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  1. My favorite putter is the one that helps me sink the most putts, which happens to be a Rossa Monza Corza
  2. I work in the Oil and Gas Industry. I can view the forums most anytime.
  3. Hi. First of all, I am a newbie. My name is Chris and am from Houston Texas. I have played golf for about 7 years, but had the best shot of my life the last time I played right before Christmas. Bear with me but I have to tell this story. The last hole of the round is a 486yd par 5. It sounds short for a par 5, but you can't hit driver off the tee without going in a small creek that runs through the fairway. I hit a monster 3 wood about 240yds, right to the edge of the fairway before going into the creek. It's starting to get dark, so my buddies and I decide to go for green or risk not being able to finish the hole. I figured if I hit one good 3 wood, I could hit another, so I proceeded to not only make the green, but the little sucker rolled in the cup!!!! The golf gods were smiling on me that day. Glad to be able to share the story with you. "Take dead aim!' - Harvey Penick