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  1. Everything is in my sig. the driver, 5 wood and Rife putter are new for this year. Sadly won't get to game these until sometime in April the way things are looking around here.
  2. first time out on Sat. March 24 this year and shot a 99 while trying out two new clubs and three different balls (I think the Srixon Q-star is my ball for the year).
  3. Can't get the Gamer here anywhere or I would try it.
  4. That's what I'm going to do this year once this snow gets out of here, bought a dozen each of Bridgestone e6 tour yellow, Srixon Q-star tour yellow, Nike One Vapor speed (on sale) and Top Flite D2+ Feel. Hopefully one of these is my ball with my swing speed of 85-95.
  5. 2010 Toyota Taco TRD Sport with Alpine head unit and amp, Clarions in the doors, and two JL Audio 10" subs hidden behind the back passenger seat and a 300 watt JL Audio amp behind the driver side. Perfect for a golfing foursome and all the gear.
  6. Let's see Driver $158 3 & 5 woods $198 3 & 4 hybrids $198 irons $395 wedges $210 putter $60 $1219 Canadian before tax $1401.85 after tax
  7. "Those who like it, like it alot."
  8. Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale all the way.
  9. Whatever suits someone's style then I say go for it, as long as it's within the dress code.
  10. I love their stuff, just ordered some of it can't wait till it gets here.
  11. Usually can't get out around here until mid April but the last couple of years have been heading down to Nova Scotia to start the season with my usual foursome in late March.
  12. I usually will buy stuff new that came out a couple of years before. Bought the 06 Nike Ignite irons in 08 for 300 cdn. , 06 Callaway x series 3 and 5 woods in 08 for 70 cdn a piece. This past winter bought an 09 Big Bertha Diablo driver for 140 cdn. Compared to the newest gear you cans save quite a bit this way and still play fairly decent stuff.
  13. I usually hit it between 220-240 but I'm pretty straight.
  14. just bought a pair of dryjoys to replace my 3 yr old leaky nikes
  15. 1. Break 90 or maybe 95 2. find the perfect ball for my game (using cheap Dunlop Loco right now) 3. beat the crap out of my buddies all summer long 4. improve my putting 5. play 4-5 courses I've never played before especially "Royal Oaks" and "Fox Creek"
  16. I like to have a light meal before heading out and in the hot summer months a couple of ice cold Keiths IPA
  17. use it till I lose it, usually within 2 rounds
  18. Now that I've finally figured out how to hit my driver the only club that I hardly use is my 4 iron (it still looks new).
  19. mittens

    Pet Peeves

    I've been that guy
  20. My goal is the same as last year....to break 100. Almost got there last year with a 103.
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