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  1. My Swing (coachjimsc)

    Absolutely. I actually do some full speed swings adding some speed to the ds rotation. That was my plan as far as the ss goes. I'll check out some of those swing speed drills. Yes, but currently as soon as I start trying to swing faster the goat humping goes into full force and I hit some foul balls. (See 9th hole Talamore on Fri. and 18th tee MS on Sat) That's the work I plan on doing this winter. Squat/turn faster and faster to gain a few MPH. A little background. My driver ss dropped after I got Game Golf a few years ago (2015). I went back and checked on all my tournament rounds where I had hit bad tee shots and every one of them I was trying to swing hard. I was losing these tournaments because of a few bad drives. So I decided to back off some with my driver tee shots and keep them in play. I wasn't playing particularly long courses so it didn't cost me too much. Next year 3 wins in a row. To your point though, I have went too far and need to get some speed back. I agree 100%. I just want to make sure I go about it the right way.
  2. My Swing (coachjimsc)

    More drill work yesterday. Trying to get a little more vertical with the shaft on the backswing. Then a flat left wrist at the top and more external rotation of the right shoulder. Of course more squat/turn on the downswing. This is a fuller swing at maybe 50% before I watched the video. This was after I watched the video... This is with driver. Same stuff. The long irons and driver are the hardest clubs to implement the squat/turn piece. Not a surprise there. My plan is to increase the speed gradually in every session only if my form stays intact. Also since I have been doing the squat/turn drill, my back has been feeling really good. I got through 90 holes of the Newport Cup with no issues. My totally untrained guess is the "goat humping" was not doing my back any favors.
  3. Ratings (out of 5): Lodging Quality: 4 Value: 5 Location: 5 Talamore Villas: The villas we stayed at were conveniently located within walking distance to the clubhouse and restaurant. We stayed in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath unit. The rooms were pretty spacious for 6 people. Our bedroom had plenty of floor space to keep all of our goodies spread around. The closets had enough room for two people to store their stuff together even though there were two separate closets. Right @NCGolfer? I found the beds themselves to be pretty comfortable for rental units. Much more than the ones we stay at in Myrtle Beach. Nice large flat screen TV’s in the living room and the bedrooms. A nice large table in the living room along with 3 person couch and 2 comfy chairs. There was also a dining room that was used mostly for bag storage The kitchen was spacious and well equipped even though we didn’t really use it other than the fridge. The continental breakfast on Thursday was adequate. The buffet breakfast on the weekend had plenty of options and the food was hot and good. Enough to fuel us up for the morning rounds ahead. The Pig Pickin was held at the Pavilion on Thursday evening and was an added bonus. With plenty and I mean plenty of food and drinks to fill you up after a long day. The Pavilion itself was very nice. It was a great place to hang out after our rounds and lie about your golf game. It had a fireplace that separated the two areas and two flat screen TV’s and enough seating as well. The resort area is centrally located so we didn’t have to drive more than 15 mins to go anywhere for dinner, food shopping or ice cream. A very nice change from the congestion we find at the beach. The only negative experienced I had was the last night someone had moved in the unit above us and we heard every single step they made, the floor was creaking and cracking. Talamore Golf Course Quality: 4.5 Value: 4 Conditioning: 4.5 Layout: 4.5 Setting: 5 We played two rounds at Talamore. A best ball on Thursday and an alternate shot format on Friday. The course was in very good shape. The greens were firm and fast. The green complexes themselves were quite large. I ended up with some really long putts. The slope on the greens were also tricky. Some very large slopes but also many little subtle slopes that were hard to feel. Only complaint on condition is the bunkers were a bit fluffy. But they had been redone recently and just needed more time to firm up. I thought the layout of the course was very good. Fairly generous room off the tees. Well bunkered. Nice mix of reachable par 5’s and short and long par 3’s and 4’s. I liked the par 3 5th hole. It is a downhill tee shot that featured two different tee boxed that were 90 degrees apart. Very creative. The par 3 number 15 was playing between 210-215 yds both days. Very challenging but fair. The 18th hole is a great finishing hole that has a force carry over water. Risk reward hole with how much you wanted to bit off of your second shot into the green. The 16th hole would have been one of my favorite holes except for both of my partner’s tee shots ended up running through the middle of the fairway and into the rough. Not sure why the fairway would stop there and then start again 20yds farther on a longish par 4. Seemed like they could have continued to cut the fairway and connect it to the other one. Other than that, not much else to complain about course wise. We had lunch at the Talamore clubhouse restaurant/snack bar on Thursday before heading to Mid South. They had the pre made sandwiches chips and hotdogs on the menu. Was an ordinary lunch nothing stood out. Mid South Golf Course Quality: 5 Value: 4 Conditioning: 5 Layout: 5 Setting: 5 We played 3 rounds at Mid South. Alternate shot on Thursday, best ball on Friday and the all-important singles matches on Saturday. This was my favorite course of the two and probably in my top 5 of courses I’ve ever played. Mid South was also in excellent shape, especially considering it had only been reopened for about a month. The greens were also firm and fast. It had nice elevation changes. Not something you find much on beach courses. Nice mix of dogleg lefts and rights. A few tight tee shots as well. #7 being a good example. Bunkers on the left and trees and water on the right. A big part of how I rate courses are how the par 3’s and par 5’s play. I like a good variety, short and long par 3’s, reachable and not reachable par 5’s. Mid South hit a home run in all of these areas. The par 3 third hole played about 175ish slightly uphill that had a very undulating green. You can hardly see any of the putting surface from the tee. Pin placement made this a difficult par from anywhere on or around the green. The par 3 sixth hole over water and rocks played anywhere from 135 to 170 yds with a severely sloping green from back to front. The finishing stretch of holes 15-18 are as good as I have experienced. The 15th hole is a reachable par 5 that is downhill from your second and third shots if you layup, which is no bargain. Bunkers down the left and one right of the green make it a tricky up and down if you end up there. The 16th hole is a 370 yd par 4 with a generous landing area off the tee. The second shot leaves you with a short iron into a sloped green from back to front with rocks and water looming in front of the green that definitely gets in your head. The 17th hole was the most difficult par 3 of them all. Playing about 175-188 yds to an elevated green that was well guarded by a bunker in the front and hazard on the right and was also severely sloped from front to back. The 18th hole is one of the better finishing holes I’ve ever played. A 400 yd downhill par 4 that has water all the way down the right side and crosses over in front of the green. There is also a fairway bunker down the right side. Depending on how well you hit your tee shot, you could have anywhere from 130 to 170 yd second shot left over water and rocks into the green. Very intimidating second shot because you will not have a flat lie going into the green. Lots of mounds and slopes on the fairway that go from left to right. What a great finishing hole, especially in match play and for the challenge ball as well. The only negative was the lunch situation that has been mentioned by others. I was unfortunately one of the guys who had to have my lunch brought out to the driving range. Seems like we caught them off guard with the size of our group. But when I did get the food (chicken wrap) it was quite good. In summary, this was the best golf event I have ever been a part of and second place is not even close. From the golf venues to the accommodations, atmosphere, quality and the area as a whole. Just outstanding. I enjoyed it so much that I have convinced my group of 28 golfers to change our location from the Legends at Myrtle Beach to the Talamore golf resort next August. They gave us a really good deal to stay 3 days and 3 nights with 3 rounds of golf for just a few dollars more than we pay at the beach. You have to understand that this is a monumental decision for us. Our annual trip to Myrtle Beach has been going on every year since 1981. I am the third organizer in that time. I took over in 2001. The original organizer still plays with us at age 79. This is a big deal for us to change venues and I believe it will be well worth it.
  4. Reviews - Frogger Golf Accessories

    Ratings (out of 5): Latch-It System Quality: 4.5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 5 Innovation: 5 The Gear (Towel, Brush, Phone Holder, and Gear Holder) Quality: 4.5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 5 Golf Bag Latch-It: The Latch-it system from Frogger is a unique magnet system that attaches to your golf bag by a threaded knob and a U shaped clamp with teeth on the inside that fits over the top outside edge of your golf bag. I was able to turn the knob quite a few times to secure it to my bag and it is not going anywhere. The Latch-it clip is compatible with all of the Frogger items we received. TRAX Golf Towel: The golf towel I owned has a hole in the middle and is draped over my umbrella handle. I never take it off because it is cumbersome to get on and off and the towel itself is large. The Frogger Trax Golf Towel comes with the Catch Latch technology attached to the towel and works in conjunction with the Latch-it system that I fasten to my golf bag. It makes it very easy to get on and off so I can take it to the green with me or on an approach shot where there is wet grass. Now don't have to keep a wet towel in my pocket to clean my golf ball or club. The towel is thinner and lighter than other towels I have and seems very durable. My dad really liked it when I showed it to him, especially the magnetic latch-it system. I have ordered him one for Christmas. Rangefinder Latch-It: This is one swag item I will definitely be using on my push cart and golf cart. The Rangefinder system has two pieces, one is a Velcro strap that goes around your rangefinder and the other one wraps around the windshield post or a post on your push cart. As you can see in the video, the magnetic system holds the rangefinder securely in place. When it is unlocked (orange not showing) it will not come out unless you pull on it perpendicularly to the magnet. When it is locked (orange visible) it will not come out at all. I drove down a bumpy cart path with it unlocked and you can see it does not disengage with the magnet attached to the post. Even when I smacked it around pretty hard with my hand it did not come loose. Impressive. I usually put my rangefinder in one of the cup holders in the cart. Using this system will now open up one of those spots for more drinks. Brush and Groove Cleaner: The brush and groove cleaner we received from Frogger has both soft bristles on the outside and metal bristles on the inside which gives you more scrubbing power to get out dirt and grass. The Groove Cleaner is a nice feature to help get anything out of the grooves that the brush could not. Again very easy to get off and on. Less cumbersome than having it permanently attached to your bag. You can see in the video that the brush does a pretty good job of cleaning out the dirt. Phone Latch-It: The Phone holder from Frogger is also part of the latch it system. My Samsung S7 was held in there quite well even with the case on it. I will keep this one locked-in most of the time as a piece of mind. The only thing I can say negative about it is that I was hoping to attach it to the golf cart and make a Vlog with it. However it does not have a hole in the back to allow the camera to be exposed. I could always cut a hole out myself but not sure if I would hurt the structure of the unit. Before receiving these Frogger items at the Newport Cup I had only heard of the Frogger towels. I had no idea they had all of these other golf accessories. I have to say I am quite impressed and am looking forward to using them for years to come.
  5. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/coachjimsc/round/1930700 Play 9 holes this past Saturday. Weather was great and I had a gift certificate I had to use by the end of the year. First round played since the NC. 37 on the back nine with 1 birdie and 2 bogies. 6 gir, 6 fw's and 16 putts.
  6. How long is your golf commute?

    2.8 miles I can get there in 4 minutes.
  7. My Swing (HozzleRocket)

    Also try to get video of yourself attempting the change to verify your feels verses what is actually happening. Good luck.
  8. My Swing (HozzleRocket)

    At what speed did you attempt the flattening of the shaft? Full speed, 50%, 10%? Great thread here about how to make a change.
  9. Still working on the same stuff from my last My Swing video. Hitting a 7 iron off a mat a little bit longer than in the videos. About the same speed though. "Squat turn" coming along very well at slow speeds.
  10. Reviews - Headcovers by Delilah

    Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Durability: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 We received an alignment stick covers from Headcovers from Delilah. This is the first time I have ever seen a headcover for alignment sticks. The Delilah cover looks of high quality premium like leather and feels very soft. They are lightweight and durable. It gives you club head protection from the usual exposed end of the sticks as well. I only put the alignment sticks in my bag when I walk from my car to the driving range. Otherwise they just stay in my trunk. In the past I received a bad scratch on the inside of my elbow that left a scar from picking up the bag and catching it on the end of the stick. With these headcovers that will not be the case any longer. Especially when the protective end inevitably comes off the sticks and exposes the sharp edges. I have 15 pockets in my bag so it will have its own place to stay and not get caught up with the other clubs around it. The embroidery of the Newport Cup logo was a welcomed touch and seems to be of excellent quality. Something that will remind me of the great week we had at Southern Pines, NC in 2017.
  11. Ping Golf Clothing Ratings (out of 5): Hat: Quality: 5 Value: 4 Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Shirts: Quality: 5 Value: 4 Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Pants and Shorts: Quality: 5 Value: 4 Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 The Ping apparel we received at the Newport Cup included: 2 pair long pants one pair of shorts 3 short sleeve shirts One hat. Hat: The Ping Fairway Cap we received is an adjustable hat with a leather strap on the back. I prefer the adjustable hats over the fitted kind because I have a small head. The Navy performance linen material has a nice look to it. I do not own another hat that looks like this one. And I own quit a few hats. It is lightweight and breathable. The stamped leather logo has a classic look to it and stands out from the others. This is a high quality hat that I look forward to wearing for many years. Shirts: The Ping Newman (navy/midnight), the Lincoln (midnight) and the Karsten (midnight) These are high quality shirts as is usually the standard with any Ping apparel. They are lightweight and breathable. I usually don’t wear dark colors shirts on sunny days because they are often too hot against my skin. I have to say there were no issues with these shirts when it got warmer in the afternoons. The seam on the Newman didn’t bother me at all. Probably because I’m not quit as big as some of the other guys. So the fit was a bit looser on me. TST/NC logo is the perfect size, big enough to get noticed but not too big. I ended up giving the Karsten to my dad because he likes pockets on his shirts. Pants/Shorts: We received the Ping Lennox Trouser (asphalt/navy) and the Blakely shorts (Dark Charcoal) I own a couple of high end golf pants and have to say the Ping Lennox Trousers are slightly better. These pants fit me very well. Might be a tad long but that does not bother me all that much. The thin stretchy material feels great against the skin and have zero restrictions in mobility. They are very comfortable to where anytime and they look great. I have worn both of these pants to work every week since the NC and they will be staying in my rotation for some time. The shorts were one size bigger than I normally fit into but that did not seem to be a problem. There were as light and comfortable as any shorts I own. Both the pants and the shorts have the Gripper Tape inside the waistband to help keep your shirts tucked in. That’s a big deal for me. I hate when my shirt comes undone while playing golf. The Ping apparel was a home run for me. They are pricier than some other brands but their quality is unmatched.
  12. Absolutely! I spend the majority of my practice using 65/20/15. I may practice more on my putting from time to time because it is a glaring weakness compared to the rest of my game.
  13. Reviews - Mission Canvas Belts

    Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 4.5 Effectiveness: 5 Durability: 5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 The Mission Canvas Belts is the item I have used the most of all the goodies we received at the Newport Cup. The blue team received two canvas belts, one a gray color and the other one slate blue. I have worn one of the two almost daily since then. TST logo was a nice added touch. They are great belts. The ratchetting design system of the belt is something I have never used before. I always seem to be caught between two holes of other belts I own. This system allows you to find the correct tightness for your current needs. A little snug in the morning or a little looser after a hefty lunch. These are high quality belts that look great.. The ratchetting mechanism is well made. The only down vote I could give it is the release button doesn’t always work smoothly when trying to release it. Most of the time is works well. Maybe because it is still relatively new and it will work itself out down the road. I really like the Mission Belts. So much so that I am going to order another color for myself and I will be getting one for my dad and my son for Christmas.
  14. Ratings (out of 5): Hybrid 2.0 Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 4 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Fusion 2.5 Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Hat Clip Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Just another in the long line of goodies we received at the Newport Cup this year were two PitchFix repair tools and a ball marker hat clip. Hybrid 2.0 The Hybrid 2.0 has a switchblade design that has a stout spring action that pops the forks out quickly. It has a perforated design on the outside for better gripping. The two fork design is okay but I thought they might be a little too wide. Especially on the firm greens that we played. It has a standard size ball marker magnetically attached that held on well. It also has some weight and thickness to it so you know where it is in your pocket. The one complaint I would have with the 2.0 compared to the Fusion 2.5 is the actuator button protrudes just above the surface and makes it a little harder to actuate. Fusion 2.5 The Fusion 2.5 also has a switchblade design. It has a smoother exterior than the 2.0 but holding it didn’t seem to be a problem. The 2.5 also has a stout spring action. The actuator button sticks out slightly higher than the 2.0 and makes it a little easier to open. The one feature of the Fusion 2.5 that makes it different from any other divot repair tool I have ever seen is the 3 pronged design. Very innovative. We tested it on the putting green at Mid South the first day. You actually push the prongs straight into the middle of the divot and pull up slightly. Hardly leaves a mark on the green. It works really well on firmer greens like the ones I am used to playing on. The pencil sharpener is a great idea. Don’t know how many times you get into a golf cart only to find a busted pencil or one that is so dull in won’t print on the scorecard. Not a problem now. Hat Clip I have used a hat clip in the past until one time I swatted at a bee while I was on the green and went to grab the ball marker and it was gone. Apparently it flung off when I was swatting at the bee. So I haven’t used one since. The magnet on the Pitchfix hat clip is much stronger than the ones I’ve used before. I used it for the entire 90 holes of the Newport Cup and will be using it going forward. It was nice not having to shuffle thru my pocket trying to find my ball marker.
  15. Reviews - TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro

    TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro Shoes Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 4.5 Effectiveness: 5 Comfort: 5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 To me this was one of the top swag items we received at the Newport Cup. Fit: One of the most important things about any shoe you buy is fit. If it does not fit well nothing else really matters. This is especially true in golf shoes. I gave two shoes sizes when I was asked about size. I have one shoe that I wear is a 9.5 and the other is 8.5. So Erik went between the two with a 9.0 and it turned out to be the correct choice. I liked the rounded toe on the front of the shoe. It gives my toes plenty of room. They were just a bit snug at first as with any new shoes they usually loosen up after some use. Which was exactly the case here. By the end of the first day the TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro shoes fit perfectly. Comfort: That next most important thing for me with any shoe is comfort. These shoes are very comfortable. There is nice cushioning in the heal area which is an important factor for me. Playing 90 holes of golf over three days we did plenty of walking even having carts. After that much playing and the end of 36 holes a day you usually can’t wait to get your golf shoes off. But surprisingly enough that was not the case. I had no issues with blistering, rubbing or even tired feet that you can get with some other brands. No need for a break-in period with the TRUE Linkswear. Effectiveness: These shoes are light weight, breathable and have a waterproof mesh top. The shoe perform very well in the dewy conditions in the early part of the morning rounds. My feet and socks never got wet or sweaty. No slipping or sliding on the tees or on the side hills of the greens. So traction was never a problem. My feet held firmly in all conditions. Esthetic Appeal: These shoes are very stylish. I am also a big fan of the color. They definitely stand out. There is not another golf shoe out there that looks anything like the TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro. The extra pair of shoe laces that are a different color added to the style as well. You can make these shoes look completely different. If you are in the market for a new high quality golf shoe, I would definitely give the TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro a try.

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