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  1. cruiser3112

    Need Help, New Irons

    ColinMB: I cannot seem to find the clubs that you guys are talking about. I see the 04 big bertha's for 499.00, is that what you guys are talking about? Rafcin, beleive what you want...the agenda is to find some clubs that I can use..
  2. cruiser3112

    Need Help, New Irons

    i just found some irons on Gigagolf.com...anyone ever tried those? they are off brands, but affordable.
  3. cruiser3112

    Need Help, New Irons

    well i'm only hitting my driver about 330, but man it's a piece of junk. if I got something better, I think I could edge out 400. I'm not a 36, i'm more of a 20. i used to be around a 8-10, but i changed jobs, and it was hard to me to play... the reason I want new clubs is because I hit them so far, I have no loft on them. They don't go very high. I have tried everything to get them to jump, but they just stay a little flat. oh, one of the reasons I am so high on handi right now is because of inconsistency. because i hit the ball so far and I do swing pretty hard, I can have one nasty slice.
  4. cruiser3112

    How far do you hit your irons?

    guys, I hit my irons wayyy too far. they are walmart clubs, and i"m wondering if the loft is too steep. i hit my pw 150 yards. I don't swing too hard, but every club after that is the same. 9 can go about 175, 8 about 210.
  5. I need some help guys on getting some new irons. Reason, I need some help is because I'm left handed. So, I just can't go out and try a buddy's pair. The irons I have are Walmart specials. I have had them for about 8 year probably. I have gotten decent with them, but I need to up my game. I hit them entirely too far. I am hoping it is the loft. The figures I'm about to tell you are no lie. PW - 175 9 - 200 8 - 225 I don't use a 7 or anything below till I get to a 4 or 3. I use them sometimes instead of my woods. I have to use a 60 degree loft wedge for anything under 150. I need some irons that are pretty forgiving. I just started playing again, so they will need to be some improvement irons. Also, I can't aford the $600 sets. Any suggestions?

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