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  1. I too suffer from lower back pain. Mine stems from my hamstrings being too tight, and pulling my body of line. Which has led to not having enough space between the vertebrae in my lower back. Certain movements trigger a sharp pain that rank a 12 on a 1-10 scale. I'm currently going to the chiropractor, and doing certain excercises to help. But I can only do so much as the sharp pain sometimes sneaks in. No over the counter meds work. Yoga DVD's for lower back pain have helped a little. And the funny thing is, my back feels fine when I play golf. But the next morning, it's tough to put on a
  2. Sounds like you got a great deal. Congrats and enjoy it.
  3. I dropped the Adila NVS 65 x-stiff in mine. Made a big difference. Stock shaft just didn't work for me.
  4. That was the only conclusion I could come up with. Maybe he chipped in? But you would remember what hole you did it on hopefully? I left a wedge once and went to the pro shop to report it. The guy says "what kinda club?" I tell him a CG14 wedge and he says "good luck, that's nice. I doubt you'll get it back" Luckily a guy found it and returned it to me.
  5. I caught the Thursday and Friday coverage. Actually played golf Saturday and Sunday, but we finished up in time Sunday to catch the back nine of those in contention. I rather play than watch and with the weather getting better around here, I'm watching a lot less.
  6. How do you lose your PUTTER? Was playing the other day and as we walked off the green and to the next tee box, I see a guy driving back up the cart path the wrong way. He's got the pale face thing going on (when you've lost a club or headcover and hoping to find it) and ask "Did you guys see my putter?" We didn't see it and he kept on driving. Now as he drives back by, he looks in our bags to make sure....Was our word not good enough? Now I've forgotten a wedge before but how in the world do you lose your putter? We had a good chuckle about that one before we tee'd off. He never drove ba
  7. Cap, bucket hat, hell even a Kangol. I've never played a round without a hat on. Not even at the driving range. I may blind someone with my shiny bald head.
  8. Same here. I get Red "X's" everytime I try. The FAQ section didn't help. Tried from multiple pc's as well. Good luck and please post when you figure out how...
  9. Definitely. I've played Morgan Hill a few times and actually have some free round coupons from the golf show. I'm playing with Gioguy21 this weekend and playing Twisted Dunes tomorrow. Will send you a PM with my information so we can get together soon.
  10. It especially sucks now that golf season is pretty much in full steam and you'd be without your putter for a few weeks...I sent mine in the winter and got it back just in time. On another note. I have had a few people say that they have had Scotty Headcovers stolen or won't bring certain covers out in fear of them being stolen. Has this happened to any of you? I'm no collector, so whatever I buy, I'm playing.
  11. I'd go with the latter as well. I don't "think" my swing speed is that fast.
  12. CG14's are not the new specs. Great wedges that you can get for around 75 bucks now. You'll love them.
  13. I doubt it. I'd love to hit my wedges shorter distances. I don't swing hard or like some wild man, but it hit my wedges a long way. I'm trying to tone is down so I can get some spin on the greens (when I actually hit a green. LOL) My 60 degree maxes at 110. 52 degree at 150. My CG15 56 degree is new to the bag so I haven't really hit that much to give a number. Its swing weight is a lot heavier than my CG14's as well. This year is the first that I'm able to hit the driver and so far it's been a lot of fun. now If I can get some touch and accuracy with these wedges, I can finally beat my best
  14. Seems like a good setup. I play 52, 56, 60. Distance range 100-140.
  15. I would say more range time only if you're actually hitting off grass. Those rubber mats give a false sense of good contact. Don't be like a friend of mine who practices his golf, on the golf course. No range at all "I'm gonna hit another, and another" is heard quite often when playing with him. The golf course is to play golf. The range is the place to work on things in preparation to play golf. I'm a high handicap and now instead of continually hitting balls at the range, I'll sneak over to the executive course and play for the cost of Jumbo bucket. There are plenty of options. But as l
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