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  1. I would take a look at your swing first and make sure that you are not doing somthing to make it go high. 2nd have a look at the shaft and make sure it is not a high kickpoint shaft. But if you want a new driver, go and get fitted get the right club/shaft combo for you.
  2. I really don't understand why there is no Cobra, nike or hogan.... I play Titleist MB 710's :) Great clubs!
  3. This poll will "ALWAYS" dominated by Taylormade. Taylormade spend that much money on marketing for their drivers. Also most of the golfing community (18-36 HC) will have the same miss hit shot. (Slice) and taylormade make clubs to really help this out. Very soft golf shafts in there non TP models and most of the golf heads either sit closed(non TP) or are adjustable, Also the golf shafts are 90% of the time (non TP model) Low Spin high launch, witch suits most of the golfing community. Im not saying they don't make good gear, I have used taylormade gear in the past and really liked it! Im
  4. $85!!!! Thats dam good!I paid like 290$$ aussie for mine :P I take that it has the stock Blue diamana? If so and you need the extra hight, I would just pick it up!
  5. I honestly don't think the price will drop for another 4-6 months. I would go to the pro shop and get the right shaft fitted ect. Nice choice aswell! I love mine!
  6. My brother got one put in at his place 5sq m green and I believe it cost him 2500 Aud. I honestly did not even like it that much, somtimes the ball would track and not roll as it should.
  7. I would say Ap2 overs the Ap1's for a 12 HC. But I think the Ping S57 out of what you said
  8. So your going to be looking for a 60* wedge I would say. (Others may not agree) Then Im not sure what your Iron set up is. But I would add a 17-19* Hybird, a 3 wood and a driver. All Brands of clubs are all very good these days. I prefer Titleist or Nike ect. But you can buy 2nd hand gear or Last seasons models very cheep now days. Have a look at http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/ nice cheep last seasons gear. I would sugest a bag setup of: Driver 3 wood 19* hybrid 3-P 54 or 56 wedge 60 wedge. (some people like to skip the 19*hybrid and add another wedge usually 52* and some times (ver
  9. I would sugest a hybrid that has 17-19* loft. There are alot of good hybrids now days. Some of the best ive hit would be. Titliest 909H, Nike Vr, Nike Sumo and Nickent 3dx (I think, im not sure about witch one I used) and all the Ping hybrids are great. G5, g10, g15, I15.
  10. I used to use cleveland wedges (very lite) and now use Titleist vokeys. It took me awhile to get used to the vokeys because they were much heavier.
  11. I would have to give my vote to the nike VR blades.
  12. hahaha Good to hear that you liked them.... They do make alot of difference! May I also sugest the Nike tour.
  13. Yes, that was the golf bag I was saying about. I love it!
  14. Some people are just going to say use your normal bag, but please go buy a "good" travel bag! You should be looking for somthing that has a hard case so the shafts can not get snaped. Then it does not really matter about the head of the golf bag, just make sure it has padding around it. Then to make sure your clubs don't get dints/bag chatter. Wrap a towel around them inside the bag. 1 last thing, LOCK EVERY POUCH/POCKET ON THE BAG! My dad laughed at me when I said this, when we got off the plane 2 doz pro v's were gorne from his bag.... But mine were still there :P I think my bag is Eagl
  15. In theory they could actully have some help, from the research I did. But the key to golf is to have a good consistant swing, if you don't have the the handicap wont come down.
  16. A 12.5 3 wood! You hit that thing 300 yet? haha :) Ive never hit a 3 wood that strong :P Thanks for the quick post, I think im just going to buy one and stick it in for a matter for 20$
  17. Hey all, Just wondering is anybody has ever tried the Grafalloy ProLaunch Red. Im looking at trying one of these in my driver. I herd they play alot stiffer then normal and send the ball out very flat. They are dirt cheep atm aswell. Let me know thanks :)
  18. I used to play this driver aswell and I had to change the stock shaft, I mean I still hit it ok but my stiff played like Reg and I use X shafts so was really really soft :P Sorry I can;t be more help, I am unsure of any specs of this shaft, all I know is that it plays very soft!
  19. I beg to differ. They made a shaft for nike called "Yellow Board" This is even what sale people say, who sell these clubs. If this is not correct they would be breaking the law. I know a few guys who work in seperate golf shops and when people enquired about this club that is what they would say. I guess we can agree to disagree :)
  20. There are a few guys on the champions tour using them. My dad has one, I used it and hated it! But he always puts it close, so he loves it! I know they are not designed for this, but my dad has used them from 80m outs instead of hitting his 9iron.
  21. HAHAHAHA This gave me a laugh. I live in AUS and ive never seen the add, but it's very funny!
  22. They are really really really...... NICE CLUBS! :D Great buy, those have such a nice feel to them! Play well!
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