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  1. pens suck. go flyers!
  2. Apologies it's not in English, can't find anything better on YouTube.[/QUOTE] Thanks. that was a pretty amazing shot :)
  3. can anyone put the video on here? i still havn't seen the shot.....
  4. I like the MP 58s ( biased a little) and the Nike forged. I love how plain they are but so sexy looking
  5. I dont see any issue with it. Whatever works for you. You are looking off of tigers swing and that isnt always a good thing because everoynes swing is diffrent. If you try to mimic him its probably going to do more harm than good. I am no expert but thats my opinion. I just put this video on here to show that sometimes early hip turn is a good thing.
  6. Does anyone have any good drills to practice making that good contact with the ball with my irons. I know just constantly hitting is the best way of doing this but I was just curious if there was any drills to help me get more consitant contact hitting the same spot on the ball. Thanks
  7. I never swear or do anything to show my anger when I play with other people. Out of complete respect. If I am playing with my buddies I swear but usually keep it somewhat quiet and not a huge deal. Luckly I've never had anyone bad like that. I've just had a few people that would slam thier club into the ground or lob their club back toward the cart instead of walking it. Nothing bad.
  8. I was never on a golf team but I know from the many other sports I played that the main thing I always wanted from my coach was to learn something. Sure you can run match play and scrambles and have a great fun practice but when the kids leave the high school team what did they really get out of it? I like the ideas of a time for learning the rules, course managment, behavior. If one of the kids is weak in an area maybe have a 30 minute time frame where everyone works on there weaknesses. Buncker shots or whatever. Then go into match play. Me personally I would rather have less fun and walk ou
  9. i think some of you are taking this the wrong way. im not trying to force her to play golf even is shes miserable playing it or hates it. shes never gonna learn to enjoy the game unless i bring her along. i know she will love golf just as everyone else who plays it. i was just asking for ideas to get her to get out there and play a little and give it a chance. if she hates it then she hates it. im not gonna force her to play. and its not an invasion of my time with the guys. me and her enjoy sending as much time as we can together. and we need a break from eachother we give eachother a break.
  10. thanks i appreciate all the feedback. im going to start practicing all these tips. thanks again
  11. Was at a golf store with my fiance and was messing around hitting a few balls into the net so she gave it a shot. Completely missed. That was the end of her golfing career. I really want her to golf with me though. Im hoping some of you can give me some ideas to get her out there. Im puting a net in the backyard to hit balls into so hopefully she will mess with that. I really need to persuade her into playing! HELP!
  12. I feel like when im putting I have no stability. I cant pull back in a straight line and when I follow through to hit the ball or even practice im all over the place. Are there any tips or tricks to help me keep my face square and putt more stable? indoor drills would be good too if you know any. thanks.
  13. as long as my clubs are clean i could care less where they are in my bag. im A for sure.
  14. when i play with friends its 1 mulligan every 9 holes. i have no problem giving mulligans when playing for fun. i dont usually do it but if my partner wants to take 10 thats cool with me.
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