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  1. coachjimsc

    2019 Masters Lottery

    Haha Nope. Had to carry two poncho’s and was prepared for rainy, muddy and windy weather. When you win your tickets you can wear those jorts you have stashed in the bottom drawer.
  2. coachjimsc

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    We should change the title of this thread to be "The @jsgolfer Tournament Play thread." Good luck my friend.
  3. coachjimsc

    2019 Masters Lottery

    Over a month later and it is still an un-believable experience.
  4. coachjimsc

    2019 Masters Lottery

    There was a thread about it...
  5. coachjimsc

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    Ricky Fowler with palm tree trouble off the tee on #6.
  6. coachjimsc

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/coachjimsc/round/2079920 First league round of the year. 40 on the back. 7/7 Fw's, 4/9 GIR, 4 nGIR and 17 putts.
  7. Thanks for posting that for me @jsgolfer. We were in a hurry to get back in there. We were very lucky to be parked about 60 yards from where that picture was taken. So I was curious @iacas, has the NC ever been to the front gate of a major before?
  8. It's not too often a Newport Cup team member let alone an East (Blue hair) teammate comes within an hour of where I live to play golf. So of course I have to make an effort to play with him. And that’s exactly what @jsgolfer and I did at The Patriot Golf Club at Grand Harbor in Ninety Six, SC. I also brought the Newport Cup with me to take a few photo ops. My tee shot on the par 3 hole #4. 5 iron from 180 yds and missed the putt. 18th hole par 5. Our birdie putts. Jerry is closer. A great time and great company. Looking forward to seeing Jerry again soon. The next trip will be to meet up with @NCGolfer in the Charlotte area to play a round and pass on the Cup.
  9. coachjimsc

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Played a round yesterday with @jsgolfer and a buddy of his at The Patriot Golf Club at Grand Harbor. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/coachjimsc/round/2070317 Shot 76 first round of the year. 6600 yds par 72, Rating 72.1, Slope 136 Really good course that I had never played before. I'd like to have one tee shot back and one putt. Other than that pretty pleased overall and the back held up so that's a plus.
  10. coachjimsc

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Grand Harbor Yacht & Country Club, Ninety Six, SC Blue Tees, 6600 Yds First 18 hole round of the year with my good friend @jsgolfer 38-38-76 1 double and 2 birdies Great day on the course and a great time with Jerry and his best friend John.
  11. coachjimsc

    Is Bubba a HOF golfer currently?

    A list of current HOF members with 2 Masters as their only majors. A couple of things jump out at me. Horton Smith was a player and Bernard Langer only has a single PGA Tour victory. Bubba needs to get at least 15 wins to be in the conversation. Of course another major and he is in.
  12. coachjimsc

    Yardages Throughout the Bag

    Yes, trending toward Purple as the birthdays and back pain keep adding up.
  13. coachjimsc

    Yardages Throughout the Bag

    Negative. You just tag wherever the ball ends up and that's your distance.
  14. coachjimsc

    Yardages Throughout the Bag

    Based on my Game Golf stats, I am almost dead on bawls accurate with the Red.

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