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  1. You could try doing this , its what I do. Get a bucket of balls and start with your 7 iron and get warmed up with it untill your hitting it consistently then work your way up to a 6 5 4 ect.. when you get to the trouble clubs and hit a few bad shots go back to the 7 and feel that good swing and contact then work your way back up again. remember to keep that same tempo and feel and bring it with you up to the clubs your having trouble with.
  2. +1 Furyk -2 Casey Tiger Woods(7) Steve Stricker(12) Jim Furyk(15) Paul Casey(3) Luke Donald(6) Graeme McDowell(14) Ernie Els(2) Dustin Johnson(7) Zach Johnson(9)
  3. +1 Tiger -2 Rory Tiger Woods(15) Phil Mickelson(11) Steve Stricker(12) Jim Furyk(12) Paul Casey(10) Luke Donald(13) Graeme McDowell(11) Rory McIlroy(7) Ernie Els(14) Dustin Johnson(9) Hunter Mahan(8) Adam Scott(6) Zach Johnson(12)
  4. +1 Padraig -2 anthony Kim Lee Westwood(9) Tiger Woods(10) Martin Kaymer(10) Phil Mickelson(7) Steve Stricker(10) Jim Furyk(11) Paul Casey(9) Luke Donald(11) Graeme McDowell(10) Rory McIlroy(12) Ian Poulter(11) Matt Kuchar(10) Ernie Els(10) Dustin Johnson(12) Francesco Molinari(5) Edoardo Molinari(8) Hunter Mahan(10) Retief Goosen(10) Adam Scott(10) Zach Johnson(10) Padraig Harrington(11) Robert Allenby(9) Louis Oosthuizen(7) Anthony Kim(6) Rickie Fowler(10)
  5. Frito


    Cmon, he golf's crazy , hes a crazy golfer. X
  6. I dunno what you guys are talking about? That vest Owns!
  7. I thought I saw a post ryder cup match interview with furyk saying that they got played through and that it was "akward".But I barely saw the interview because someone was flipping though channels so I dont' know if it was out of context ? anyways funny if true.
  8. When those guys were trying to break 100 wasn't the difficult part about it being on live t.v. ?
  9. Was wondering how many of you are if any ..? How many of you guy's have a golf swing thats not very good or maybe even not quite decent , but just don't care about improving it that much and really just go out and play the game ?
  10. Frito

    Anthony Kim

    I'd perfer to see an athlete whose heart is in what he's doing.
  11. Frito

    Anthony Kim

    Did you read his golf digest interview with him saying he could live with out golf. what a lamer . i hope he loses for saying that.
  12. Somone told me this one time on this forum and before i started doing it right everything went left. Your arms should feel like there doing Literally nothing on the down swing. nothing at all, use your turn and try to get a "whip" feel. also your grip pressure should be equally loose im pretty strong too and i allways had a death grip on the club. ya and let your arms hang down like a limp noodle at adress and make sure they don't tense up.
  13. I suck too, but some of the people I play with used to be worse-alot worse.They eventually got a little better but i get annoyed at times too still. I think instead of EVER giving them another tip just say get lessons - a few times of that and they'll stop turning to you time and time again for advice. You might tell them about this site or a rules site casually and hope they catch on. If you want to ditch them just say you want to play by yourself for awhile to get your game more together, they'll understand. Just make up whatever you have to so you can cease any kind of obligation and that way your not gonna alienate yourself at work. Your not a bad person imo golf is frustrating enough without having to deal with noobs on top of that, don't feel bad for wanting to have fun.
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