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  1. I play the 2008-2009 AP2's and man, i have 0 problem gettin lots of spin......i stick pretty much all mid/low iron shots with ease...and yes...they conform to the new groove rule.
  2. FYI http://www.usga.org/InfoClubsDB/search_results.asp Above site is a database held by USGA that allows you to search by manufacturer/model to see if your clubs comply.
  3. The 2008-2009 AP2's meet groove rule aswell....
  4. Im axious again to see tiger 3 putt from 6feet :D GO PHIL!
  5. i would say you are between 12-15 handi
  6. Hah, i played today in Quebec..f'n frenchies....i skipped around two groups of 5 people....literally picked my ball up...ripped by them in the cart to the next tee box...and looked at them like "yea i just did that". haha, ppl make me sick
  7. I wear it all round...already have a golf glove TAN...sux lol, ive been trying to take it off between shots/holes to get my other hand to tan up a bit lol...not working haha
  8. did i say anything about wedges..i was talking about iron sets....please remove yourself from the thread. Thank you, good day
  9. Phil is amazing....his short game reminds me of my own :P lol
  10. didnt read post..however...tell him to "F*** OFF"....thats what i would do.
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