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  1. View this round on GAME GOLF Played in my third tournament of the year this past Saturday. Shot 34-38 =72. 3 birdies, 3 bogies. Hit 14 GIR, 10 FW's and 32 putts. Came in second place. Got beat by one shot with handicap. The three putt on #3 got me. Other than that putted pretty well. Won a couple of skins and a CTP.
  2. Thank you sir. I believe this is my first victory. You know the blind squire thing.
  3. Maybe if you wore long pants instead of shorts it wouldn't have been so bad.
  4. • Gatorade/Water • Frogg Togg towel if hot out • Club towel wet on one end • Game Golf • Rangefinder • Two tees and coin/ball marker in right pocket • Snack or Protein Shake
  5. Range session last night. Working on the same stuff. Right arm structure at the top isn't too bad. Trying to squat/turn and get more open with shoulders at impact. Keeping butt on the wall better. 2016 on the right. Not keeping hips centered very well with the driver. This is one of those things that if I don't keep an eye on it slips right back to the old habit. Still not getting back into flexion and open as much as I do when I practice, but I'll just keep working on it.
  6. Thank you sir! It's always nice to get one there especially with the next two 200 yard par threes coming up.
  7. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/77065-post-your-game-golf-rounds/?do=findComment&comment=1426757 Played first round after updating the app. Still haven't received the new putter tag. It was improved. Got 7 of the 9 holes this time. Missed one chip shot and two tee shots. I'm going to hold off final judgement until I get the putter tag paired and see how it works. I did find it easier to edit my round on the phone instead of the computer.
  8. View this round on GAME GOLF Played a practice round for our company golf league last night. Shot 39 from the back tees. 1 birdie and 3 bogey's. Course was wet but I'm not going to complain when many of my golfing brethren still have snow on their courses. Hit it decent off the tee. Greens are very fast and can get away from you. Missed a couple of short ones that bounced in several directions.
  9. They told me to re-install the app, which I did. The firmware is now up-to-date. It loaded another 6 holes after I did that. They were still all screwed up though. The putter tag will not pair so they are sending me a new one. I'll be playing tomorrow, hopefully I'll get the tag tonight.
  10. I received a response from Game Golf Support: Good afternoon James, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The medallion firmware need to be updated from .76 to Please ensure the tags are also up to date: > Tap Pro > Tag Manager > Tap each tag to update firmware Kind regards. I did all of the above and after updating the medallion firmware it did not update to I also re-paired all the club tags and the putter tag would not pair. I sent them another response so we'll see what they come up with next.
  11. Yeah I'm past the 30 days. So we'll what the response is. I'm 99% sure I want my money back unless there is a complete turnaround...which is doubtful. Although I really like hitting my Sand Wedge 468 yards and 8 iron 663.
  12. Played with my Game Golf Pro for the third time on Saturday. So far this device is not meeting expectations. Not even close. In three rounds it has yet to record a single putt. It only recorded 4 of the 18 holes played in my last round. Similar results for my other rounds as well. When it does record a swing, it also records most of the practice swings taken. Misses virtually all shots around the green. I have sent them an email stating all of the above and more. Anxiously waiting for their response.
  13. View this round on GAME GOLF Played in my first tournament of the year this past Saturday. Weather was great. This is the only course in our area that over seeds fairways, greens, tee boxes and around the fringe. Other than the greens still being dormant and the course wet it was in good shape. I decided this year to move up a flight and play with the young dudes (49 and under). They play from one tee back from the old guys. I won enough in the senior flight over the last few years so I’ll see if I can win against the limber backs. Plus I might be playing in an event later this year that I need to get prepared for. 😉 I shot 41-41 82. Did not hit it well off the tee. I had 8 putts from 5-9 feet and made one. The short game was giving myself decent looks just couldn’t convert. It was good to get the first tournament out of the way. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully will get more practice in if the rain holds off.
  14. Can be seen right there in my avatar. 😀
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