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  1. Compared to what @woodzie264? 6 months - It looks pretty damn good to me. Nice work. That is not an easy fix...actually nothing about changing your swing is easy. Well done.
  2. Haven't posted a swing update in a while. Now that my tournament season is over, its time to get some work in on some of my issues. I have been working on swinging the arms back with my pivot by using momentum. The more I pivot correctly the better my arms "find" their positions. I have always hated my right arm position at the top and it was verified by Dana that it was causing issues on the downswing. So this will be my main focus for most of the winter. There is also some Day 3 Covid Plan stuff in here from @iacas Long way to go.
  3. 1. How many times per year do you yell "fore" (either for yourself or someone else in your group)? 2. 1-4 2. What is your handicap level and those of the people you play with? 1-4 3. How holes on the course(s) you play most often have "danger areas" where a shot played from the tee or an approach shot that's hit off-line can land near an area where other golfers commonly are? 1. 0 The course I play most often is cut of the the woods so there are not really any holes that are next to each other. 4. How likely are you or the people you typically play with to yell "fore" when a ball has a chance to hit someone? 1-2
  4. Nailed it! Total guess based on number of + golfers per state.
  5. Shot 32 (-4) a couple times over the years in our league. Also shot 32 in two Elite Am events a few years back. Both front nines.
  6. Top 5 courses in my area that I have played: All private. Musgrove Mill Thornblade CC Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards Greenville CC (Chanticleer)
  7. Dang it right Dave. Can't you just stay one more day. 😉 I can't remember which unit is yours but I think one of our groups might be staying in it. So then you have to get out...lol. Would have been great seeing my yellow ball challenge partner.
  8. Just over 5 weeks before our group gets there.
  9. Yes I usually do check before I play. So far they have been pretty accurate. Sometimes the yardages are off some but not by much. The Preview Caddie has been helpful as well.
  10. Arccos Golf Dashboard Played in an Elite Am Tour event this past Saturday at the Links at Stoney Pointe. First time playing there and it was a very nice course that was in great shape. Greens were extremely undulating. Shot even par 72 and won low gross in the Senior Flight. I hit every green in regulation which I don't think I've ever done before in a tournament. Hit every club from a LW to a 6 iron.
  11. Yeah, I have to conserve the limited number of swings I can make in a day to actually hitting a ball. 😉 Would still love to get to your level someday Jerry. 🏌️‍♂️ MVP (Most Velocity Player) 👍
  12. Played in an Elite Am Golf Tour event on Saturday. Won the Low Gross in the Senior Flight with a 4 under 67. 5 birdies and 1 bogey. They had us playing from the senior tees at about 5600 yards so it was playing short. Next lowest score was 75. 😁 Drove it well and actually left a few out there. Missed 4 putts for birdie between 4 1/2 and 7 feet.
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