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  1. I can't really say anything about the Method putters....just not for me.... but i do have the Agsi+ insert on my Spider Vicino. I normally do not like putting with inserts at all......never could find one I liked. I always putt with my Bettinardi or Cleveland which were milled. After trying out the the Agsi+ I can honestly say it's the best feeling insert I have ever used and I am now gaming it full time and the Betti is in the garage....shame too, it's a pretty putter! The Agsi+ seems to get the ball rolling in a straight line much quicker than most putters I have used....which is pretty
  2. While I agree....heat is heat. It stays in the 80's/90's for three months here and my clubs stay in the back of my wagon everyday....never had an issue. I used to live in N.Carolina......same thing. Sounds more like you had a lousy epoxy job or maybe the club has taken a good size beating..... At any rate.....none of what you said has anything to do with a 'dead driver'....which heat simply wont do. The only thing heat will do over time is MAYBE prematurely dry out a grip.....
  3. I agree with everything here.....minus the part about taking the clubs out of the trunk. This has been talked about a billion times and there is NOTHING wrong with keeping your sticks in the trunk. My clubs 'Summer Home' is in my trunk....as is about 90% of the people here.....and it is not a problem. Trunk heat will not make a driver go dead.
  4. I used to use my gap wedge a TON but lately I have ben using my 8 iron and 9 iron around the greens for doing bump and runs. I use the gap wedge from 75 to 100 yds and love it. I simply don't have the game yet where I can control a 47* PW from 75 yrds outs without the ball hopping over the green. The gw I can take it in nice and high and the ball stops on a dime. So yes......keep the GW. Now if you have a lob wedge (58 - 62* wedge).....that would be a different story.....I just think most amateurs/hackers have no business playing a 60* wedge unless maybe from the sand.....which is all I u
  5. I agree. The 57's are great clubs and not super tough to hit. I just like having that little extra forgiveness in the onger irons for when I need to swing with a little bit more authority.....gives me the piece of mind. I also find the mx-25 4 and 5 iron to me a little bit better to hit out of the rough.....which seems to be where I use them the most unfortunately!!
  6. My question for those of you who use a mixed iron set (ie: more forgiveness in the long irons and more feel in the short irons....all with the same manufactor of course.) is...What sets are you combining and where to you 'break off' the set. For example PW-8i with one set and 7i-4i another set. I currently have a set of Mizuno MX-25's and a set of Mizuno MP-57's. I have been using the MX-25 4 and 5 iron and the MP57 6-pw. Seems to work pretty well for me as the lofts are the same and the extra forgiveness in the long irons is greatly appreciated. Am I weird for only using the 25 for 2 irons?
  7. I played 18 at the club yesterday and must have left my 8 iron behind....found out on the third hole today when I reached for it and it was gone...... It hasn't been returned yet....and yes I know it's early but I have to prepare for the worst as I have 3 important matches/tournaments in the next 3 weeks. I play Mizuno MP57's. My 4 and 5 iron are Mizuno MX-25's (a little more forgiveness). My choices from what I can see are: 1) Don't worry about it and just choke up on a 7 iron a bit. 2) Throw in the MX-25 8 iron I have for the time being (same loft as the mp57) 3) Roll up in the fetal
  8. I like to balance things.....the checkbook......on the balance beam....when I'm doing a triple sow cow.... golf balls?!?!?! Nope........Never even heard of it. If I put a bad swing on the ball....I don't give a *&^%.....the last thing I'm thinking is "If I only balanced the ball"......
  9. Thanks everyone for all of your help!! I really want a pair of those Flack Jacket XLJ's. They seem to be the perfect golf shade but they just are a bit too much cash right now. As luck would have it though my buddy was selling his M-frames. I bought the Heater's and he had a nice Strike lens in root beer also. I look like a complete fool in the Heaters (even though they are GREAT to play in) but the Strikes are a bit better. I might not look that great but after wearing them the last 2 rounds....I can't believe what I've been missing! I like that the Mframe's have one big lens and I can
  10. I'm thinking I want to keep it under $100 if possible.
  11. I would like to know the flaw in your swing that makes it so you can't spin this ball...... As a 13 HC you are pobably not focusing too much on spin anyway. I'm trending an 8 now and I'm finally to the point where I can get the ball to spin on purpose....
  12. If you play better with the hybrid....then play with the hybrid.... I will say though that a 5i can be a VERY useful club out of your bag and can do things that a hybrid can never do. Low punch shots, 3/4 shots under limbs hooking or slicing around stuff. etc.....
  13. I am in need of some decent sunglasses to golf in when it is sunny. I am starting to suffer from eye fatigue....and that is very new to me since it seems as if the only thing that works well for me are my eyes (20-15 vision and want it to stay that way!) Up here in Maine we don't exactly have a ton of places to go to look and try on golf sunglasses which is why I'm asking you all for advice. I have a tallish narrow head. It's kind of shaped like a peanut (not really doing myself justice here). I bought a pair of Tifosi Pave's but the ear part just bowed right around my head.....was about an
  14. Are they really?? Considering the ball you play is "Anything I can find lately"......I would like to hear more about your extensive ball testing results.....
  15. Wow!! 10 months in and you're playing musclebacks.... That's great! I have the same irons and love them! I will say that any 'bloke' in a golf shop will NEVER recommend 57's for a 20 handicapper.....but if they work for you than all the power to you!! I decided to go with mx25's for the 4 and 5 iron for a bit more forgiveness....best decision EVER!!
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