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  1. RBIs As in RBIs are an overrated stat. But that's for a different discussion.
  2. GO CUBS GO! That playoff game was crazy. I was at the Cubbie bar in my town and it was awesome, just all the excitement. Now time to take on the Cardinals....down 1-0 right now but I'm not really worried. This is really fun, especially after the 4 years it took to build up the organization to get to this point. And it was a surprise that they are here this early. It seemed like it would take another year to get a chance at the playoffs, but this young team surprised almost everybody.
  3. I prefer to play a hole, write the score down, and then move to the next hole. One hole at a time. I think have more of a feel of how well I'm hitting the ball or how well I'm putting more than what my exact score is at the moment.
  4. I usually play a 16* 3 wood and 19* 5 wood. I do take the 3 wood out sometimes if I want to put another club in my bag for some reason. 3 wood goes 240-250. Great off the tee and almost as good off the deck. Just wish I could carry it a little farther... a little lower and more roll out than the 5 wood. The 5 wood goes 220-230. It launches higher and is great off the deck and great off the tee as well. My next club club is a a mix of hybrids that go 200-210 or so.
  5. I struggled with this this year. Can't believe I didn't identify it sooner. Kept trying to fix one thing or another and then finally went to check my alignment and things kind of took care of themselves. Its important to keep track of lining yourself up correctly after looking at your target...if that makes sense. Everybody looks at their target and then has some way of lining up to that. You need to be consistent in how you line yourself up after picking your line/target.
  6. Dylan! If I'm by myself...or maybe Frank Zappa. Something that everybody likes if there's a group...like classic rock with some other stuff mixed in. Its perfect for scrambles or fun rounds. Maybe not for country clubs or nice courses.
  7. A couple random things... - Have rain gloves and a jacket in your bag. Other people start complaining once its raining, their grips are wet, and they are getting cold. If you only have a day or two a week off of work, why let a little rain ruin your round? - Mark up your ball. Everybody knows my ball has two large circles around the logos with a big letter "H" above each logo. I know I won't embarrassingly hit the wrong ball, nor will somebody else in my group. Also, golfers in other groups know its not their ball so they won't hit it or pick it up before I get to it. This h
  8. Yeah the cover on mine got sticky, too.. Not a problem or anything, still go back and re-read parts of it from time to time. I'm due to run through a few chapters one of these days.
  9. Hands. I play best when my hands take the club back...a little more with the left hand...and my head and eye line stay steady. Its a relaxed, shorter backswing with less tension and my body just reacts. When I fall into taking the club back with my body or making too big of a backswing, then my hips sway back a little bit, my shoulders don't turn enough, and my back starts to hurt a lot. I would explain it as reverse secondary axis tilt....not good.
  10. Top 5: 1) Bob Dylan, by far. 2) The Band 3) Frank Zappa 4) The Grateful Dead 5) Sublime others, not in order: - Neil Young - The Pixies - Nirvana - Tom Petty I'm sure I'm missing some here...
  11. My dad's an ENTJ (my diagnosis). I'm an INTP. *Diagnosis is the wrong word but you know what I mean...
  12. If it makes you feel better then do it, but they are reputable. I have been happy with all of my purchases there.
  13. A few of my thoughts on Trump: His personality scares me. I don't care what his policies or ideas are, his personality is a big red flag. He has the charisma to keep people on his side, but he is pretty obviously telling people what they want to hear. I saw a speech of his and he said that The Art of the Deal is his favorite book. I just put it together yesterday that it is his book. But then he took it back and said that the Bible is his favorite book and then went on and on about it. It was incredibly obvious that he was just making it all up. And the way he was talking abou
  14. Introvert here. The thing is that introversion/extroversion is more of a scale than just one thing or another. Everybody just lands on a different point on the scale. I can be very social and very extroverted around a group of people I know well, but when I'm in a group I don't know very well or if the group doesn't hold my interest then I zone out and prefer to be in my own mind or to be alone. Has anybody hear hear of the Myers-Briggs personality stuff? I find it very interesting.
  15. Caught me....did not read thread. Topic is interesting, though.
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