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  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Need this laugh today. "Nozzle!" (Scream)
  2. Ha! I think former clinic students should get them sooner! ;)
  3. Beautiful!
  4. To the OP, I've been swinging with S&T; for over a year now, and striking it better than I ever have in my life. I've been to see an instructor (Steve Sieracki) and been to a clinic with Mike and Andy. In addition to what Iacas said, one of my issues when fat shots creep in is letting my right arm straighten too fast. Look at Charlie Wi and his right arm at impact as his hips push forward....
  5. If it is the right arm and not necessarily the wedge coming through, what is the fix? Maintaining pressure points?
  6. Had the same thing happen to me a coulpe of days ago after playing well recently. The fix for me: stop being lazy with my leg action and standing up through impact. What up Nick! Carlton
  7. Agree on Cahoon being challenging! But love that Bent grass. So cool to see a huge divot flying.... LOL Carlton
  8. Good stuff sir! I'm new to your site (although I lurked un-registered for a bit). :) Anyway, I began Stack and Tilt about a year ago and have improved in every area of my ball-striking and understanding of the game. I've followed your blogs on SnT and see your posts on Facebook. My first SnT lesson was with Steve Sieracki and Logan Terry, and went to a P&B; clinic last August. It's nice to find another Forum that is not hostile to S&T.; Thank you sir! Carlton
  9. I'm a pastor. Thanks so much for the great site!