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  1. Would have to be Mizuno or Nike :) I voted Mizuno
  2. I15 110% there best driver. I also loved the rapture! K15 was horrible imho, it's for sombody who slices the ball and needs help to get the ball in the air.
  3. My vote would 100% go the 909H, or a cleveland Dst. These are the only 2 hybrids on the market that I really like. I also herd the old nike sumo's are very good. Ive tried the TaylorMade Rescue, not a fan.
  4. Seriously, some people on this forum amaze me, jst change chat I say, im just cuirious of your swing speed, especially being a 10 HC. and I have a tpo 20-40 shots.
  5. This is the only golf net I have never put a hole though and I have had countless golf nets. Usually after 10 balls ill put a ball stright through the back, this one is stilll going very strong! http://powergolf.com.au/index.php?ma...1iv6j0eb6bata3 In all honestly, I would make your own though, most ones you buy are crap. And when I say crap, ive brought 300-400$ nets before and holes in the back after 2 and 3 balls.
  6. Very well put. I still like drivers that sit maybe a agree open and you can't change. I don't like this change of face angles ect. If the tec was wrong about it changing by 30 yrds ect, people would be sueing, i would think. But for the avg person who swings it different everytime, a club won't make the difference.
  7. I have not read the whole thread, ive read first 3 pages. My standing on this is no, most people imho do not have the mental side to be able to play at such a high level. If you do have the mental abbility to do so, then yes, of course you could make it. Having talent always helps as well as good hand eye cord.
  8. If it;s your stock shot keep it. Just like my stock is a high "stright" shot. But when I need to consistantly hit fairways and greens, I also like to play a very low fade.
  9. I no people who have played it and said it;s amazing! I also no people have played tornys on there, they said it's hard, but not anything extreme. Ive also herd the greens are never really that good there. When I say that, I mean it in the nice'st way. They are still great compard to probs what most people would play on, but not special greens. They say they get a bit bumpy.
  10. Hi :) No most clubs with have made it china on them because that is were most clubs are made now :) Best bet is it take them into a proshop and ask them, they should be able to tell you. If your pro was worried about it, I might be a tad worried. If they were super cheep, compard to retail, they there is a good chance they were fakes.
  11. Anybody used one of these, can tell how acturate they are? Im more keen on getting a Launch Mointer then Simulator, but these things are a fair bit cheeper. Going to use it as a practise tool and want it to be very acurate. Anybody let me no what you think about them
  12. Extemaly amazing looking clubs! Great buy, hope you enjoy them! Also in be for a people start saying, a 9.6 should not be using those clubs.
  13. Went to a fitting night with this dirver. Best spec's for me were 7.5 X fubki (I think, may have been differentshaft) I still would not rate this driver very high. Feel = horrible, Miss hits seem very masked, it feels liek you still hit in the the middle. Shaft was stupid long. Still what ever works for you. As for the guy hitting the 3 wood, 300, post a vid of your swing with a somthing showing your SS, then everyone will believe you. Untill that, I think your lieing also. I agree there are some long hitters out there. I if I catch my 3 wood, super good on a perfect day, I can hit it 300
  14. If you could get your hands on a mizuno putter grip, those grips are amazing!
  15. They are great wedges, most wedges are cheep made now and are not forged so don;t worry about then being cast. The face insert thing is abit of a have, but not a had idea. If you only play like once a week you should not need new grooves for like 2 years +
  16. Im not sure of your hanidcap but, ill guess it';s around 20. I would say buy a 56* with standered bounce, you will be finding low bounce much harder as a higher handicap. In thoery low bounce is better for bunkers with less sand or more compact stuff. But I still think standered would be much better for you! Sorry I never really said what standered is, it;s around 10-12* bounce.
  17. Please don't by copies, you will regret it 100% Most copies are going to be very poor made even if they do look like the real thing. And they would not have the real ping shftas in them, I could almost be 100% certain on that.
  18. CG 14 were horrible wedges! If anything, if you can find some brand new CG12's buy them, they are the best built wedge on the market. Next I would say the mizzy t10 wedges and then cg15's
  19. They are tiny grooves, once you hit a fair few shots with them they will wear down. Same with the vokey wedges with the spin milled grooves. And the most likly are still there, but since the club face is scatched up from the shots you hit, it's hiding them a little bit.
  20. My dad plays a 18 and a 21 5dx, he loves them! I hit them every now and again, but he has really soft reg shafts, were I use X so they usually come out a little hooky, but they have good feel ect
  21. My putter was custom made for me so it was fitted also. I can tell the difference between thid putter and my old one, I usually Push putts with my old putter and now I have my fitted/custom made one, I find im holing ALOT more putts. EG: last round I played, I had 26 putts :)
  22. My vote would go for real aswell :P Anybody happen to no about CleveLand Hibore 07 3 woods fakes? Were the easy to copy and were they alot made?
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