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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I've been playing courses that average out around 128 on the slope. I think in 2011 I'm going to see if I play better on courses that are a bit easier and not so difficult. Maybe that will give my confidence a boost. Again,m thanks for all the replies.
  2. Is it money? Is it location? Course difficulty or something else? I recently started looking at the course rating and slope and a lot more than I used to. Well to tell the truth, I never really paid much attention to it at all. I was just doing some research about it and I'm considering looking at the rating and slope of a course to determine if I'll play there at least until I improve my game some. So my question is: Is it better to play a harder course and shoot poor, or play an easier course and recored a better scores?
  3. 1. Break 100 and hopefully 95 2. Get my GIR% up.
  4. Its an OLD Ti model. I bought it back in 1996. Its been great, but it time for a new one.
  5. Its still a decent club. Right?
  6. I was just at Dick's Sporting goods at lunch and they had about 6 Ping Rapture Drivers in a bag mark down to $149.00. Also on golfsmith right now they are selling for the same price. Is there a reason that a once $400 club is now selling for so cheap. I'm considering going back for one, I need to update my driver, but I was just a bit concerned about the dramatic price decrease. Anyone have any input? Thanks
  7. Thats a great idea. I can take my course play from April and work on what I need to work on at the range in May, then back to the course's in June and so on. I like that. THANKS!
  8. Thanks for all the input everyone. My monthly golf budget allows me to either hit the range once a week and play 18 holes once. I found a executive course (mentioned above) that has a twilght rate that is a great deal ($20 after 2pm, with it light out until 7:30pm now I get play it after work, on the Saturdays that I have to work). Playing that course twice a month with no weekly range only increases my budget by $5, and I still get to play a full 18 par 72 course once a month. I was thinking that playing 3 times a month might get my on course game to improve. I probably should have stated a
  9. I'll have a really good session on the range (even before a round) and I just cannot get it to transfer to the course. I'm happy with my short game, of course it needs some work, but my real issue is off the tee. Driver is horrible, Left one hole, Right the next, what's a Fairway??? Last round I played I put the Driver away after 13 and used my 3W from 14 on. Hit 4 of 4 fairways. So I plan on woking with the 3W a lot more.
  10. I guess the 50hr a week job and the two kids has some effect on it too. HA
  11. Money is the cause of the once a month course play, if it was up to me I'd play three times a week!
  12. A quick question for the forum; What would you recommend. A. Play 18 holes 3 times a month, range time limited to preround. or B. Range once a week and playing 18 holes once a month. Being a high handicap player that wants to get better. I was wondering if playing on the course would be better vrs. the driving range. Thanks.
  13. I have a question I'm hoping someone will be willing to help with. I recently figured out that I've been gripping my clubs incorrectly for YEARS! I've never taken any lessons and I only play about 2-3 times a year. About a month ago I started taking my golf a little bit more serious and decided to spend at least one day a week on the range working on my game, this after an embarrasing outing with some friends. Through reading some books and watching some TV shows and the internet I came to realize that my grip was all wrong. I had been gripping the club in the palm of my hands and not with m
  14. Shot a 105 at the Lakes course at Primm, Nevada. That was about 5 weeks ago
  15. As much as I admire Jack, my vote is for Tiger.
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