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  1. very very common to have happen if you hit the ball well. This happens 100% of the time when I hit wedge shots, even 25% little pitch shots. If it happens with Irons just mean you hit down on nicly!
  2. Sorry for bumping this bit I have another question. Could I buy that Prolaunch Red shaft, it's 45* and get it cut down to 43* would that change the stiffness of the golf shaft. this is if I ended up putting it in a 3 wood.
  3. A good one. Nahh I use a Tour Betinadi or a putter that I got custom made.
  4. In all honestly, I think taylormade should take there time with a driver and really make it "the best" on the market, I liked all of the old gear, r5 and r7 ect, but there new stuff has a terrible feel to it, most of it looks ugly aswell. Latest and greatest, it;s all about what people think when standing over the golf ball, if they no they have the new'est model of driver they no they have the most updated tec then. Or thats what they think anyways, it's all a mental game. Im buying the old Hibore 3 wood today, I have the new Mizzy one and the Titelist one, but I still prefer the old hibo
  5. Thanks very much haha :) Yea, when I seen 45* I thought it could have just been a fairway wood shaft, I always have my gear fit for me and I fit it myself. But when i do that every thing is labled haha :) Looks like a nice shaft to put in my backup driver!
  6. Title says it all, im a little lost becasue I never really buy stuff on the internet. http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/grafal...ood-shaft.html
  7. I only read to the part were you said you were ording your wife a Lajosi putter. Get it and you will never look back, these putters are the BEST on the market!
  8. I started 2009 in june, My dad and I decided to start playing. I was off 24 then and now 16 months later im off +.8 :)
  9. Kill it, kill it, wait what? Looks terrible imho.
  10. Tigers uses a Whiteboard in his 3 wood. He used to use the same in his driver, but he was been changing around and trying new ones I think.
  11. Sonocaddie, very expensive, but it's by far the best GPS on the market imho.
  12. If you want a S&T; coach around melbourne, Brad Lamb is the golf coach down at Barwon valley golf club. He teachs S&T.; But that is the other side of geelong for around 1 and a half hour drive for you I would say. If you want, PM me and I can give you his phone number.
  13. You may have delofted the club, thats why you hit it alot futher, or you may have just caught it really flush. I usually hit my 7Iron, 160-165M (have no idea what it is in yards) But then again if I want to do somthing fun, or if I have a bad swing, I can Deloft the club and make it say, the loft of a 5 Iron and it will go about the same distence a 5iron will, I could never get it consistent.
  14. I have a set of AP2's Second fave Iron set! The feel of these clubs is just amazing, they would be the best feeling clubs! My lofts are 1* weeker, to fit my distence gaps, but great clubs all round, you wont be dissapointed!
  15. I love the look of there putters, but the feel of them is horrible! I hope another company buys them out though.
  16. I don't think this is true at all. My case, I started with a 26 hc and got to 0.0 in about 8 months. But, i no alot of people who were stuck on around 13-15 and now play off 4 and 5 a few years later
  17. Hit a few balls with the ball further back in your stance, let me no how they go. If not try to hit a hook, closed stance and tell me how they go, I might be bale to give some help. Best bet, go see a golf pro.
  18. Normal pants, polo, golf vest, rain jacket and if in not in a torny, I might juck on a hoodie depending on who is working at the golf course on that day. (dress code, but if it's just the golf pro and the usuall people, they don't really care, unless they have a coperate day or somthing)
  19. I thinking you mean 52 inch. But your in the right direction! Then taylormade will also being out new drivers every 3 weeks that will add another inch. :)
  20. Nope have never done this, could not see a reason to. I can use different clubs in my bag to do the same shot. I no how to do this, ive worked on the range with my golf coach doing so. I have no problems doing this on course also. I have around 9 different shots I can hit no problems, then there are a few others im still working on. I don't see how this would actully help anyone, it would just make your more confused when you atully get out on the course and try to shoot low. Just my opinion.
  21. Nike VR tour is a nice driver, also the titelist d3 driver is really good. Second thing is, it's not the driver it's you. Sorry but it's true.
  22. Back when I was using S&T; I had bad head movment :( But since I changed back to the regular swing it's changed. But when i swing the golf club I keep my mind as blank as possible, think about nothing! Thats when im in tournys or playing a round. If im practising it's different.
  23. I unfortunatly have a illness that prevents me from playing and practising. So when im sick I will have around 8 weeks till I get better usually and I wont pick up a club the whole time. I just focus on getting better and resting. I find when I do pick up a club when im sick, I end up going out and hitting atleast 5-10 balls and then it just makes sicker. When Im sick if I do exersise, my muscles just all titen up and get fluid. :( But I really don't lose anything not playing for 8-12 weeks. Played my first game for around 12 weeks, a few weeks ago, shot 2 under. So breaks don't do much to
  24. If you think that you have no idea. He would have 1 of the best swings on tour and is the best putter on tour. He will be in the top 3 in the world soon. He will get his form back, he just needs to time for the thumb to heal.
  25. thats not a hybrid it;s still a fairway wood. All you have done it put a short shaft in it. Yes I have one and it''s a great club.
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