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  1. Is it rude to play tees further from partners?

    I play in revolving 4some that involves 6 guys. 4 of them range from scratch to 6 HC. Me and another guy are similar, low double-digit HC's. I'm a 13, he's a couple strokes better. The 4 better players always play from the tips. (Mostly 6800-7000+ here in Houston.) I always play from a tee box up. (I prefer 6500.) It makes the round more enjoyable for me, as I know my limitations. The other guy, close to my skill level but admittedly better, refuses to move up a box if anyone in else is playing tips because he believes he has the distance to play 7200 yards. If he's playing great, I agree. He can hit it far, but he's terribly inconsistent. I've been told by the other guys that they much prefer playing with someone that knows their tee box than someone who spends the majority of the round angry, frustrated, and scoring terribly.
  2. Arjun Atwal

    Ummmm, can you go on? The list kind of peters out after that, don't you agree? I think the original point is valid. I've always liked Arjun for some reason. (Maybe because he was a cheap birdie machine guy for ESPN's original bestball game several years ago.) I was definitely perplexed by his 2nd shot on 18, but nailing that 7 footer for the victory showed balls. I also liked Toms' quote right after McCarron left himself a 7.5' putt directly behind Arjun's ball: "He must have paid him."
  3. Stuart Appleby rips Whistling Straits

    The PGA's being held there again in 2015. Ryder Cup in 2020.
  4. Do I need a rangefinder?

    I recently had this dilemma and ended up with a used Skycaddie 2.5 for $100 off of Craigslist. I don't care about an exact distance to the flag, but knowing front and back of the green is extremely helpful, mainly because I've learned to stop shooting at every flag. I never would have spent $300 on it, though. I'm not sure if you can find a rangefinder you like for a similar price, but if you can, I think you'll enjoy it.