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  1. I didn't think the tip was very well presented, but then it is difficult to record a decent tip in 1:30. Also, I haven't seen many golfers in the exaggerated position she demonstrates. However, the tip itself wasn't bad as I agree with the suggestion for slicers to try and keep their right elbow behind them more on the downswing. Many slicers start their downswing by turning their shoulders which is turn causes the elbows to get too far in front of the body. Result = out-to-in swing path.
  2. "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    I would be very interested to know how this meeting goes. Please post your comments on Paul's teaching here when you get a chance. Thanks.
  3. Vanity Golfer are Stupid People

    I 'fired' a student after 4 (of 12) 30-minute lessons earlier this year because he was getting very close to being disrespectful towards me. I tried my hardest to help him but it was impossible as he refused to try and understand anything I said to him. Not even "flat left wrist" or "low point of swing after the ball". He'd whack a ball while I was explaining something and interrupt me asking why it went left. After the fourth lesson I told him that was the last lesson I was going to give him and that he had a choice: either continue the lessons with another instructor or we'd reimburse him for the remaining 8 lessons. He chose another instructor who recently confided in me that the guy treats him the same and he only puts up with him because he needs the money. I'm sorry, but I couldn't do that.
  4. Who is the most famous person you've golfed with?

    Colin Montgomerie
  5. Molinari

    How can the fact that a draw is the same as a defeat to the US be lost on you? Look no further than Tiger giving that putt to Molinari to show there was absolutely no difference. He quite clearly couldn't give a damn by that stage as the US couldn't get the cup back. It doesn't surprise me that you fail to understand the spirit in which this game should be played.
  6. Molinari

    Personally, I would have liked Molinari to have conceded his match in the middle of the 18th fairway. A 14-14 tie would have been fine. No one loses and the Europeans retain the cup. Playing that last hole was one of the most awkward and pointless moments I've seen in sports. There was a huge party going on next to the green, for crying out loud! No one came out of those final moments of the Ryder Cup with any credit.