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  1. I have an almost new Adams Idea Pro A12 hybrid. 18 degree which is essentially a 2 iron. Bought it new a few weeks ago for my dad and he hit maybe 40 balls in total with it. He needs something a little more forgiving. No sky marks on the crown, very light face scratches. Very easy to hit and produce a nice, high, soft landing shot. Much easier to hit then your conventional 2 irons. Comes with a regular flex, white Matrix Ozik Altus shaft and a Golf Pride New Decade grip in white/black . Headcover is also included. Please let me know if you have any questions. $120 $100 shipped CONUS.
  2. New ride is a 2012 Infiniti G37x...it is fast and a ton of fun to drive.
  3. There is a lot of great golf up this way. How far of a drive do you want to play? Lochenheath is very nice as well as The Bear. Also check out Ag-A-Ming Sundance. Great track. Also looks at the Crystal Mountain courses, Hawk's Eye, and Shanty Creek. If you want to drive a little TreeTops, Otsego Club, Boyne courses, The Natural, Bay Harbor and Arcadia Bluffs. PM me if you want some more info. We have a cottage on Crystal Lake in Frankfort and my dad lives in Elk Rapids in the summer so play quite a bit of golf up that way.
  4. Titleist 54.10 Spin Milled Vokey wedge. Used less and 10 rounds and shows very little use. Standard length, loft and lie. Project X 5.5 shaft with new Lamkin Crossline Tour grip. $60 shipped to your door.
  5. I have two hybrid shafts that came out of some Adams hybrids, Both are in great shape and only used a few times. Professionally pulled by a certified club maker using very low heat. .370 tip. Stiff flex on both. They measure 39" and 39 3/4". Brand new Lamkin Crossline Tour grips. These retail new for $150. Will sell both for $150 shipped or $85 each if you only want one. Thank you for looking. Specs are as follows: FLEX WEIGHT TORQUE LAUNCH SPIN FEEL TIP MID BUTT
  6. Used for only one range session. Shaft is 37 7/8" long and tip is prepped and ready for install. Stiff flex. Brand new Golf Pride DD2 grip. $25 shipped CONUS.
  7. I came back two years ago from a 10 year layoff. I too needed a new driver. I went with the 910 D3 but sounds like you do not want to pony up the money for that. At the time of making my decision...a close second was the Adams F11. Can be had for cheap now and are a great club.
  8. 2009 Vokey 54.10, Project X 5.5 shaft, used under 10 rounds. Groves are essentially perfect. New Lamkin Crossline Tour navy blue grip - $60 shipped CONUS. KBS Hybrid shaft - used one range session, .370 tip, new Golf Pride DD2 grip, stiff flex, 37 7/8", tip prepped and ready to install Two (2) - Matrix Ozik XCON Altus hybrid shafts - low/mid kick point, stiff flex. One is 39" and the other is 39 3/4". Professionally pulled and tip prepped. Came out of Adams hybrids with less than a half of a year use. In excellent shape. New Lamkin Crossline Tour navy blue grips. These retail for
  9. I have played the Lamkin Croosline Tour grips on the royal/navy color for the past few years. I buy them off of Ebay. A full set of 13 grips, tape and solvent cost me less than $35 shipped to my door...great grip and cheap.
  10. troop...I know what you mean and it is a concern for me also. I will be pulling the graphite shafts myself...if the KBS shafts do make the flight too low I will just put them back in. But to be honest...right now they take off a little to high for me. If it is not a windy day I am good. Add some wind in my face and I do not like them. They just go straight up in the air and I lose major distance. Like I said...just an experiment at this point.
  11. Great club. I too have an issue with my hybrids going too far and I also have the issue of them going left. Maybe once out of 20 swings...but that is still too much for me. So I am in the process of reshafting them with steel hybrid shafts that match my iron shafts as well as cutting them down to a standard 3 and 2 iron length. To me...a hybrid should act a lot more like an iron than a wood so I think the steel shafts will work out nicely.
  12. I just suggested the Idea Pro Golds because said in your initial post "do not want to spend a ton of cash". You can still find these new and being a few years old they are very affordable...downright cheap actually. You could buy both hybrids for half of what one new A12 would cost and I think they are just as good if not better.
  13. My first experience with a hybrid was a TM Rescue and could not stand the thing. Just could not keep it from going left. I then came across some Adams Idea Pro Gold. Have had them for two years now and I really like them. I am in the process of changing the shafts but that is more to make them match my iron shafts as well as travel the distance the irons they replaced do (2 and 3 iron). The best part is they can be had very cost effectively. New to almost new can be had for $50 or less. Used ones even less.
  14. Well I decided to pull the trigger. I found 3 essentially new KBD Hybrid shaft pulls on Ebay. Shipped to my house for $30. So this will be a cheap experiment. I only need the two longest ones for my 2 and 3 hybrid (18 and 20 degrees). So if anyone is interested in a KBS Hybrid shaft that is now 37 7/8" with a red and black Golf Pride DD2 grip let me know. I will also report back my findings and feelings with the new shafts.
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