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  1. Dave has had it for several weeks. I think he posted about it somewhere.
  2. coachjimsc

    Clubs You're Most Likely to Replace Before Next Season?

    I will be replacing my 50 deg GW and probably my 58 deg LW as well. I did quite a bit of practice with the 58 this year and it's starting to get a little worn. My putter is always on the trading block.
  3. coachjimsc

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    I'm in. Thanks @gogolfing for setting this up.
  4. Yeah, I was really hoping me and @NCGolfer could meet up for some golf in Charlotte and exchange the cup. Unfortunately we couldn't get our open dates to jive.
  5. coachjimsc

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday @RandallT have a great day.
  6. Day 28 Hit pitches around the house at lunch from 10 to 40 yards out of the rough. After work did some speed work and right arm external rotation drills with driver and 8 iron in front of a mirror. Putted on plane board from 5 feet.
  7. Day 27 Hit 25 and 50 yard pitch shots out of the rough at lunch. Went to the putting green after work and hit some chips with the LW. Worked on putting from 4, 6 and 8 feet.
  8. coachjimsc

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/coachjimsc/round/2346649 Final warm-up before the Talamore trip. Shot 75, 3 birdies, 6 bogeys, 10/14 FW's, 13/18 GIR, 33 putts. Took me a few holes to get the speed down. Greens were slower than they looked, which I always struggle with. Hit my driver and irons about as good as I could hit them. Had a few holes that my irons went shockingly long on. Wind was not a factor. Short game was eh. I still struggle with picking the right landing spot and trajectory. Even though I practice this a lot, still tough for me to take it to the course.
  9. Day 26 Played 18 today. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/coachjimsc/round/2346649 Shot 75 with too many 3 putts. Hit the ball well both off the tee and approach shots.
  10. Day 25 Went to the range this morning. Hit lw, gw, 8 iron and 5 iron. Then hit the putting green and worked on pitches out of the rough. Long putts and did the circle drill with 4, 6, 8 footers.
  11. Day 24 Worked on 25 and 50 yard pitch shots at lunch. Hit some from varying distances to help with feel. Went to the range after work, went thru the bag working on start lines. Simulated hitting tee shots at Talamore and Mid South. Chipped and putted working on long putts and inside 6 feet.
  12. The Full Moon – Seafood restaurant is the probable choice.
  13. Thanks. We have the pig pickin on Thursday. We're going to Etalia on Friday. One of the guys uncles lives down there and recommended a few places for Saturday.
  14. Thanks @DaveP043. There are only 8 of us playing there. The rest didn't want to pay that fee. They will be playing at Legacy.
  15. Heading back to the scene of the 2017 Newport Cup at Talamore and Mid South 1 week from today. Playing a practice round on Thursday at Pine Needles. We have a group of 28 players. Really, really looking forward to it.

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