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  1. I haven't played the RX but I play the B330-S and can tell you it is a great ball. I don't feel like I lose any distance off the tee and I can get tons of spin with these. I'm not sure if these are available in your area but Bridgestone sells a demo sleeve with one of each of their premium balls, it's your best chance to find out which one you like the most.
  2. The Noodles are an excellent ball for the price, I keep them in my bag as spares and they feel great.
  3. On 10 shots with my 6 iron I hit it pure about 6 or 7 times out of ten. Other shots go straight or hook but my pure shots are high and long with a slight draw. It depends on the club for me though, my driver is good but doesn't have a good feeling.
  4. My terrible putting is getting in the way of imporovement. I consistently 3-putt from any point on the green, my last round I only had one 1-putt and thirteen 3-putts! I would like to buy a new putter but I know that won't help, so please give me a drill I can spend an afternoon on the practice green with. Thanks!
  5. I hit my driver an average of 250-260 yards and can hit my 3woods 230 yards and straight easily. I will go for the green if the risk justifies the reward, one par 5 on my home course is too much of a risk because of sand and water around the green, but the last par 5 is a wide fairway with sand 100-150 yards out. It only makes sense for me to go for the green if I feel confident.
  6. When I was working in a golf store I wouldn't mind if customers brought in their old clubs to compare, as long as I didn't get the feeling they were just messing around. The simulator will pickup a slice if that's what you hit but it usually makes it out to be worse than it actually is.
  7. I'm looking to change my wedge setup to 54* and 58" (50* is part of set) but I'm not sure what bounce would suit me best for the 58*. My home course is a harder surface with not much sand, I'm more of a digger than a sweeper but I'm not super consistent about it either. Right now I'm looking at a wedge with 8* bounce. Thanks!
  8. Check out the Wilson Zip balls, I used to use ProV1's and switched to save money and haven't lossed any distance or feel. They're about $14/dozen, even less on sale.
  9. DuffMan

    Your Golf Grade?

    Driver D Slice, slice, slice, slice, slice; worked on it for countless hours last season until I recorded my swing and realized it was a swing flaw. Going inside outside and pull slicing at least 90% of my drives. Irons B+ I'm confident with my iron play and have been known to use irons off the tee for par 4's. Short Game C- Went from average to lously and not back up, definitely picking up Phil's DVD soon. Putter B On average I putt 34 times per round, which is just under 2 putts per hole. Overall C- I'm giving myself a low score because I have failed at fixing my problems over the past two seasons. Starting very soon I will be seriously training to become a single digit handicap, I have 3.5-4 months until the golf season begins.
  10. Being biased towards a single brand is the single worst thing a golfer can do, I know this because I was guilty of it. When I upgraded my set a couple years back I was so set on buying a certain brand that I disregarded how well I hit with other clubs and went with my loyalty. Now, I hate my clubs and finally realize that matching your driver, irons, wedges, balls, and bag is a terrible idea. The best thing anybody can do when trying out new clubs is to disrgard brand names and get what works best, unfortunately most people don't do this.
  11. I'd like to consider myself above average with my irons, driver is around 250 if it goes straight. I realize I have an awkward gap when I get to the wedges and it's something I have to work on this season if I want to lower my cap. Driver 250-260 3 Wood 230-240 3 Iron 205-210 4 Iron 195 5 Iron 185 6 Iron 175 7 Iron 165 8 Iron 155 9 Iron 140 P Wedge 120-140 G Wedge 100 S Wedge 80 Putter Haven't tested
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