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  1. $1900 for a putter is insane but what about $750 for the headcover: http://cgi.ebay.com/Scotty-Cameron-T...4#ht_505wt_925
  2. I think Padraig Harrington could be a good pick for him. Paddy has played with Tiger before and has always been known for his calm demeanor. Only real problem I see with that is that he is number 10 in the world.
  3. Vince has been in contract negotiations with the golf channel on-and-off for several years. Perhaps this is what is happening here?
  4. Most square head drivers are designed with forgiveness a priority due to the perimeter weighting
  5. I have played RNK twice and many of Mark Strantz's designs. I would recommend getting a yardage book at choosing your lines carefully. One thing I have noticed about many of Strantz's designs is that you need to be able to see your ball flight and control your distance. A beautifully struck shot can easily disappear on many of the blind shots. On another note...have fun on the Green course at the Golden Horseshoe...It's not the gold but is still a great course...and get a hotdog with red relish at the concession stand...they are fantastic!!
  6. I know that lift, clean, and place rules will often be implemented in wet conditions to keep "loose impediments" such as grass, sand, and dirt off a ball in the fairway.
  7. FJ's are great and come with a waterproof money-back guarantee.
  8. I think free is great...even if it sits in my spare bag!
  9. I must say that the sound that Nike drivers make has always turned me away from the brand. At times I think the entire golf course knows when someone has teed off with a Nike driver!
  10. In the past month: -Ping V2 Rapture driver -Cleveland Launcher 3 wood -Titleist Vokey 52.08 and 58.12 - Heavy Putter CX2
  11. I played Clevelands (588 and CG11) for the fast few years. I switched to Vokey at the beginning of the year and I absolutely love my decision!
  12. I am willing to hit any brand that is recommended to me. During my last iron fitting, my pro recommended several irons and in the end my choices came down to Mizuno and Adams. While I was willing to hit many different brands during my fitting, I ended up choosing Mizuno because I "felt more confident" with the name Mizuno in my bag instead of Adams.
  13. Another 10 inches this weekend on top of the 10 already on the ground. I think my wife is about ready for the snow to go so that I will get out of the house more!
  14. Where are you looking at buying clubs? Many places will do a fitting as part of an iron purchase . Personally, I always feel that it is important to get custom fitted no matter your handicap or newness to the game. If cost is an issue, there are some very good clubs out there that are made for players new to the game that are cost-effective.
  15. I love using Scorecard on the course and I love tracking my stats. Instead of spending $499-$829 on the ipad, you could spend $30 for scorecard 2 and take your laptop to the course...LOL (that is actually a terrible idea).
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