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  1. You nailed it. We should all be happy just to be out there playing, not worrying about what everyone else is doing. It shouldnt matter how old or young you are, everyone should act the same way on the course. This thread has turned into a bashing of older golfers and rangers, which was not supposed to be the case. In fact, it's hypocritical. If everyone followed the same set of etiquette rules and manners, none of this would ever be an issue.
  2. Ino right i thought that was nuts. And for the record I am not african american I am caucasian. Just a big fan of happy gilmore haha...
  3. Hahaha i read that post and just erased it from my memory. People like that who want to sue everyone over everything are what is wrong with the world, not to mention that it would take so much time and effort to do that over something so trivial. All I was trying to point out was the fact that people get treated unjustly because of there age. Not trying to sue a a local muni or anything lol.
  4. That would be pretty cool because by the sounds of it it happens alot more often than people think. I also look alot younger than i am (probably could pass for a 15-16 year old,, but im 21). Also agree on the point about it happening at nicer courses. Me and my buddy went to a very nice course that we drove about 2 hours to get to, paid the full adult price green fee ($135), and you would not believe the looks we got from the staff and other players out on the course. Made us feel completely excluded and out of place. (and yes, we we're dressed right for the caliber of the course lol).
  5. I dress like a golfer. Kakhi shorts/pants and a polo everytime i go out. My brother and friends mostly dress the same, sometimes a few of my friends wear jeans and a tee shirt but only if the course allows. I highly doubt it had anything to do with the way we dressed. I will also add that nothing has ever been said to me/us if i were to go out with my dad or uncle or someone a bit older.
  6. Thanks for everyones input, I will try to get a video of my swing up here asap.
  7. Thanks for everyones input. The one common denominator was that the marshal was always an older man, probably in his 70's. And dont get me wrong, this doesnt happen everytime I go out, and i have ran into a much greater percentage of people that were extremely polite. Just a few incidences, and I guess the question I was asking was that do you think that it was because of my age, or something else. I will also say that the courses that the problems occurred at are not full of bad people/employees, just a couple isolated incidents. I have golfed many rounds at each course and was very pleased with the service most of the time. But hey, everybody has had run-ins on the course, i was just thinking that mine had something to do with my age.
  8. Depends on the season for me... Cold weather: Guinness Hot weather: leinenkugel's summer shandy (Best Beer ever made)
  9. I'm 21 and most of my playing partners are between 19-22 and catch so much slack just because we are young. I see way more middle aged golfers that have no etiquette whatsoever than I do younger kids. In my opinion, kids play with more etiquette than adults do most of the time, because they are afraid of getting yelled at by older people. I think that most kids (by kids i mean 17-22 years old) are treated unfairly on the course. Me and my friends have had countless experiences with people looking down on us just because of our age, regardless of our skill level and respect for the course/game. Just a few examples: Was out golfing in the afternoon on a weekday, so the course was not very busy. Me and a few of my friends (all decent golfers, can get around the course in a timely manner, etc.) Teed off with nobody in front of us, and literally never saw anyone until the turn. As we finished the 10th hole and made our way to the 11th tee box, a ranger was waiting for us, and told us that he thought we should wait for the group about ready to tee off back at the 10th tee box (i assume that they went off on the back 9 instead of the front). Instead of arguing with the ranger, we waited for the group to finish up and we let them pass. Well, the group was made up of a foursome of older woman, who played at a mind-numbingly slow pace. We waited on every single shot that we took for the rest of the round, and I still cannot figure out why we had to let them play through. Example 2: My same group of friends were at a different course, this one a bit nicer than the last. We pull up from the first tee, and hit our tee shots from the middle tees (same set of tees we play at every course we go to). There are groups in front of us and behind us, so we really had nowhere to go. As we get to the second tee, once again a ranger is there to greet us, and tells us that we should be playing from the womans tees, because we were playing to slow (which was not the case, as we had to wait for the group to clear ). We tried to explain that distance was not a problem for us, that we all were capable of playing from the current set of tees (which is true, we all could pop the ball out there at least 200 yrds minimum.), and he proceeded to tell us that if we did not play from the forward tees, then we would be asked to leave the course. So we returned to the clubhouse, and after fighting with the manager, they finally refunded our money and we left. Example 3: I was in a twosome with my brother, who is 19 years old, new to the game, and consequently not very good. It was a crowded sunday afternoon, and we were sandwiched in between 2 foursomes, so i told him to take his time and just have fun. We were in the middle of the fairway on a par 4 waiting for the green to clear so we could hit our second shots, when the group behind us decided to go ahead and tee up, and hit about 20 yrds over our heads. I let it pass, maybe thinking it was an accident. Well, on the very next whole, we again were waiting on the green to clear, when the group behind us proceeds to tee up and hit there shots, this time the ball hits the back of our cart. Now I decide to act on it, but instead of making a confrontation i simply call the clubhouse and tell them about the incident. They send a ranger out, and he stops at the group behind us and starts talking to them. I thought that this would be the end of it, but instead the group behind us along with the ranger drive up to us, and the ranger starts to repremand us about lying and that if it happens again we will be banned from the course. I then say that we werent lying, and that they hit into us twice, to which the ranger and the group both insisted that we were making things up, and we were asked to leave, with no refund. Sorry for the long post, but this really bothers me. Has any other younger people had a problem with this? Or does this happen to everyone and I am just thinking its caused by my age? Remember, im not a 12 year old kid, im a 21 year old who plays with etiquette that is expected and probably have more skill than the average weekend hacker does.
  10. This is the most incredible thread I have ever seen. On any forum. In my entire life. I literally just had to walk out of class because I was in danger of bursting out laughing. Thank you Cici, please keep posting.
  11. I have been playing for about 2 years, and have definitely have seen my game improve dramatically. I have gone from shooting in the 120's-130's to consistently shooting in the mid to low 90's. I have become alot more consistent with my short game, mostly 2-putting and only 3-putting once or twice a round. While I am not the longest player, I do not really have a problem with distance (good drives about 240-260, 7 iron 150-160). My ball striking is not great, I hit my mid to long irons flush maybe 50% of the time at best. So with all that being said, I have never broken 90. I have hit 90 3 times, but couldn't break it. What do you guys think is the quickest way for me to break 90? P.S: I would take lessons if I could, but honestly don't have the money for it, i'm a poor college student
  12. If you we're looking for only distance, the superfast 2.0 is very, very long. I believe it has a longer than average shaft, and is lighter than both the r9 and r11.
  13. If your from michigan, try heading up to treetops sometime. They have 4 amazing courses with dramatic elevation change, and probably the best par 3 course in the world(no joke). All are in amazing conditions, and usually they run some sort of special where you get a round on all 5 courses and 2 nights stay for $300ish. Garauntee you will have a blast.
  14. As everyone mentioned above, just concentrate on your swing path going from inside to out. I have also found it helpful to drop my rear leg back about 2 inches (i.e the front foot is above the rear foot.). It seems to create more room for the club to get on the inside during the takeaway.
  15. My Bag: http://www.clubshanks.com/showthread.php?11-Chubbs-WITB Don't kill me over my irons-I got them when I first started playing and definitely have outgrown them, but I don't have the income to buy a new set of irons every 2 years lol... Also with my 'at home range'- Do not mind the garbage heap behind it, we were in the middle of cleaning out my basement when I took the pics.
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