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  1. Received this email yesterday as I was a Game Golf Pro user: Dear James! We trust this finds you well during this unprecedented time and its impact on the global economy. As a valued customer, we are excited to inform you that Game Golf has been acquired by Inpixon (Nasdaq: INPX), a world leader in indoor intelligence. When we launched the initial offering of Game Golf Pro to the marketplace, we were excited about the evolution of the Game Golf product line and how golfers will benefit from the new technology. However, we experienced some major business challenges that led to
  2. Shot 74 in an Elite Am Tour event last Saturday. 3 birdies, 5 bogeys. Took Low Gross and one skin in the Champions Flight (50+) 15/18 Gir, 11/14 Fw, 36 putts. Drove it very well. Irons were okay. 3 three putts all from longer distances up some severe slopes. Still missed too many putts inside of 10 feet.
  3. It's an Odyssey I made from this long putter. Had the shaft changed and new grip put on it. Could never get comfortable with the long one with the split grip. Arm Lock seems to be more stable on shorter putts. I still suck with speed. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I voted to continue to allow because I am currently using it. 😁
  5. Pick off 3 birdies on an away course Weds. Not sure how much I'll be playing the home course this year. Working from home permanently now so the golf league wont be playing there every week.
  6. 1, 2 and 4. Agree with @boogielicious.
  7. I voted No. I think all penalty areas should be S&D. Eliminate confusion and several pages of the rule book. 😄
  8. As I get older the hotter the better for me. My cutoff for playing is about 50 deg. If its windy even higher.
  9. 4 day trip in Crossville, Tenn in May. Home | Lake Tansi 2021 4 day trip to Pinehurst/Southern Pines, NC in August. Home | Pinehurst 2021
  10. I actually achieved this scenario last year in a tournament. Stoney Point in Greenwood, SC. Average was 23.2 feet. I played pretty conservative being it was the first time I played the course. Had one 1 putt and one 3 putt. So I voted 25 feet.
  11. I am still with you @boogielicious. Maybe we can start our own Not So Superspeedsters thread.
  12. Video of me doing the takeaway correctly and still photo of the setup I posted.
  13. Negative Hepp. Was hoping it might show up on Youtube somewhere. 😉
  14. I was fortunate enough to this past weekend to get a lesson with the AMG guys. Getting measured on the GEARS system is a real eye opener. I have been having issues with hooks and pulls and consistent center face contact. EE has always been an issue as well. First thing we addressed was setup. I was curious to see where I was with this as I have seen in their video how that can greatly affect your Early Extension. As it turned out I was pretty much where I thought I would be…center of hips too far out behind my ankles. What was surprising to me was what I had to do to get the hip
  15. @jsgolfer if you end up retiring at one of the Keowee properties, you will get sick of seeing and playing golf with me. 😉🏌️‍♂️
  16. 49 rounds played. About 5 nine hole rounds. Most 18 hole rounds I have played in 25 years. 8 courses were new. • 24. Harbor Town Golf Links • 23. Eagles Pointe GC • 22. The Walker GC at Clemson University • 21. Mid South GC • 20. Legacy Golf Links • 19. Pine Wild - Holly • 18. Tobacco Road GC • 17. The Carolina CC • 16. Furman University GC • 15. The Rock at Jocassee • 14. Stoney Point GC • 13. Lake Tansi Village CC • 12. Bear Trace at Cumberland Mountain • 11. Stonehenge GC • 10. Carolina Springs GC • 9. W
  17. Yeah I was going to say 90% then I checked my actual numbers. Like most things in golf, what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing are usually different. 😉
  18. After checking my Arccos numbers from my last 49 rounds: 60 shots from 11-40 yards LW(58) - 30 shots SW(54) - 22 shots GW(50) - 8 shots
  19. Compared to what @woodzie264? 6 months - It looks pretty damn good to me. Nice work. That is not an easy fix...actually nothing about changing your swing is easy. Well done.
  20. Haven't posted a swing update in a while. Now that my tournament season is over, its time to get some work in on some of my issues. I have been working on swinging the arms back with my pivot by using momentum. The more I pivot correctly the better my arms "find" their positions. I have always hated my right arm position at the top and it was verified by Dana that it was causing issues on the downswing. So this will be my main focus for most of the winter. There is also some Day 3 Covid Plan stuff in here from @iacas Long way to go.
  21. 1. How many times per year do you yell "fore" (either for yourself or someone else in your group)? 2. 1-4 2. What is your handicap level and those of the people you play with? 1-4 3. How holes on the course(s) you play most often have "danger areas" where a shot played from the tee or an approach shot that's hit off-line can land near an area where other golfers commonly are? 1. 0 The course I play most often is cut of the the woods so there are not really any holes that are next to each other. 4. How likely are you or the people you typically play with to yell "fore
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