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  1. I used to do that with my 58/08 Vokey. Loved it. But then came the call for more wedges as I had a free space in the bag at the time. Now have a Ping 54/12 bent to 55/13 for almost every shot around the green and a Ping 60/TS for hardpan and tucked pins. Honestly, the 60 has gone virtually unused as I find I'm better at doing everything with 1 wedge from which you know what to expect, as a way to limit the variables so to speek. So I might be going back to the one wedge around the green system again, and back to my beloved Vokey 58/08 that seemed to do it all back in the day.
  2. My new custom built James Stewart bag arrived some time ago. Time to put it into play soon.
  3. Played rockflites briefly when started golf. Then got to Bridgestone fitting. Tried their suggestion but couldn't get over the clicky feel. Tried Callaway and Titleist briefly, no real love. Then i got a free sleeve of Srixon AD333 from someone and they felt so good, so soft when putting, chipping, ... that I never looked back. The only ball I have played for years now !
  4. Well, I finally got round to trying out the new i20's and tour-s with stiff CFS on the range. No honeymoon period, no love at first sight. I'm having a difficult time adjusting to them, difficult time loving them. They feel so light, so boardy, so clicky. Some of the grips were not put on straight, annoying. Makes me wonder what else they were careless with. Tour-s grind feels "sticky" in the green stuff, doesn't react to turf as I was used to with the Vokeys. Haven't tried the bunker yet. Tour-s feels hard, boardy, clicky with the Stiff CFS compared to Vokeys with Stiff KBS. I have a hard tim
  5. Thought I should update this thread with how it panned out. Day before yesterday I bit the bullet on a whim, couldn't restrain myself anymore, had to buy new toys. So I ordered the i20's. Never could get hold of the AP1's, so they were out basically. And since I was fitted by Ping, albeit quite some time ago, and I did have the opportunity to test the i20 for two weeks, and liked them, I just went with that. Now I just have to be patient for two more weeks for them to arrive ... tick tock tick tock ...
  6. DO NOT BUY the EX-ZR200 Casio for the purpose of filming your golfswing. It does NOT have manual shutter for video. I bought the damn thing, vid quality sucks for golf swings. Made a complaint to Casio and they have confirmed on mail it has NO manual shutter for video. Long story short, I bought a useless toy from Casio and I feel I got scammed by them as they don't clearly state that in the specs on their website that it doesn't apply to video mode. Here's their mail: ----------------------------- Thank you for your email and for your interest in our products. Y
  7. I had an Anser (PX 5.0) and a i20 (CFS R) 7-irons in my bag to test for 2 weeks. It's going to sound silly, and to put it into a few sentences, here goes. For me, for my swing, that i20 7-iron not only had better performance, but also felt better and softer. I couldn't keep myself from grabbing the i20 from my bag, and not the anser. The Ansers are pretty though, proper golf juwelry !
  8. I'm currently playing G15 driver, 3wood and hybrid. They did wonders for my game last year. This year they don't seem to like me anymore, allways pushing my ball out to the right or hooking it left. Nevertheless, Ping i20 irons and Tour-S wedges are on my shortlist of new gear this year.
  9. Guys, pls your thoughts and/or experiences on next issue. I'm playing off 18 handicap, practice a lot, take lessons regularly. But due some "accident" I'm now recovering from skull and braintrauma (100% recovery expected in about 1 year though). Had 3 months downtime, first active month was "relearning" to play, because all "feeling" in my body and movements changed strangely enough. Now I'm building up again, and it's going ok-ish, allthough I can't play my handicap yet. But if health allows that won't take too much longer I hope. Now, I'm aiming to shave something off the handi
  10. I tried them briefly at the driving range. They felt very harsh to me with the DG R300 I hit them with.
  11. I used to triple putt everything, regardless of type or price of putter. The price for enhancing my putting performance was: - get some sessions on a SAM lab or equivalent - practice, practice, practice .. blood, sweat and tears Now I don't feel it has much to do with the putter. I feel confident I can putt with almost whatever you put in my hands, providing it is not way out of spec length and lie wise and there is some adaptation period allowed to get used to the new gear.
  12. Having shin splint problems too at the moment. Go see doctor, and he will tell you: - take NSAIDS - rest - ice - stretch - coat of flexium gel (or stuff like that) on your legs at night, wrapped in plastic foil so the gel has to go into your leg
  13. I adore my Ecco Street Premier shoes. And am curious about the Biom Hybrids they will be releasing !
  14. Don't have them myself. But wouldn't mind wearing them. They have some nice designs ! About time not everyone is wearing the obligatory navy blue or beige pants.
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