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  1. Got my first cameron!

    id love one, if only i could afford one at my age! ive got my eye on a Titleist red x 2 for Xmas..... ive got bored of my white steel 2 ball.... a bit too wiehty for my liking....
  2. Chippers and Putting Wedges

    true, you shouldnt be using a 60* wedge so close to the green, at your level (and mine) its nearly improssible to be consistent with such a fidley club at such close range, i opt for an 8 iron and works great!! Arent shippers ilegal?
  3. which fairway woods do I need?

    you and i have the same handicap, and i have this problem, however i found that with a flaud swing like players of our caliber have a higher lofted 3 wood is best. The loft makes it easier to get crisper stikes of the tee, and on the fairway.... ive got an 18 deg Cobra f-speed fairway wood, goes like a dream.... before i got it a month ago, my handicap was a shockin 28.... the consistencey the club brought ot me tee shots on short par 4 and the fairways of long par 5's was supreme!!! Stongley recomend it! Ive only been playing 3 months and ive already shot an 83! Thanks to a comobinattion of the Srixon AD-333 balls and my cobra fairway wood :D
  4. How far do you hit your irons?

    for me... (a 16 year old 20 handicaper) 4 iron: 180-190 5 iron: 180-170 6 iron: 160+ 7 iron: 150+ 8 iron: 140+ 9 iron: 130+ PW: 130- (lots of loft but longer then usual shaft on my pitch) T o be honest i odnt thin you going to find out much from that kind of qu, after all the people using this forum are a massive variety of abilites and strengths and weakness's in different aspects of the game, i dont hit my irons massive distances, but my woods, rescue woods and drivers are massivley longer in distance then my irons, i hit a 24 deg rescue wood 220 and my driver goes 310!!!! see what i mean.... not a fair question.