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  1. Correct me if im wrong but the tour does not have the light weight shaft in it. Please don't tell me other wise, post proff thanks :) I hit this driver with a WB Xstiff shaft in it and loved it!
  2. This just may be the first, only and last time I will ever agree with Shanks :P
  3. Very fair point.... Yes, I don't recomend it... but saying that, yes im sure there are alot that will. For my it really did not feel like it suited, but thats just my say. Grammer police... really haha??? Go through my other 300 posts, you will find much worse.... :D
  4. Edit.... here they are http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Tour-Stage-X-...#ht_612wt_1139
  5. WOW.... they look sweet! Shame it still looks like a think topline though. Ill post up some clubs I seen on ebay australia last night that I almost brought :P
  6. I have not gorne though and read all the this topic, but that swing is fine to be using blades. Seriously people make to big of deal if sombody plays blades, god it;s there game, so piss off. BTW if you could i would love to a a DTL vid of that.
  7. The simple answer would be no..... but some Ping fanboi's would love to tell you other wise :P
  8. I LOVE THIS 3 WOOD! I don't think I need to say more.... :P I really like this 3 wood, it will be making it's way to my bag, if I can't get used to the deep face of the F3.
  9. I have 4 Irons sets. I have the new 710 MB Titelist (blades), Nike Tw Blades(blades), 710 Titelist Ap2's (Cavitys) and the Ben Hogan Apex FTX(Progresive set). I love all these clubs, have great feel. I still play blades at the moment, but if I stuggle with ball stricking after a swing change I might use my Ap2's for a little more forgivness while, im working on a major swing change.
  10. Honestly you may be right, the golf coach that taught me this only just started coaching. I started working with him and 2 months after working with him I a bad hook, when we corrected the hook, I got a block cut. Witch seems to be alot of the miss's from S@T swings that I have seen. I might have gorne and seen another S@T coach, but "NOBODY" teach's this swing in australia really, I believe I would have to drive a few hours to find sombody that would just no the basic's of the S@T swing. @@@Stacks :) Im not going to lie, I do owe alot to my first golf coach, but i just really wish I went to
  11. If you could post a vid of your swing it would be much eaiser tell. I would say it's a swing fault, not a driver fault. I can get a 13 driver and make it launch like a 9.5 changing my swing and I can get a 6.5 driver to launch like a 10.5 just by making a very easy change. If you could post a vid I could help you out... Without a vid, I would guess your hitting a high slice or cut shot? witch usually means your not getting your weight through the ball, witch fources you to leave the club face open though impact.
  12. If you sky the 3 wood it will happen with any club.
  13. I would say get the R9 460, unless you can get the TP model of the O7 Burner. Thats just mho
  14. You said you are pulling it witch is stright away a swing fault. Now the stick Voodoo shaft is not a good shaft if you have a agressive fast temp/swing. The shaft is designed for smooth tempo, swining fast and agressive can cause this shaft to be very wild.
  15. I say the Vokeys, my dad has the Cg15;s they are a amazing wedge, but the groves seem to wear down alot quicker. You should by witch ever looks better to your eye and what bounce combo's fit you best.
  16. Hmmm I would still go see a pro, but ill have a look around for some training aids for you... Ill PM once I have found some. I play with a guy we started at the same time, about 1 year and 4 months ago. When I started I was shooting around 100 and now im shooting even par and under par almost every game and thats because I went to a golf pro. Now my mate that plays, when he started he was shooting around 110, now he shoots 120 because he trys to fix his own swing and thinks WAY to much and he never went to a golf coach he just reads books and trys to do it himself. I would sugest try and g
  17. My advice, don't try to fix it yourself you will just get way to many swing thoughts in your head... witch is very bad thing when your playing... I would go book a lesson in with a pro, that is close to you and then just focus on what he or she says. Alot of problems are to do with setup, that you can't take the club away in the right position witch then makes you do silly with when swinging ending up causing your slice. I will most likly be flamed for this, but I would sugest staying away from the S@T swing, I know alot of people who have tried and used this swing and really regreted it i
  18. I LOVE my setup at the moment, ive tried many different setups... and when I say many, i recon ive tryed close to 10 different combos. This is how i play: P =142Yards 56 = 133Yards 62 = 120Yards If I find it's right inbetween clubs, I will usually just grip down or hit a fade. I think.... Im in australia and we use meters, so ive done that by converting it. It's up to you what you like to play, ive tryed a 52 wedge before and taking out my 3 Iron and never liked it. Good luck!
  19. hmmmm kind of wishing I never made this topic now, I just wanted to let people know who may not have played the ball before, that it really is a great golf ball! I don;t actully see the seam your talking about? were is it? Ive looked and looked over it.
  20. If these are the Irons you are fitted for. Then if you are a consistant ball striker, you should miss your shots left of your target.
  21. So the other day I went in to buy some golf balls, just the usuall I buy everything off the same guy and he knows im really in titelist. He said why don't you try and a new ball, we discussed it a little bit trying to figure out what ball would best suit me, I get ALOT of spin and would not mind a little bit less when hitting a wedge into the green and it spining around 8-10meters back :P He convinced me to get some of the new taylormade Penta's. I got to play them today.... All I have to say is WOW..... I love this ball! It seems to be right inbetween ProV1 and the ProV1x It's just
  22. As much as I hate to say this 100% DJ fault..... The ruling is 100% correct, but I believe he should have been penalised again becasue he did ground the club twice. Very unfortunate, as I would have loved to seen him win. But it is 100% his fault. But I really do admire DJ, for just taking it in his stride and not making a fool of himself getting upset over it. Good on you DJ you played great! Won't be long now and you will have a Major victory under your name!
  23. I went to a golf store today buy some Wedges. When I was in there, I seen this driver, Gave it a hit.... must say, i hate the feel and the ball launch in sooo High. Might be good for sombody that hits the ball very low, but I did not like it.
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