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  1. My 2018 Masters Trip

    That's a helluva trip you have planned my friend. Hopefully the weather holds up for all of us that week.
  2. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Did he hit driver or 3W on #18?
  3. Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    PW is my 125 club for these circumstances.
  4. The NewportCup has arrived in South Carolina! Thank you @DaveP043 for shipping it so quickly. Looking forward to spending time with it. Sounds like an excellent plan Dave.
  5. Got My Masters Tickets

    Got my Saturday tickets over the weekend. Can't wait to take my dad. Weather is my only worry.
  6. Of course you'll be playing in it. Wouldn't expect anything different from the NC MVP!
  7. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Segments vote here.
  8. 2018 Honda Classic

    He can shoot +2 with trying as well. I think he makes the cut though.
  9. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    I thought your swing gets shorter as you get older? Except for VJ!
  10. The Hanger by Watson Golf

    I think it would be beneficial. You know it when it comes off of your forearm early. For myself, I have it attached while I'm working on my pivot. It seems to give you the feedback rather quickly. So i don't have to think about that part of my swing, especially the more I use it. For you I'd say go for it.
  11. The Hanger by Watson Golf

    I like mine a lot. It is helping me with external rotation of the right arm at the top. And with Key #3 Inline Impact If you flip, you know it immediately.
  12. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    We'll see if it sticks this week.
  13. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Yes sir. Forgot to save apparently.
  14. My Swing (coachjimsc)

    It attaches very securely. No issues with it moving while in use. Yes. Yes but does not seem to be an issue. It occupies less with the tag on it.
  15. My Swing (coachjimsc)

    I got a chance to get to the range last Sunday and work with one of my Christmas gifts...The Hanger. Also working on the Dana Dahlquist squat/turn drills. The device is helping me get the feeling of external rotation of the right arm in the backswing and downswing. Still need more flexion in transition before extending toward the goat.

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