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  1. Golf Goals for 2019 Results Backswing: Do not let the club shaft cross the line at the top of my backswing with the driver. Get more external with right arm on the way back and keep elbows closer together. Also, better wrist conditions at the top. Still a work in progress. I took an online lesson with Dana Dahlquist and he gave me a different priority piece to work on. I wasn’t turning my shoulders enough and I need to get my hands more in front of my sternum at P3. Which also helps get my right arm more external. Downswing: Get into flexion way sooner from the top to keep from early extending the hips. Rotate earlier. I could not get into flexion from where my hips were on the top of the swing. Must get hips more centered first. Overall swing: Increase Clubhead speed from max on course 104mph to 108mph using SuperSpeed Golf program. After starting the program, I did not last very long before I had some back issues. I did however make some good gains by working on the new priority piece. (more shoulder rotation) Plus 14 yards with the Driver (same club from 2018) and slightly better accuracy. Where have I heard that before?? Putting: I changed to the Claw grip at the end of last season. Played in a couple of captain’s choice events and putted very well with it. Bought a Putting Arc and have been practicing putts inside of 10 feet. I bought a Blast Motion Sensor and that has made a big difference in my putting. I hit over 4000 putts with it and the results were very good for me. Dropped from -3.77 strokes gained to -1.22 in that time frame. Personal: Hopefully be selected to the 2019 Newport Cup East team. (Incomplete) 2020? Win at least one day at our annual Talamore (Pinehurst) trip in August. (Achieved) Come from behind victory on Saturday. Made a 5-foot birdie on #9 (last hole) at Mid South to tie. Then won on a scorecard playoff. Win or place in at least one Elite Golf Am Tour event. (Achieved) Second place finish in the 49 and under flight. (I’m 57)
  2. I'm in. I checked my rounds last year (2019) and birdied half the holes in 14-1/2 rounds played. My goal this year then is to birdie at least that many and a few more. Birdieing all would be quite the accomplishment.
  3. My 7 irons from the fairway over the last two years. 7 in for #1 and 6 in for #2. I'll go with the percentages and say #1. #2 would probably end up being a guide swing anyway.
  4. He choose hitting his max driver distance for life over holing all his putts inside 10 feet. 😉 Good choice. 😀
  5. LCP: -Get invited to play at private clubs and high end golf courses that you could never get on or afford to pay for yourself. LCB: -Other high handicap golfers don't like to play with you because they feel too much pressure and you're always watching them. (actually had someone tell me this)
  6. 160 rounds played, 164 3-putts. 1.02 per round.
  7. At first I was going to say hole every putt inside 10 feet. Then I decided to do the comparison with an actual round I played in August at Mid Pines in Southern Pines, NC. View this round on GAME GOLF I shot 79. Had 7 putts from 3-9 foot range. Made 3 and missed 4. Based on that alone I would shoot 75. My Game Golf longest drive for my last 160 rounds is: Then I did a spreadsheet of 323 yard drive vs. Actual drives hit. Looking at this I would be on three of the Par 5’s in two and a decent chance to be on all four. I was 3 over on those on my actual drives and would be at least 3 under on the 323 yd drives. That’s 6 strokes right there. I was 1 over on the Par 4’s from my drives. On the 323 yd drives the farthest out I would be is 77 yds and be on the green twice. I wouldn’t make many if any bogies from those yardages. I gave myself a few birdies from the closer ones and the ones I drove the green. That would put me at 6 under for the Par 4’s. 12 strokes total. I know this is only one round but geezz, for me that’s not even close. 323 yard drives for the rest of my life. Woohoo
  8. 9 hole rounds - 19 18 hole rounds - 25 Almost all of those 9 hole rounds are league or after work rounds.
  9. I'm hitting about 11-12 greens on average according to my Game Golf. Of those I very rarely hit one "pure". They end up okay but if it is not solid and not on my intended start line I do not list that under pure. Same thing with the driver. If I aim down the right side of the fairway and I pull it 25 yards left but still ends up in the fairway with good distance I don't consider that pure either. As @iacas said direction does count as does what I intended to do. But to me the category of a "pure shot" is very personal. Thanks for thinking I was modest @ChetlovesMer. 😉
  10. I voted 1-3. Most of mine are with the driver.
  11. I'm certainly not "new blood" but I'm in. Thanks for putting this together @gogolfing. It does keep me interested in some of these lesser events.
  12. I actually did this with @iacas at the 2017 Newport Cup on the Mid South putting green before the round. I wanted to make sure my level was accurate because the new shoes we had received were giving me a little different feel than my old shoes. He was dead on with all the measurements. (I was impressed ) It just took a short practice session to re-calibrate with my new shoes.
  13. As I sit here at Talamore Resort, the home of the 2017 NC, that stinks. Maybe next year or 2021.
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