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  1. 5 wedges..... thats crazy! Instead of adding another wedge, learn how to controll the hight, spin and ball flight of 3 first. I carry 3 PW is 49, 56 and 62. I bet I can hit every single shot you can hit with your 5 wedges.
  2. lol a 1 hybrid will never be easy to hit.... No offence the resualts were not great because you were not hitting it that good, is what I would say. If you hit it well the resualts will always be atleast average. I hybrid is ALWAYS going to be shorter then a 3 wood, so just remember that. No idea of a hybrid stonger then 14.5* to answer your origional question.
  3. IMO get rid of the 52 wedge and then keep the bag how it is! Or ditch the 5 wood and keep the bag like it is.
  4. KBS come out with more spin.... I have to say this again though, this shaft feels fantasic! Just went and hit some balls into the net and they feel great!
  5. Hi, I oreded my MP68's with the KBS Tour shaft in them. I like the feel of them ALOT but the ball flight is a little higher then expected. I have some PS X100 shafts in my old irons, I think im going to get put in them to try out. But all very good shaft, KBS tour feels a little nicer then they X100, but the X100 has a lower ball flight. When I went for a fitting I hit them with a PX 7.0 in them, felt great, but numbers were a little better with the X100's and the KBS tour. I was not swinging it that great on the day of the fitting though witch might have had somthing to do with it.
  6. What ever suits you best I guess. Here is my wedge set up: 49-56-62 and this suits me so I use it... My clubs are weak lofts thats why PW 49.
  7. EDIT.... Delete this post, did not see the second page were what I posted was already stated....
  8. In all honestly, I don't think the driver tec can really go anywere... I had the 07 burner and it was a GREAT driver! It did not fit me proply but thats because I brought it stright of the racks. But I got fited for one of the new taylormade drivers and I would rather go back to my old burner that hit that! Only thing that tec seems to be doing great job on is golf balls, The new taylormade penta TP and the new callaway balls all seem to out proform the ProV's by along was because of all the new tec in them. But really I don;t think drivers, Irons, wedges and putters can really get that muc
  9. I built my own with trail and error :D Sorry you would have to do abit of research. But just make sure you get really good netting and maybe reinforce the net with some shade cloth.
  10. I can't tell if your serious or if thats sarcasm.... Im seriously hoping it;s sarcasm though... Is the driver you brought of taylormade 3 months ago already out dated??? lol!!! Honestly Taylormades marking is the best on the planet. But there gear to me, is not that great, excluding there golf ball.
  11. Every golf net I brought I put a hole right through it. I would make one yourself, they end up being much cheeper and much better quility. First net I brought, I put a hole in within 5min of using, took it back that replaced it, same thing happend, took it back they replaced it again, same thing happend and then they decided they would give me my money back. This has happend twice. Then I brought a really good net over the internet and put a hole in that one within a week. Now I made my own net and ive had it for 6 months and it;s still good!
  12. You really need to get your facts right before posting stuff like that. Most "touring" pros will replace wedges every 5-10 rounds and before every major. This may not have been the case back with the old grouve rules, but this is how it usually happens now. "It's not the arrow, it's the indian" this does not apply here. Wedges lose spin the more you use them. I have some old Cg12's I use for pactise that I regouve every now and then and when I play tornys I have my Vokeys. Just so I don't wear out my Vokeys really quickly since I play alot of golf. Now on topic.... The new taylormade wedges
  13. Becuase stupid golf companys are making strong lofts up to 1.5 clubs stronger you can get PW lofts at 41* that go 49* Mine is 49* and I love, it fits distence caps perfectly!
  14. Ive used to use a 10* bounce wedge for a long, I finaly changed to a 6* and love it! I play on a very hard links course though so the little bounce comes in handy!
  15. I got to hit these wonderfull clubs yesterday! They feel amazing! and look just as good. Only bad news about these clubs is that I here when they hit the golf stores, they might be around 290$ Per club..... But these are great clubs, the best ping have ever made, I think!
  16. Sorry should have made that a little bit simpler :P Any of the Hibore range is really good for biginners, all very forgiving drivers and there is alot of room for people to "grow" into them. Ive only hit the Origional Hibore and the XLS Monstar (I think that is there newest one) Not much difference, you will just be paying a little bit more for the updated tecnolagy (how the heak do you spell that?? :P) The XLS had a much better sound and little bit better look, and acording to Cleveland it's there most forgiving driver out of the whole Hibore line. One bad thing about the Hibore drivers is
  17. I would say don't buy a driver with offset, that is just masking a bad swing fault that should be fixed over time and when you fix it, you will have trouble with hooking the ball. If your looking for a forgiving driver I would say the Nike sumo 5900 it's a square head driver very forgiving! I honestly never really liked cobra gear, but everyone had a different opinon. If you have a low ball flight a 13* driver would be goof for you, but if you have a mid to high ball flight, I would just buy a 10.5. If you get a 13* I would say your going to ballon alot of shots. But only if you already h
  18. Most top amateurs will use Titleist clubs. I play alot of juniour tornys and also state and national champs ect. I play with alot of + handicapers in tornys and out of around 15 us, 14 used Titleist. Im just saying, the usuall people, that play there is around 15 of us.
  19. My swing does look anything like that, but I still have alot to fix in my swing. If your a consistant ball striker and you like the way somthing looks the is no reason not to pkay blades. I can post a vid of my golf swing if you would, just might have to give me a few hours, I have no vids of this computer.
  20. I had some MAJOR problems the second round with my driver :P I was so shocked :P The worst thing about it was that it was in quite big junior torny :P
  21. My vote is for Vokeys. Also cheak out the new tayormade ones XTF or somthing.... and the VR nike wedges.
  22. Usually different specs in the shaft, they are still good quility shafts, just not as good as the real thing 99% of the time. But if the stock shafts fits you why change it? In my Old 07 Burner TP I played the stock shaft and in my Sumo 5000 I played the stock shaft because they both worked for me.
  23. OMG Im going to love this thread :) I don't think the golf ball should be rolled back, tecnolagy is always going to get better in all sports and they need to deal with this, but letting us have some of the tec and then limeting how much we can actully use. If they roll back golf balls, it's going to make course's like my home golf club almost unplayable. It's a 6900 meter (7600 yeards I think) I mean this is going to be the other side of the story, people have spent big money trying to make these golf courses somthing awesome, and now it would have to be re designed. 25yards? Not sure
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