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  1. First birdie of the year, short 275 yd Par 4. Used driver (why not I said) hit an decent drive to 240 with a small 5yd fade. Used like a half SW and landed past the flag ended up about 20 foot putt, lined her up and caught the left edge, keep them coming golf gods I want one a round!

  2. Played first round last sunday, hit two buckets before that and was pretty happy with the swing changes from the drills I have been doing in the house. Shot a 102 which isnt really good for me, but its the first time out, and there were 40 putts, lousy chipping, and wasnt getting off the tee very well with the woods, only thing going for me were my irons. Still its the first round out, and it shows what I need to work on, winter is gone and plenty of golf to play!

  3. Every night I do a little 5-10 min stretching routine, then I grab a hula hoop and put it around my shoulders for visual training to make sure my shoulders are rotating properly (as per my coach, last year my shoulders were all out of whack). Then I grab two headcovers under both arms and practice bringing the club to hip height in both backswing and forward swing focusing on shoulder turn and my left arm. After that some quick putting at different distances and angles on the carpet. Very unscientific but the best I can manage inside the home.

  4. You took me the wrong way. I never intended to say that if someone looks like crap, then that means their a bad golfer, or if someone is dressed well, then that means they're a good golfer. No, that's not at all what I meant.

    Im with you on this, I dont necessarily look down on people wearing jeans on courses, especially if the course is just a goat trail. But I am certaintly not looking up to them, whats the harm in looking good with slacks and a polo? I honestly think I play better when I look good compared to if I am just clothed in street clothes.

  5. Ooh ooh I wanna play too, pick me pick me! Lol great thread, heres my deal.
    • I can't play golf - I certaintly cant
    • I hit 90% of my shots fat - Thin for me, its my demon
    • I hit the ground with my driver when swinging - I dont really do that with my driver, more like pulling it left all the time
    • I hit my PW 110 yards - 125-130 for me
    • I can hit my driver 240 yards, but usually 190 and sky-high - My driver is so inconsistent as far as yardages, I can hit 300 if I get really lucky, 200, 250, 225, who the hell knows anymore :(
    • I hit my 7i 150 yards - Thats about the same for me, maybe a touch more
    • I finish on my toes and fall forward - Like the other post or two ago if I am losing balance anywhere its going to be towards the target
    • I chunk when chipping - Yea, yea, :( yea
    • I shoot in the 90s - Yup, hopefully this season coming up brings some sub 90 rounds
    • I have fun when playing, but want to quit after most rounds or practices - I might say right after a poor shot, but I love this game I cant quit its much too fun to play, and to play with great people like friends and family
    • I swing too long, too hard, too fast - Yea, yea, :( yea
    • I've once broken 90 - Me too!
    • I think I know more about the swing than I really do - I think I know my swing pretty well, at least I think I do, but there is so much wrong with it its hard to work on all of it
    • I've gotten rid of my slice, only to exchange it for a hook - I exchange my slice for a nice pull that happens half the time, 10% thin, 30% straight, and 10% slice
    • I lack most swing fundamentals - Probably the same for me :(
    • I try to hit the ball - I try to crush the ball, maybe I should stop doing that
    • I lose balls all the time - I lose a ton of balls, to my defense sometimes people pick up my ball, and sometimes a good honest shot gets lost, Matthew gets angry when that happens
    • I'm not a good short game player, or putter, it just seems so because my long game stinks - No mine just stinks! :) Hopefully I made some progress in the house with putting

  6. I work the ball when the time calls for it, and other than that maybe 25% of the time when I feel I really want to avoid part of the course. Of course since I am a "bogey" golfer sometimes it doesnt work out and instead of hitting a small fade ill hit a nice hook! :) Oh well, I do try though, if I do hit it right at least I am taking out half the field.

  7. SSJLaletas, you seem to be surprised that others don't want to be told what we can and can't watch or show. You sure were quick to agree to banning fat people from the tube.

    The overweight joke that another poster wrote with sarcasm was me just showing distasteful humour, my apologies.

    Again in just my opinion which means nothing except to me, I simply think smoking is a disgusting, expensive, life threatening habit. That being said some family members, friends, and coworkers do it all the around me, in my car, on the course, wherever, and usually almost all of them ask permission lets say if were in a car together even if their driving (honestly over the top but hey still very considerate). All of which I appreciate it and honestly dont mind at all. Just when your on a major televised broadcast you cant withold from your habit for four hours? And if you can then why in the world are the cameras showing this footage on very unimportant walks to each ball, very bad taste. And that commercial where John Daly is on the couch looking at his phone blowing his smoke everywhere, why doesnt he just blow right in camera at that point, distasteful on him and on the golf channel. Again just stating my opinion, no facts involved, and no offense intended.

  8. I've been playing golf for a little over 18 years now and I can't remember a single instance where I EVER counted someone's clubs. In most tournaments I've entered, that's done by the tournament starter and in all the other rounds... I just don't care.

    Not that it matters but I thought in the rule book your only allowed to have one driver?

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