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  1. I also hate when people you do not know give unsolicited advice, I only take advice from two people, my father and my best friend who is a really good golfer and instructer, let alone a complete stranger on a course or the range. Please leave those comments to yourself. I know your trying to be helpful but I didnt ask for any of it.
  2. Driver: $130 Golf Galaxy 3W: $100 TGW 5W: $100 Golf Galaxy Irons: $330 Golfsmith built by my friend Putter: $70 Golf Galaxy Total: $730 Add in the snake eyes bag $100 up over 800 dollars, plus all the golf balls :), crazy golf.
  3. This thread was a great read, funny that we deal with all this with our regular golfing buddies. I usually golf with my family members, and mostly just pet peeves, only one thing that really gets me. First is my cousin, we golf a great deal, he kind of like to shave off strokes from his score, honestly I think sometimes its unintentional and just a miscalculation or something minor and silly, but occasionally I get the feeling that some of the time it is on puporse which bothers me a little if he beats me. Another is his use of mulligans, generally well do a mulligan or two on 18 perfectly acceptable to us, but he ends up using more than that, really shame on me for allowing it without really not making him use his first ball. The last one is what really bothers me, I hit the ball a little longer than he does usually a club longer little less or little more depending on the distance. And we gauge each other for distance a good amount of time asking what the other plan on using for the shot, and honestly it is a good gauge and is helpful. The problem is when I pick and club and committ to it and he goes and says that Ill never make it with that club, or its the wrong club to use or what not. I dont mean to be rudeto him but I know my distances alot better than you do, just because you would hit a 7 iron and I am hitting 8 iron doesnt mean its the wrong club. It just make me second guess myself, and Ill get a little itchy and a little more prone to mis hitting the shot, giving him more reason to think that he is right, but I love the occasion when I hit it perfect and I just look at him :) The second is my brother in law, he has the weirdest way of lining up his shots. Hell take his club stand behind the ball and look straight at the target and line up the club as if he is at address, then make any adjustments miniscule at that. Once he is decided hell swing around and stand at the correct address position, and after all of that back off and take a couple of practice swing, really! I mean you went through all of that to the miniscule of degress just to back off and take some practice swings? Oh well what can I say, great guy, great athlete too, just needs to improve. Last is my dad, and its just something I ride on him about. He likes to use a punch shot when its absolutely not needed, I dont know why especially because it never seems to work out for him. I always tease him if he announces that is the shot he is going to use, I just dont know why he doesnt use the correct club in the first place, silly guy!
  4. I use their TPII balls as well, slightly intereseted as well with their new sdf balls, might buy a pack of one of them see how I like them see if their any different. But the TPII that I use I really do like, great feel, great off the tee and pretty good on the green although I think they lose just a touch on that category when compared to a prov1 or something similiar. But then again they much much less in price so I will take it, they will be in my bad for awhile. Glad to see another snake eyes enthusiast, thinking about buying a trio of those 685 wedges GManuel, what do you think of them? They look awfully nice and the specs on them look good.
  5. They never seem to be right, and the balls never seem to fly that great either. My local courses have better balls, but no yardage markers, oh well at least you get guestimates.
  6. More snow tonight and tomorrow surprise surprise. Come on spring your killing us, stupid Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow.
  7. Something like this? Snake Eyes Viper HT Snake Eyes NZ-3
  8. Chief Technician and Programmer for an Audio and Video company.
  9. Last year was my first serious season and met all of my goals somehow, surprised even myself (Broke 100, 90, consistency with irons and driver, and beat my dad yes that was a goal of mine). So heres what I hope to achieve this season. 1. Still get more consistent with my Driver, 3W seems pretty good but an improvement there would be beneficial as well. 2. Gain maybe 15-20 yards on all clubs. 3. Practice putting stroke, and start reading distances better. 4. Eliminate unintential slice. 5. Eliminate hitting irons shots left. 6. Eliminate wrists overturning in swing. 7. Eliminate head getting ahead of ball. 8. Fix shoulder turn/plane. 9. Buy new PW, SW, and add LW to bag (Probably snake eyes 685 black wedges). 10. Go into the 80's more than a handful of times. 11. Stay in the 90's, no 100's anymore. 12. Improve short game. Lots of goals, hopefully I check off most of those! Wish me luck.
  10. +1 for Snake eyes, this coming from a snake eyes irons owner of course.
  11. 1st post, might as well be here. Started playing reguarly last year, so first offseason winter for me, and it sucks! Going off of what I was doing before the cold set in. Driver: 250 (Although this guy seems to range a lot 220 - 275) 3W: 230 5W: 215 3i: 205 4i: 190 5i: 175 6i: 165 7i: 155 8i: 145 9i: 135 PW: 115 SW: 100
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