter. I would put you smack dab in the average category. In fact, your distances are exactly what I hit my clubs. Remember that most people exaggerate their distances. Don't worry about what clubs you hit compared to other people. Just know your distances.
  5. Just using these numbers, here's what I get out of them: You say that you are a good chipper but the stats don't really show that. You are hitting only a quarter of the greens in regulation, which means that you probably have chip/pitch opportunities on 75% of the holes (if you are missing 75% of the greens, then you should be at least getting within 100yds on your approaches, if not then you need to work on your approach game...but I'm guessing that is not the problem). Now, if you have a short chip 14 times then you should be able to get within 1 putt range a quarter of that time, the rest
  6. I played Magnolia Grove today, the Trail course in Mobile that hosts the LPGA Tourn. of Champions. It too has an incredible par 3 course. I highly recommend the Trail's par 3 courses. I think the Magnolia Grove par 3 was rate the best par 3 in the country for a few years. Not sure about now though. If the one up at oxmoor is similar then I agree with you about the value. Splendid. Magnolia Grove is also in excellent shape right now. I played the 6100 yard tees today on the Falls. The whole course looks great...and I actually played well on the Falls for a change.
  7. I use Erik's Scorecard software. I was using an online tracking system for a while, but I was lured by the incredible fame of being a beta tester for Scorecard and have stuck with it. I do wish it had some graphing capabilities, but that is the only drawback I see with it. The stats it keeps are really nice and have helped me improve my game quite a bit (just broke 80 for the first time this past week, though I hover right over 80 most days). Knowing where I'm dropping strokes is the key. If you have a Mac, you should download it and try it out.
  8. I've been golfing for a few years now (HCP floats between 11 and 16) and something has been bugging me lately. Specifically, what is the best way to choose the appropriate tee box when playing. For instance: All of the courses that I play on are used for higher level competitions (either major collegiate or LPGA) and have a "competition" tee box. That is obviously not the one that I want to be using. When I started playing I shot only from the whites. Somewhere along the line I started playing with a group that was a little better than I was and I started playing from the blacks (one tee b
  9. I still use an old Macgregor Golden Bear that was given to me by my father-in-law to use when I started playing. It's HUGE and I get a lot of grief from my playing partners about it. But, when the putts fall I just tell them that "You don't mock the Golden Bear."
  10. Just got a set of forged Titleist 755s and I'm going to play them tomorrow. Here's to hoping that I play them as well on the course as I did in the shop. They have a great feel, that's for sure.
  11. I'd love to hear some more too. I'm thinking of getting a set. I read the review on the main site, but more input is always welcome before plunking down a wad of cash.
  12. I haven't ever seen it there for regular people. That's a pretty brutal placement. The greens are running MUCH faster than they do for "normal" play also. They're always fairly fast, but that was ridiculous.
  13. I saw that. That was a pretty incredible hole for her. Those are the times that you just want to pack up the bag and go home for the day. Incidentally, they're playing on my home course. I'm pretty sure that I've never hit anything close to an 8 on that hole. That makes me feel a little better. Then again, if I shot +1 over three days on that course I would be ecstatic about it. Not the case with her. But, that's why I haven't had any calls from sponsors.
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