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  1. It's is natural to feel nervous/anxious before a tournament. What I do before any competitive event is yawn a lot. Yeah it's weird, but actually, yawning gets more oxygen into your blood much faster and basically calms you down. It works for Olympic athlete Apolo Ohno, and I feel that it actually does calm my nerves quite a bit.
  2. I am setting up a golf outing in order to raise some my for my high school golf team and am looking for some unique on course contests that would help to raise even more money. I know of closest to pin, longest drive, straightest drive, closest in two (par 5s), and longest putt, but am wondering if anyone has ever been part of an outing that incorporated anything different that you found particularly fun and memorable. Any suggestions with descriptions would be appreciated.
  3. I always wear a glove on every full shot. I take it off for putting, chipping, pitching, just about anything under 100 yards. I feel that it gives me more control of the delicate short shots when I am not wearing it.
  4. That was an extremely risky decision him and caddie "Bones" made. When he cleared the water, I knew there was no way that he was going to let the green jacket slip away. This is just how Phil plays, no guts no glory. Obviously he has all the glory in the world now.
  5. I have played on my high school team for the past three years, and have learned a few things. First practice. The official season and practices legally start in August, but nothing is stopping you from practicing all summer long. (Yes, practices are not allowed to start until August, but you cannot prevent the team from somehow showing up at the course at the same time and playing) The best teams in our section are those who "practice" from the end of May-August. jamo- I cannot agree more, format of high school golf matches can be nerve-racking. The more the players participate in ma
  6. Personally, I like "The Office" and "Family Guy" because they are histerical. "The Office" uses more smart humor, whereas "Family Guy" is just "stupid" humor, if you will. Wanted to see what show(s) everyone else liked and why.
  7. Check out some putters online and fine ones that you would be comfortable standing over during a round. Once you find a few that fit your eye, go to your local golf store or pro shop and test the putters out. Its really up to you, if you like the feel and look, you will sink more putts. Go with what you like. Good Luck finding one.
  8. Golf is a game of integrity and honesty. Anyone that finds a club and does not return it should not be considered a "true" golfer. Hey your only allowed 14 clubs, and stealing another is not only a penalty in golf, but you then have a club you have to get used to all over again. Just return the things.
  9. I use the interlocking grip. I feel that both hands are able to work as one better this way. I used to have the baseball grip, but that was when I just started and was not very consistant. Switching grips feels weird at first, but over time, you grow used to it and it feels really weird if you try to go back to the original. Whatever is most comfy and consistant, go with it.
  10. I do not really match up my bag with my clubs. I wanted a bag with 10+ full length dividers and plenty of pockets. I narrowed it down to 4 and the nike just happened to be the best fit. The clubs played a slight rule, but I could have easily gone with a callaway or sun mountain bag.
  11. I am an avid outdoorsman and sports player. Aside from golf, I love to hunt and be in the woods. I enjoy shooting and playing all sports with friends and family. Weightlifting is another thing that I love to do and really benefits my golf game. Nice Thread.
  12. Ask yourself these questions before buying a bag: Do I want a cart or stand bag? How many dividers do I want (5,6,7,8,11,14)? How many pockets would I like? How much am I willing to spend? www.tgw.com has a great way for narrowing down the choices by brand, number of dividers, and price. Perhaps answering a couple of these questions will allow others to offer their opinions also. As for the shoes, really it's up to you. If you are comfortable, you will play better (my opinion). Go to the store and try a few pairs on and get the ones that fit best. You cannot go wrong with FJs, but d
  13. At my school, it is like college where a student-athlete has four years of varsity eligibility. Perhaps J.B. Holmes was considered a member of the Junior Varsity team and therefore did not count towards any of his legal eligibility years. All in all, they probably found some loop hole around it so that he could play on the team, but he probably did not compete in the actual matches until he was in the ninth grade. P.S. That was a sick hole out he had yesterday in the Pro-am.
  14. I just read A Downhill Lie, A Hackers Return to the Game (non-fiction) by Carl Hiaasen and I loved it. I am not found of reading, but I was really intrigued by this book. It is both funny and intelligent. Good book and has comical stories that I'm sure many golfers can relate to. The title speaks for itself, but all the stories and events within the plot make it very interesting and fun.
  15. I am still in high school, but work part time at good old McDonald's. I really enjoy the money and can't wait to splurge on some upcoming golf purchases. It seems my life is school, work/lift weights, and golf.
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