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  1. yea, i love the 22's. i have hit 20's, but my heart is with the 22's. i like the blue look, so naturally i find the orange look a little bit ugly. i have no doubts that they are good clubs, as all x series irons are. but i feel that going with the 22's will get u the same experience, for a cheaper price. obvious the lofts will be slightly different, but that is info that only experienced players would care to know about.
  2. Is it just me, or do they look practically identical to the X-22's? I feel like improving the X-22's is a tall task, and really, it just seems like they needed a new addition to the X series to get some $$$.
  3. Yea, the only negitive feedback they had for the past six months was due to the seller not being able to supply after a bidder won. Im not to worried about it anymore, I will probably buy it within the week
  4. well normally all stock callaway clubs have plastic over the heads, why this company decided to take off the plastic is a little odd to me. It is listed as new, yet they are list price that they are selling it at is $180 cheaper than the what you would get from Callaway or any retail story that carries Callaway. Those two alone were my biggest concerns, any time u throw down $140 its good to be cautious, even if it is unnessicary. I apperciate everyones help btw, i am probably going to buy it from this seller, i think he was a few other listing up. That was another thing i was worr
  5. No i didnt get it, he was a few others up so im not in a big rush. I know Pre-Owned Callaway has them, but they are $60 more expensive, and for a broke ass college student, 60 may as well be 600000 lol
  6. Does this seem to have any sings of being a counterfeit? I know that buying clubs on eBay is a bad idea, but i am on a budget, and i need a 5 wood http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...%3DI%26otn%3D2
  7. 1) Do not step in someones line while on the green 2) No talking when someone is swinging or preparing to swing 3) No cell phones 4) No throwing clubs 5) Be a gentlemen/lady on the course and in the club house (includes dressing appropriately at all times) No particular order or rank, but these are the rules that i find to be paramount.
  8. I listen to my music (i really only listen to metal) while i hit balls, which at first i was scared to do, because it doesn't really seem like a good mix, but the first time i did it, I was warming up for a golf tournament and we ended up wining the tourney and $200. Been doing it ever since lol
  9. lol exceptions dont make rules. i cant take cannible corpse seriously becuase their lyrics are meaningless. all they do is write lyrics to shock people, what is the point in that? That is one of the reasons i hate them, lyrically they are void of any deep meaning. As I Lay Dying and Black Dahlia Murders lyrics are exemplary imho and a lot of metal tends to fall under the catigory of above average to near genuis lyrical content.
  10. hmmm, but i am 6'3'' . i would actually disagree with that, most tall guys i have seen have had flatter swing. My golf partern is like 5'6'' and his swing is the stereotypical steep "perfect" swing, same with alot of shorter guys i know
  11. ehh, it takes a trained ear, i got about half of this song without looking up lyrics. Lyrics in metal are actually really interesting, some of them a literal geniuses, but so many people dont give them the light of day
  12. Trivium is an amazing band, i have seen them live several times, there guitar work is amazing too, i went to The Mayhem Festival 09, so i got to see Slayer, Trivium, God Forbid, Job for a Cowboy, Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage and Bullet for my Valentine all in one sitting. God that was probably the best time of my life... That is cool, were you a cover band or did you make original stuff, guitar player i assume?
  13. Callaway HX hot bite is great ball, the only one i will hit. But it does have a draw back, the cover is super soft so it can be scuffed pretty easy. i have hit the Callaway ix and it was magical, but it is out of my price range :(
  14. hey, i had the exact same problem as you about a year ago. What i did was practice with my p wedge over and over and over. Eventually you begin to get familiar with what the club can and can not do, i eventually became pretty good with it, until it was on of the strongest parts of my game, all it takes is a lot of practice. I have never been a fan of the gap wedge, i like the feel of the p wedge better.
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