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  1. coachjimsc

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated. I prefer walking to riding for the exercise aspect. However most of my lowest scores have been while I was riding.
  2. coachjimsc

    How many courses have you played?

    I approximated 152. Which is more than I thought. Broke it down by state: NJ - 20 PA - 10 SC - 101 (most in Myrtle Beach) NC - 13 GA - 4 FL - 1 CA - 2 NV - 1
  3. coachjimsc

    My Swing (coachjimsc)

    Understood. When we first starting working on this a few years ago, it was helping a lot. The big issue was my lower back did not like it at all. So I had to stop focusing on that thought. I tried to do it again this past summer when my back was feeling good... same issue. So whether I'm doing it wrong or goat humping too much when I do it, not sure. At this point I just can't take that risk. Unless you have any other suggestions? 😀 Thanks Erik.
  4. coachjimsc

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    For me I will say underrated. Mostly because working out helps me be able to play more golf. The more I can play and practice the more I should be able to improve.
  5. coachjimsc

    My Swing (coachjimsc)

    After not being able to do much this fall/winter due to some nagging injuries. I pulled a calf muscle, acquired tennis elbow (from playing tennis for the first time in 11 years) and in general old age, I was able to get to the range this past weekend with the unusually nice weather for Jan. Continuing to work on the same stuff: • Higher hands and closer elbows on the B/S • More Ulnar deviation on the downswing • Rotate sooner to get shoulders/hips more open at impact. Posting these videos for a reference point going forward. These swings are not at full speed. Just trying to get some feels and see what it looks like.
  6. coachjimsc

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    I have to post a picture of this...because this never happens to me. I suck at fantasy golf. I can look back when I end up in 8th place and say oh I remember when. 😁
  7. coachjimsc

    Predict the 2019 Majors

    Players: Tiger Woods (-15)Masters: Rory McIlroy (-15)PGA Championship: Cameron Champ (-7)U.S. Open: Bryson DeChambeau (-1) British Open: Jon Rahm (-11)FedExCup: Bryson DeChambeau
  8. coachjimsc

    Which Tour Professional Has Influenced Your Game the Most?

    Tom Watson influenced my interest into the game. I never really followed golf or even watched it much. Didn't have a favorite golfer until I found out that we shared the same birthday. So I started to follow him some. Then the 1982 U.S. Open came around. The first golf event I ever watched from start to finish. I was hooked after that. I bought his short game book and the rest they say is history...lol.
  9. coachjimsc

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    Some of my favorite Ben Hogan quotes: Golf and tournament golf are as different as baseball and hockey. When I practiced, I practiced to get it right. I don’t believe there is anything like a natural golf swing. A golf swing is an unnatural thing, and it has to be developed. Golf is not a game of good shots. It's a game of bad shots. Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.
  10. coachjimsc

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I'm in the vastly overrated corner as well. I have a bad Mental Game so I practice making mental decisions at 50% speed until I can get it right. 😀
  11. I'd rather have @iacas be wonderful at managing the Newport Cup win than managing the Cup tour @mchepp. 😉
  12. coachjimsc

    Golfer's Christmas Presents 2018

    For the last few years I have been buying myself golf related Christmas gifts and giving them to various family members to wrap and give to me when we exchange. They love it and I get what I want. Win win. Also due to my older age I forget a lot of the time what I gave them so it ends up being a surprise when I get the presents back. 😉
  13. coachjimsc

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Congrats @phillyk!
  14. coachjimsc

    2019 Local Rule - 21.2 Maximum Score

    I used to be in the "as a pace of play factor" camp, until I played in a handicap no max score tournament this year. A guy in my flight had an 11 on a par 5 and I beat him by two shots I think. If they had the max score rule, I may have come in second to a fellow competitor that didn't finish a hole.

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