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  1. No harm in trying....As the previous post suggested, borrow some clubs and give it a try on the range. I am RH, play hockey and golf LH. I can hit from either side with a baseball bat in my hand (stronger RH, more control from LH), and can play most racquet sports with either hand (much better with RH). Don't ask me to throw any kind of ball with my left hand....useless, totally useless.
  2. Might be worth a second opinion....Arrange another fitting session and see if the results are similar. Also, take your existing driver with you and compare results.
  3. I too have a strong grip (3 knuckles on my top hand, and fit the lower hand accordingly). I adjust the PBS to fit my grip, PBS is not in a square position for the club face (picture 3 on instruction). It fits my grip (pictures 5 - 7), and I definitely see the results.
  4. I bought a PBS in the spring. It is a wonderful training aid, it has really helped me understand lag and grip pressure. Highly recommended!
  5. I'm curious if anyone has any opinions/reviews on these? I currently game a Ping G10 4W as my sole FW, allowing me to put another wedge in my bag. While I really like the 4W, I would prefer a 3W for greater distance....but....I have challenges hitting a 3W off the deck. IF I can find a forgiving 3W I would gladly replace the easier to hit 4W. These sound intriguing, and price point is very appealing. Golf Town has these listed on their website for $79.
  6. She is beautiful. Congratulations!
  7. Reputation of seller and product guarantee are my main considerations. Many small companies have better customer service, they really do care and will do everything possible and reasonable to satisfy a purchaser. My experiences with Eidolon wedges are a great example of this.
  8. I put a Lamkin Mega Paddle grip on my SC in the summer, it has made a big difference in my putting. The putter feels much more balanced in my hands, rather than having all of the weight at the bottom. This has helped me to better judge speed and distance on putts over 10 feet.
  9. I switched to Z-stars in the spring. I started with the white ball and loved it. I bought a sleeve of yellows to compare to the whites. While the whites are very durable, the yellows are incredibly durable. Like the previous post, I have played multiple rounds with the same ball and could barely tell the difference. My record is 42 holes with the same ball before it bid me farewell. "These babies are Japanese market only.... the hunt begins?" I'm not sure what you mean by this. I have had no problem getting yellows. My first purchase was at Golf Town ("Canadian version" of Golf Galaxy). I then found a seller on the net who offers big discounts on minimum 6 dozen purchases. I ordered 9 dozen from them in August. Including shipping and taxes, a really good deal.
  10. I have made many purchases from US based stores. You will be charged 5% GST on the declared value of the item + conversion to $C (no PST in Alberta to worry about). Most couriers (FedEx, UPS) charge brokerage service charge ($10 is charged by FedEx). I opened an account with FedEx to avoid this additional charge, and FedEx then charges the tax amount directly to my credit card. When I place an order (or win a bid on the Bay) I give the vendor my FedEx account number.
  11. dave1269

    MP 60s

    I've played the MP60s since '08. Initially, I was afraid that I had bought "too much club" given the state of my game. I paid $240 for the set (5 - PW) with NS 950GH shafts (an upgrade over the standard TTDG) from a reputable seller on eBay. Three seasons later, my cap is now similar to yours and my iron play has greatly improved. As others have stated, you have to be prepared to accept the poor shots; you can't hide behind GI or SGI clubs that mask every poorly struck shot. When you pure them, there is no better feeling!!
  12. For me, the NS shaft is a perfect match on the MP60s. I have tried the MP60s with the TTDG regular shafts, the NS simply feel better. On well struck shots, they are silky smooth. When I don't hit it perfectly, there is sufficient feedback without feeling like a tire iron (which is how the DGs felt to me). Thanks for the suggestion of bringing my 5 iron along.
  13. Currently game Mizuno CLK hybrids (20 & 23). They have been in my bag for 2 seasons. While many are negative on Mizunos woods and hybrids, I really like these clubs. Previously had Ping Raptures, which I found way too light (regular stock shaft). I ditched the Pings for the Mizunos. I keep reading about how wonderful Adams hybrids are to play. I received the latest Golf Town flyer today, they are offering Adams A4s for $60 this coming Sunday (one day special). I realize that these are not the latest available from Adams, surely technology hasn't changed that much between the older A4s and the current A7s. Any feedback is appreciated, I'm thinking of heading to my local GT this Sunday to give them a try (albeit indoors on their simulator).
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