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  1. What do you mean? Many courses here have as many as 6 tee boxes, but the local course norm here seems to be that for handicaps of 25-28+ they recommend the white(or second from front) tees right on the score card. A 40 hc certainly would be 28+. One place has it posted right on the wall as you exit the shop towards the first hole. Usually the green(front) are listed as "ladies". If one doesn't like the golf course recommendations, you could always read this: tee box selection strategy I only commented on the score card because I was tired of playing the blue and blacks with my buddies, which I was obviously not ready for, and since the golf course administration went to the trouble of suggesting I move up I took the advice.
  2. Tell the truth.... you were doing the "chubs" and had your hands on his hips, huh...huh?. It's all in the hips baby. Seriously, as a new guy I have had a few folks offer on the spot observations/advice. I'd feel very offended if a pro came running out telling me I can't get said advice and he is the only guy who can give lessons. I mean if you see a newb struggling with an obvious error, is it really a terrible thing to point this out to him, assuming of course he takes the constructive criticism well. "Teaching" for pay I understand, but I also believe there will always be the grey area when it comes to close friends/family and the occasional range advice.
  3. 63/36 winter golf conditions. 55 in good conditions. Are you playing the recommended tees for your handicap via the scorecard?
  4. USA 79S

    Driving Distance

    If they are in fact to the left or right, then the straight line distance to target is increased. Assuming they are aiming cross range at the target which the club in hand is expected to reach, if the ball is determined to fly the target then it has exceeded that distance. On a side note, one range in town (World Golf Sand Creek) has a forward and rear tee area. I assume they rotate for maintenance. There is a sign posted behind the front but more forward than halfway that states "all yardage measured from this point". I'd be willing to bet the yardage is within 5 yards per marker and I have seen balls carry the range from the back. We have found range balls behind the range on hole # 3 which runs perpendicular to the tees, and well beyond the markers and tree line backstop. This course is not very nice, but it's cheap - and I doubt there are a ton of tour players visiting the Springs to hit those long balls.
  5. USA 79S

    Driving Distance

    Ever shoot a rifle with iron sights? I can shoot a half torso silhouette at 300 yards on my M-4 with no scope but you think someone can't see if a ball exceeded a giant sign on the ground at 250? I think that your logic is way off man.
  6. I know... But I wanted BR so it was a no-brainer to save the $5 and give the other to my brother/niece. Odd that I can it cheaper with the DVD version than without
  7. USA 79S

    Driving Distance

    Is there an alternative, other than buy and hope? Are there more reliable systems? Just seems that so many clubs are for sale/trade with little use because they don't meet expectations... how can this be reliably prevented?
  8. Stopped by wally World to buy something and saw Avatar has been released on BR and DVD. They had copies of both AND for some reason they were selling a combo pack for 19.99. I kept the BR for myself and am giving my brother the DVD version. PS they sold DVD for $14.99 and BR for $24.99. I hope this becomes more common - $20 Blue Ray I mean...
  9. TW - If you're topping a lot, then maybe your 200-220 drives are just have a low launch angle. Consider a launch monitor session? It's probably the swing, not your 10.5* Once you sort out your swing you'll find some more yards I bet. Good luck my friend. PS - will you pass me your little black book?
  10. USA 79S

    Driving Distance

    My friend went to look at drivers the other day at DSG. I tagged along. Using the launch monitor and after hitting 10 shots he then removed the best 2 and worst 2 shots of the bunch. The remaining 6 were varied by yardage but mostly within 2-5* lateral trajectory and 270-290 yards. I know it's a "virtual" and not the real world, but the take away point here is the removal of the best and worst and taking what remained as a comparison pool. I think it makes sense to exclude the best and worst of the day and see what's left. If you're hitting 275-300 then it will still reveal that, and if you're hitting 250, you'll know that too. If you are a confident 300 yarder then move the white tees on a short par 4. If you are pitching back towards the tees on your second shot , there's not a lot to dispute then? Buut, if you're 30 yards short that's what it is...
  11. Colorado Springs here - I think all the publics let you wear jeans. Collared shirt seems to be the norm. I Prefer to be in shorts when outside in the heat, and go with a nice khaki style. Probably because of 3 hot tours to Iraq and having no escape. That said I have worn jeans, not wranglers not not falling off my ass, a couple times this winter. I have also worn pants. Never felt I was being disrespectful to anyone in jeans, but I did kind of have that lingering feeling that I was under dressed. I will probably not wear jeans this summer, but that certainly isn't a 100% rule. I think jeans for winter golf isn't too bad though.
  12. ^^ Wife took me to get a cart for V-Day. She was looking and decided to have me pick. I couldn't spend the 200 bucks on a cart, decided to pay the penalty for now.
  13. USA 79S

    Driving Distance

    I still say that it's mental. I think shanks said something about coping mechanisms - and to use those words makes sense. If a golfer tees up with a driver 13 times and 5 are the good ones that go 260 and straight then 260 isn't his average. To count in the other 8 that were 175 and in the woods is hard on the ego, and so they get dismissed, whether consciously or not . I think that even though 270-300 yards on the range might really be the case for some people, it isn't relevant towards stats and averages if it doesn't happen on the course. The reason I say that is because pressure increases when the scorecard is in play. Another way to look at it is if I land my 8i on the range target green does my GIR go up? If I one putt all over the practice green does my putting average decrease? If SHAQ makes 100/100 free throws in practice is he the new league leader for free throws?
  14. USA 79S

    Driving Distance

    Maybe if you're about even on drives then the difference with the irons is just the loft? If Bob hits 1 club stronger by virtue of loft, then that 8i he pulls when you grab your 6i might not be the real story. You probably don't care because your ego seems in check... but if he making a big show of it you might have some ammo to fire back. Seems like if amateurs can hit a consistent 250 and FIR that's a solid achievement. Also seems that to take a 500/Par 5 down in two it'll take more than that unless you really beast the 3W off the deck. My typical drives are NOT in the fairway and it seems like when I do pop off a real good one it goes left, because I have compensated for the slice in my alignment by that point.
  15. Not that I have personal experience with this but another benefit of RSS' philosophy would be that if you hit a shot that is a typical "good" shot for you, but then opt to hit a 2nd which is worse you're walking up to the first ball with negative thoughts. But if you're satisfied that you won't/can't really be any better why not smile and move up. Do the rules require that you use both shots off the green, I assume not.
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