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  1. 8:20 1st Tee: Tiger Woods , David Duval , Mark O' Meara
  2. The PGA needs Tiger because he's the best player out there by far. You can't stack up any player out there to Tiger and his records. You would have to combine half the top 15's majors just to equal Tiger's. Until a newcomer or a familier face steps up and starts winning left and right the PGA won't be the same. If you're not a Tiger fan then you might not be a big fan of champions who win everything, but if you are a fan then you get a thrill of your favorite golfer actually winning enough to be worth rooting for everytime.
  3. I thought it was pretty good. It's better than having to watch old highlights or paid programs. The Golf Channel needs more shows like this to air on monday-wednesday to keep us entertained while we wait for Tourny action.
  4. DO NOT call someone else Lucky and think that bad things always happen to you.
  5. Wow I posted this early this morning right before he teed off, my gut feelings are getting more in tune with the happenings on tour.
  6. This is weird and unlike me, but this week I find myself heavily rooting for Villegas. It's really a random feeling, but I hope he wins.
  7. My best practices are later in the day when the course is empty nearly, Me and my buddy sneak out to holes 12-14 and hit several balls and many different shots till it gets dark, then we go in. Devotion and passion play a big part in lowering your score down closer to par on every hole, and it's hard to do with work and family and so forth. Eventually it will all come together; my cousin shot 91 in our junior tournement 2 summers ago. He worked his butt off for a year and shot 70 the year after. Talk about a turn-around. He was #1 on his golf team that next year and was only in 8th grade.
  8. I'll be rooting for Nathan Green or Fred Couples but maybe Poulter will go back to back.
  9. Saturday and Sunday were GREAT. But it didn't last long, our driving range hasn't been open since October.
  10. Try reading Golf Books dealing with the Champion Mindset, also, It's hard to not care when you really care, but you have to play the part of somebody with short term memory on the course.
  11. The best lesson there is for someone who is not a pro: Stay around the practice green for over 2 hours every day. You can hit dink shots all around the course, barely 70%, and shoot lower than you are right now.
  12. (looks over at his expensive piece of carpet that alex verbally abused last night) Maybe I'll use my net alot this week-
  13. You definately can get an idea of what im talking about. Example: On hole 3 I try to set up so that Im aiming left of the pond and right of the trees close to the OB fence. That's a big area to aim at, same for hole 9, I set up so that hopefully I'll hit it right of the treeline but left of the rocks. Somehow I accidentally hit it good most of the time so I don't really play bad. But it kinda keeps me from ever going Really low, instead of just hitting a hot streak here and there.
  14. Haha like 2 quickie lessons from Jud? I don't even think I did what he told me to do... That right hand is strong as ever
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