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  1. I have had a lot of problems with pulls and snap hooks. I do play with a strong grip but even if I weaken it I get the same result. I have played some good rounds and some horrible rounds. I also notice when things go south I have a very high finish. I know without a vid it is hard to give advice. I was just seeing if anyone had an opinion. Cant handle the swing from good to horrible.
  2. I have normal size hands. This grip feels good and seems easier to hinge.
  3. Recently switched to a ten finger grip. Have played a few good rounds and it feels good. Seems like less stress and pressure on hands. Any pros or cons to this type of grip?
  4. Not sure but added extra tape the second time trying to tighten them up.
  5. I regripped my irons and woods. The woods came out perfect. The irons(ping G5) did not. The grips felt soft and loose. I have regripped many clubs and never had an issue. I used grip tape purchaced at Dicks Sporting Goods and mineral spirts. Removed them and went a totally different route. I used carpet tape putting extra wraps on and charcoal lighter fluid. Using a very small amount of fluid. Same result. Got the grips on ebay and the local pro said he thought the grips were defective. Got a refund from a very cooperative seller and have purchaced more. Have not installed them just wanted to
  6. Just bought a new FT-iz 3 hybrid. Trying to find a more forgiving hybrid. would like to know if anyone has played one and your opinion. I have the driver and really like it. Just waited for the price to drop because these clubs were quite expensive when they were first released.
  7. last winter started the p90x workout. liked the workout but when the golf season started it was horrible. almost gave it up. asked and almost everyone said working out had nothing to do with it. quit working out and made a few minor adjustments and somewhat saved the season. Started working out again a few weeks ago and it has started again thin weak shots some to the right. dont know if it is working out but it seems like it has something to do with it. if it was minor I could deal with it but it is horrible. I am 43 and want to stay in shape through the winter but not at the cost of my game.
  8. I have played 4 rounds this year and it has been horrible. I was really looking forward to this season and now do not know if I want to continue playing. Out of the blue my right hand started to pass my left right at impact. Which has led to all kinds of horrible mishits. It looks as though I am a beginner just learning to play. I can take wonderful practice swings but add the ball and it is a crap shoot. The more I try to fix it the worse it gets. The only thing I did different this winter was working out by doing P90X. Something feels out of sync. Any ideas?
  9. I just bought a Callaway Steelhead 3 wood off ebay. I noticed that this one had Steelhead across the sole instead of Big Bertha Steelhead. It also had a better paint finish on the head. Was there different models of the original Steelhead?
  10. I am really wanting to work on my ball striking this year. I am having some trouble with the hitting down on the ball concept. It seems that when I try this that I hit fat shots with hudge divots. Over doing the hit down concept I guess. I have also heard that you should use the same swing with woods also. I was hoping someone would have some drills to help me with this. Thanks.
  11. I am looking for a Callaway Hawkeye 3 wood. Would like a steel shaft but would also consider reg. flex graphite.
  12. I am really enjoying this workout. However I am not really sticking to the diet either. I still can tell a big difference in my stamina and over all fitness. As far as the door frame not supporting the chin up bar. I started with a pull up bar that rests just above the frame and uses your weight to hold it in place.That way not all of you weight is on the frame. You can pick these up at Wal-Mart for around $25.00. Then I moved on to the perfect pull up set because it allows me to do more than just pull ups. I hope to see a difference on the course when spring rolls around.
  13. I have been doing the P90X workout for about 2 weeks now. It is pretty extreme. After the first few sessions I felt as though I could not wipe my own ass I was so sore but as time went on It has got to be fun and a challenge. I can not do the reps that Tony Horton does but I set my goals and try to improve on them each time. Being 42 years old and not a long hitter I thought it may help not to mention just staying in shape. I really like that the workouts are changed up from time to time and include yoga and streching. Anyone else tried this? So far so good for me.
  14. If you decide to sell your 5dx clubs let me know. I think they are what I am going to buy.
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