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  1. What's some good DVDs that would help my golf game?
  2. Thanks everyone....I bought me some clubs today!! I got the ones at Wal-Mart...their nice looking clubs.
  3. I like both teams, so it really doesn't matter to me. But I'd like to see the Saints win it, cause of their BAD history!
  4. Don't wanna start anything! I'm a Christian, just wanted to know who else is on here?
  5. I'd like to thank everybody for chiming in! It's more than I've got from others!
  6. My budget is kinda tight....LOL! I was thinking about boxed sets, to start out.
  7. Would these be good? http://www.amazon.com/Confidence-GOL...4826049&sr;=1-1 or what about these? http://www.walmart.com/ip/TiTech-X-G...ag-RH/13246371
  8. Hey All!! Just joined. Just wanted to say hey! Been wanting to get into golf!
  9. I'm a Nascar fan! My driver is Dale Jr!
  10. I'm just getting into golf, so the only playing I've been doing is on the Wii!!! -1 is my best.
  11. I'm a minister, elder, and church caretaker!
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