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  1. I carry a membership at Countryside Golf Club in Kaukauna, WI. Its a nice public course, within 10 minutes from my front door. Its not too long, not too easy. The greens are about the best around our our area and once I figured out the best times to play to avoid the leagues, I can pretty easily get at least 9 holes in every day, 18 most days. Weekends I can typically get 18 holes in and be home before my wife even gets out of bed (she's not a morning person). Countyside isn't anything fancy, but its a nice course run by really nice people.
  2. That is the plan ... right now I have 3 ounces on it. Once I figure out for sure what works best, then I will re-grip with the weighting under the grip. and as far as "illegal" ... I play alone most of the time anyway, so I don't worry much about conforming ... I've been around ... more viewing that posting. But thanks for noticing ...
  3. I wanted to try a "counter balance putter" so I hit the work bench. I have been counter balancing my fishing rods for years, and thus had several weights laying around the shop. I did not want to re-grip my putter just yet, so I could experiment with how much weight I wanted for the best feel. My solution, was to use a rubber furniture "screw-in foot", replaced the short screw in it with a longer screw to thread the weights on to - screw this all to the butt end of my golf grip then hold it in place more securely with electrical tape. So far, the results have been outstanding.
  4. Bounced off a patio into the sliding glass patio door - but luckily there was no breakage, and the owner was surprisingly understanding ... it had obviously happened before ...
  5. Good point .... I would consider 2+ club wind "windy" ...
  6. Been playing a LOT of golf this season, and I have come to the conclusion that I am a Wind Player. My best 2 rounds this past few weeks both came with winds at 20+. My normal round is typically 85 to 88 ... those 2 rounds were 79 and 80 - and the 80 (today's round) should have been a 78 if it weren't for the fact that I am a lousy putter. Just wondering if anyone else finds that their game excels in the breeze.
  7. Never been long off the tee, but I keep it in the short grass more often than not. Driver 215-230 3 Wood 200 3i Hybrid 190 4i 180 5i 170 6i 160 7i 150 8i 140 9i 130 PW 120 GW 110 SW 95 LW 85
  8. I am in the market for a right-handed TaylorMade Tour Burner (2008-09) A-wedge in good playing condition. Standard length, lie, etc. preferably with the original TaylorMade Burner 105 Flex R Steel shaft. Message me if you have one you're willing to part with.
  9. I play most of my golf at Countryside Golf Course (I have a membership there). I'm looking for someone to play rounds with on weekend mornings - early. I'm 56, like to walk and typically shoot around boggie over 18 holes. Contact me if you are interested. Mark
  10. I'm right there with many of you .... I'm in NE Wisconsin (GO PACKERS), and this cold and snow is killing me. By this time last year, I had 6 rounds in already. Paid my membership 8 weeks ago .... this weather is costing me!
  11. I am looking for the glf file for the Irish Waters golf course near Kaukauna/Freedom Wisconsin. I had this course on my computer but it became corrupted and I do not want to renew my iGolf membership just to download one course. If someone out there has this course file on their computer and could email it to me I would be very appreciative. Thank You
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. I knew I was not the only one dealing with this and it is nice to hear others go thru the same issues. I know its primarily about me trying too hard, and I know that the only real competition is between me and the course (and between me and my self), and to really play better anytime is reliant on me being relaxed and just let it happen ... just wish it wasn't so much easier said than done.
  13. The mental part of this game is killing me. I play almost every day, usually alone, or occasionally with someone I meet on the course. On my home course I'm relaxed and my game has been progressing nicely. However, once a week I play with a group of friends on various courses around the area and its always a challenge for me ... duffed tee shots, bad iron shots and poor puts. Its really embarrassing! I know I'm a much better player than that. On a normal day I will shoot 4 or 5 over par per 9 holes. With my buddies I struggle to shoot bogie golf (typically more like 10-12 over in 9 holes). I'm
  14. Selling a 3-club set of Adams Tom Watson Wedges that I originally purchased for my son, but he just hasn't taken to the game. The set includes a Gap Wedge (52* Loft/8* Bounce), a Sand Wedge (56* Loft/12* Bounce) and a Lob Wedge (60* Loft/8* Bounce). These clubs have very little use on them, perhaps a dozen rounds and 3 or 4 trips to the range. These are nice wedges and the grips are in great shape (original Adams grips). A nice set of wedges can do much to help your short game and these will fit the bill perfectly. Features • Three wedge models: 52 Deg. Gap, 56 Deg. Sand and 60 Deg. L
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