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  1. My Swing (spc lewis)

    Thanks guys. I actually started re-reading "The Plane Truth" and that is why i am standing further from the ball and bent over like that. I guess maybe I went too far. Not Suprising. I tend to do that. My main issue is that when i first read the book last winter and tried to implent the ideas my ball striking improved greatly by not shifting my weight. But when i started taking lessons this spring that was the first thing my instructor wanted me to do. I really dont like the weight shift. So I wanted to go back to noweight shift one plane swing. So i will give a more upright stance a try with still trying to implement OPS theory. thanks again guys. I need to get better video.
  2. My Swing (spc lewis)

    Ok so i know the quality isnt anywhere near good. This is my swing. Over last winter I worked on the One Plane swing methods of jim hardy. I ran into issue when spring hit and took lessons from a local pro who wanted me to swing more upright and shift my weight. I didnt like it but I gave it a shot. I would like to give the ONe plane swing a try again. So this is my first day of going back to ops. there are no OPS instructors local to help me form this swing so i am going at it again myself. Thanks for any help. oh yea and the first swing ended with a good ball flight on target. the second shot flew a foot or two off the ground.
  3. Cheaters

    a friend and i took up golf at about the same time. he didnt like to count penalty strokes or would forget strokes here and there. then at the end of the round would talk trash if he won. now we talk trash a good bit so its acceptable unless you arent counting strokes. So what i started doing is anytime i knew he wasnt giving me an honest score i would just say something like..."well at the end of the day you'll know what your score was." He starting counting penalties and keeing track of his strokes. Now its a joke during casual rounds. on a real bad hole he'll give me some score lower than what he actually scored and say "at the end of the day i'll know my score". So that might be one way to handle it but only if there is something on the line. Bragging rights are always on the line with us.
  4. r7s vs mx200s

    thanks for the advice guys. I did get the mx200s with nippon shafts. they came in today and I leave this weekend for two weeks of National Guard training. Im hoping to get out before then to at least get a round in but i doubt I will. cant wait to get this training over with so i can get back to my real life....GOLF!!!!
  5. r7s vs mx200s

    OK so i found a dicks sporting goods that had mx200s in stock today. I did spend a little time hitting the 9 iron and the ball flight was very straight. even my bad mishits were respectable. the only problem i had was the ball flight seem very high. I lost 10-15 yards. now this was on an indoor simulator but it really worried me. could the shaft have anything to do with this. I dont remember what shaft was on this demo set. My r7s have more of a low running ball flight which I am alright with. I had wanted to get the ball up allittle more but the 9 iron i tried today was a little too high. but still the feel of the club was great
  6. r7s vs mx200s

    Thanks everybody. I am going to go to golf galaxy tomorrow and see if i cant swing the 200s pw or 8 iron. I was wowed the other day at the way i was swinging the 6 iron. I usually start to have issues from my 6 iron up through the longer irons. So i would like to see if i am wowed by feel of the shorter clubs as well. I have alot of work to put in with whatever clubs I have but I am really lusting over the irons.
  7. r7s vs mx200s

    when i swung the club today i fell in love. but i get like this when i "HAVE" to have something. I really liked the look and the much smaller clubface compared to the r7. I was hitting an old set of blades that a friend on mine had not to long ago and i loved the feel. you could really tell when you hit a solid shot. now i by no means need blades but i would like to move into something forged. oh and that buttery feel is a perfect way to describe it. thanks for your reply...my fiancé and wallet might now thank you but I am a member at a local course so at least i wont be buying clubs and then not have money to play. That sucks
  8. r7s vs mx200s

    Ok, so I currently own TM r7 draw irons. I bought them new but never had them fit. I went to a local clubfitter with my eye on the mizuno mx 200s. So we determined that standard club length and lie is good for me. I did try out the mx200s and i love the feel. I am in lust with these irons. He said he'd give me 150 for 8 r7 clubs. I dont need the 3 iron so i would only buy 4-pw...he quoted 612 for that. that puts the total at 462 plus tax. seems like a pretty good deal to me but my question is...Is it worth it, irons for irons? Will i benefit from the mizunos enough or should i stick with the r7s and wait till a later point to upgrade? Would you consider going from r7s which are game improvement to mx200 which are also game improvement, an upgrade? Thanks for any advice.
  9. simulators

    Does anyone else use full swing simulators during the winter?I joined a winter league here in Pa. Im wondering for those that do play on sims, how do your scores stack up to your normal scoring outside in real golf
  10. Putting Video

    here is that video I found. let me know if this helps. I have only just started to do this and I am by no means in a real position to be giving advice but it seems to work.
  11. Putting Video

    hope this helps. A little putting tip I found the other day which helped my putting greatly is to take the club away less than the follow through. So shorter backswing than your follow through. I practiced this yesterday for awhile and when i played on the full swing simulators last night I had 28 putts for 18 holes. now this is skewd by a few factors but my lag putting was spot on. dont know if this will help but maybe give it a try. Ill see if i can find the video i watched
  12. thats great. congrats. enjoy the bag
  13. Your first Birde, Eagle, Ace...

    Never had an eagle but i remember my first birdie. It was an uphill par4 . I had a horrible tee shot and second shot. I was about 50 yards from the green and somehow managed to pitch it in. But since the pin was well above me I didnt see go in. We searched for awhile for the ball before thinking to check the hole. I wish I had thought enough to keep the ball.
  14. Right or Left side dominance

    ok well this debate has me wanting to hit the range but I live in PA. So i have to wait until sunday when I hit the simulators. I have noticed that if I put most of my weight on my left leg my swing is more automatic. this is much like the one leg no weight shift drill. but when i center my weight I dont know what makes my swing tick.
  15. Right or Left side dominance

    I have been adopting more of a one plane swing(hardy) and i have been following jeff ritters youtube lessons and he talks about in the backswing. he talks about feeling like you are covering the logo on your shirt with your left arm in the backswing and covering it with your right arm on the follow through. I think this has made me use my right arm more conciously. I has helped but I think it might have been a band-aid. I am trying to get my swing grooved before all this snow melts so i can get off to a good start this season.